Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Twenty Priests And Scholars Conclude: “Francis Is A Heretical Pope“ Four priests and 16 lay scholars published (, April 30) an open letter, in which they accuse Pope Francis of the “canonical delict of heresy” and call him “a heretical pope."

The signees show that Francis has proclaimed the following heresies (see the full letter below),

• a person who is in God's grace can lack the strength to carry out God’s laws despite the help of divine grace.

• a Christian who knows divine law, may break it deliberately without committing sin.

• the conscience can come to the legitimate conclusion that sexual acts between Christians who are not sacramentally married can be morally right or even requested by God.

• there can exist good and morally licit sexual acts outside of marriage.

• there are no prohibitions that absolutely and always forbid particular evil actions.

• God positively wills the pluralism and diversity of religions.

The letter further mentions Francis’ endorsement of pro-gay prelates such as the Cardinals Calcagno, Coccopalmerio, Cupich, Danneels, Dew, Farrell, Gracias, de Kesel, Maradiaga, McCarrick, Wuerl, etc and Francis’ support for dubious figures like the Italian abortionist Emma Bonino (who performed 10,000 illegal abortions).

The letter is signed by

Georges Buscemi, Pro-lifer, Canada
Robert Cassidy, STL
Fr Thomas Crean, Dominican, England
Matteo d’Amico, Historian, Italy
Deacon Nick Donnelly, MA, England
Richard Fitzgibbons, Psychiatrist, USA
Maria Guarini STB, Pontificia Università Seraphicum, Italy
Robert Hickson, USA
Fr John Hunwicke, England,
Peter Kwasniewski, USA
John Lamont, Canada,
Brian McCall, Catholic Family News, USA
Fr Cor Mennen, Diocese of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Stéphane Mercier, Belgium
Fr Aidan Nichols, Dominican, England
Paolo Pasqualucci, Italy
Claudio Pierantoni, Chile
John Rist, England
Dr. Anna Silvas, University of New England, Australia
Wim Witteman, Netherlands