Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bergoglio affirms: Gay Couples are NOT a family and abortion "It is the same thing that the Nazis did but with white gloves"

Bergoglio is wearing the sheep costume like he did in Argentina. We need that this news reach the RADICAL FEMINIST groups and the LOBBY GAY  so that Bergoglio's mask falls off ... with them he will not play.

Bergoglio affirms that a GAY Couples are NOT a family: “Then today - it hurts to say - we talk about "diversified" families: different types of families. Yes, it is true that the word "family" is an analogical word, because we speak of the "family" of the stars, the "families" of the trees, the "families" of the animals ... it is an analogical word. But the human family as an image of God, man and woman, is only one...

About abortion: It's the same thing that the Nazis did but with white gloves. “the murder of get a peaceful life an innocent [person] is sent away...We do the same as the Nazis to maintain the purity of the race, but with white gloves.”

He forgot that he compares the numerous catholic families with rabbits.

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