Thursday, June 20, 2019

Bergoglio church’s Amazon Synod Propagates Returns to Paganism

The Chilean author José Antonio Ureta of the Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Institute writes that the Instrumentum Laboris, the working paper, for the Amazon Synod shows a strong propensity toward a “deification of nature” which is promoted in UN environmental conferences since at least 1972. This neo-pagan UN agenda is now about to enter the Catholic Church. According to Ureta the Instrumentum Laboris represents a “total opening of the gates of the Magisterium to Indian theology and eco-theology” which includes – quote - “clearly pagan” and “pantheistic elements of belief”.

But the “real earthquake” is according to Ureta contained in Nr. 127 of the Instrumentum Laboris which says that – quote – “it would be opportune to reconsider the notion that the exercise of jurisdiction must be connected in all areas and in a permanent way to the Sacrament of Holy Orders.” Nr. 127 calls therefore into question the essential difference between the common priesthood of the faithful and the ministerial priesthood of clerics which has been affirmed since the First Council of Nicaea. This will lead to a – quote - “dilution" of the Catholic priesthood.

Margaret Petito, president of non-profit Friends of Rule of Law in Ecuador, Inc., said about the Instrumentum Laboris, said that it – quote - “lacks observable, verifiable real-time facts about the large region of the world it pretends to assist.” According to her, it is nonsense to portray the pre-colonial inhabitants of the region as “happy-clappy” people “in harmony with nature.” Quote, “Death was the Incan primary god and all existed as slaves to serve the central state.”

Referring to the Instrumentum Laboris, Damian Thompson writes on Twitter: "This risible document is straight out of some PC Disney animation. “O wise ones, tell us the secrets of the forest.”

Commenting on the Instrumentum Laboris, Steve Skojec concludes on OnePeterFive: "We’re way, way, way past the point in time where we can take anyone seriously who is still trying to offer an orthodox reading on what’s happening. These are not men who are merely misguided; they are destroyers, who have come in hatred of our religion to remake it according to their own designs."

Bergoglio does not promote Catholicism but cultural Marxism

St. Thomas Aquinas commenting on Romans 1 says that sodomites are also idolaters.

Amazonian Synod Goes Witchcraft, “Pagan Rituals To Fight Evil Spirits” The working document of the Amazonian Synod does not start with Christian Revelation (Bible and Tradition) but calls the Amazon geographical and cultural area a “privileged interlocutor” and a “source of God’s revelation”, criticises Chilean author José Antonio Ureta on (June 19).

Ureta points out that according to the document, the Church should include pagan or pantheistic elements such as “relations with ancestors,” “communion and harmony with the earth” and connection with “the various spiritual forces”.

The document believes that indigenous rituals and ceremonies “protect life from the evils”.

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