Monday, December 23, 2019

Bergoglio repeats the heresy of the 'Crossbreed the Incarnation' of Eutchyes who was condemned as a heretic and excommunicated.

Francis Proclaims a Crossbreed Theology

During his December 12 homily on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Francis again dived into crossbreed-phantasies, saying that during her apparitions in Guadalupe, Our Lady “wanted to become a crossbreed” with the seer, Saint Juan Diego, and also with “the people.” He also claimed that “Mother Mary crossbreeds God.”

Francis Is Repeating an Old Heretic

The Roman historian Roberto de Mattei pointed out on that Francis was, perhaps unknowingly, repeating the heresy of Eutyches, an archimandrite at Constantinople who died in 456. He claimed that, in the Incarnation, Christ’s humanity and divinity merged, and formed a substance that was neither God nor man. Pope Leo the Great called for the famous Council of Calzedon which condemned Eutyches.

Francis Said It More than Once

De Mattei observes that Francis crossbread-theology is also expressed in what he told the Italian journalist, atheist and enemy of the Church, Eugenio Scalfari, namely, that Christ, after his incarnation, stopped being God until his crucifixion. When Scalfari, who is Francis' friend, made this public, this produced an international row. The Vatican never denied Scalfari’s words.

Our Lady Is the Opposite of a Crossbreed

Professor De Mattei explains that Francis’ theology is a crossbreed “because it mixes truth and error,” thus forming a confused amalgam in which nothing is clear, determined, distinct. Quote, “Everything escapes any definition and the contradiction seems to be the soul of thought and language.” He observes that Francis does not only want to crossbreed Our Lady but also the Church so that, at the end, it is absorbed by the world. On the contrary, De Mattei explains that Our Lady is not a crossbreed, because nothing in her is hybrid, dark or confused. She is light without shadows, and beauty without imperfections.

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