Saturday, December 28, 2019

Bergoglio´s pectoral cross is masonic and esoteric

Francis' Pachamama Concert: What Do the Crossed Arms Mean? The report about the Pachamama catechesis during the Vatican's Christmas concert - with bishops crossing their arms over their chests in order to "feel" the "heart of Mother Earth" - provoked an international outcry.

The pictures of the cross-armed bishops reminded some observers of similar gestures during Masonic rituals (picture below).

The shepherd pictured on Cardinal Bergoglio's golden and Francis silver pectoral cross also makes this gesture.

In 1947, Pope Pius XII condemned the crucifixes that show the Risen Christ (called "Resurrexifixes"), crosses that do not show the sufferings of Christ.

On the pectoral cross of the pope Francis, Jesus is not crucified…
When you eliminate the crucifixion, there is no more redemption.

alda luisa corsini The Good Shepherd never has his arms crossed in early Christian art because his hands are used to squeeze the sheep's legs. This is the only image I know where the hands are somewhat close together but not crossed:

A Shepherd 

TIA: The fact that ---Francis did not choose a new cross, but kept the one he had as Archbishop, seems to reveal that he does not consider the dignity of a Pope to be essentially higher than that of a Bishop. This also is confirmed by his insistence on being called Bishop of Rome, instead of Pope.

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