Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Burke: Francis' Statements Are “Heretical”, “Push For Pachamama worshipping” And “Masonic One-World”

en.news For Cardinal Raymond Burke Francis' call for an “ecological conversion” is “a push for worshipping ‘Mother Earth.’”

Burke told TheWandererPress.com (December 26) that “our mother is not the earth” or “a pagan idol like Pachamama” but Our Lady.

The term “ecological conversion” is used to forward a one-world government, Burke explains. He calls this a "masonic idea" of "completely secularised people" who deny that God governs the world.

The most negative outcome of the Amazon Synod’s final document is for him the point about abolishing celibacy which cannot be presented as a measure limited to the Pan-Amazon region.

Burke calls this a “deceit” as the German Church will argue that what is good for the Amazon, is good for the universal Church.

For the cardinal, Francis’ Abu Dhabi declaration that God wills false religions, is “false” and “heretical”. The argument of God's permissive will cannot be used as “it is understood that what He permits is not His will and is, in effect, contrary to His will.”

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