Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Marxist Friend of Bergoglio Charged with Crimes against Humanity

Fatima Perspectives #1361

Brietbart reports that the ex-dictator of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who gifted Pope Francis with the infamous “hammer-and-sickle crucifix” — which did not offend him and which he took home with him to the Vatican — is the subject of a complaint for crimes against humanity lodged with The International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague.
The complaint, submitted by the government of Bolivia following Morales’s exile to Mexico, from which he has since fled to Francis’s Argentina as a “refugee,” also names “several of his senior cabinet members…”
Morales and his named associates are charged with “selective assassinations with snipers, ambushes, rape and sexual assault, abduction of hostages, physical and psychological torture, state-sponsored terrorism, and blocking access to basic items of consumption like water to certain cities.”
Morales was forced into exile following a sham election in Bolivia on October 20 during which he had sought a completely unconstitutional fourth term as President.  An investigation by the Organization of American States (OAS) found that when “Morales and center-left rival Carlos Mesa were in a dead heat in vote tallies… the election commission redirected the vote count to a mystery private server, which returned a landslide win for Morales.”
The OAS report forced Morales’s resignation and ultimate flight to Argentina, but not before “organized gangs – many, the Bolivian government asserted, organized by Venezuelan and Cuban foreign agents – began looting, burning, and otherwise destroying parts of the country’s major cities in what the incumbent Bolivian government asserts is a coordinated terrorist campaign.”
The current Bolivian Minister of the Interior, Arturo Murillo, “revealed that the government had recorded a conversation between Morales and a coca grower union organizer in which he encouraged leftists to blockade all roads into major cities to starve the civilian population until the government agreed to reinstate Morales.” 
Here is what this Marxist thug said concerning the people on whose backs he had risen to power: “Brother, don’t let food into the cities, we will really blockade. When they expelled me from Congress in 2002, they did a blockade. And now, they kick me out of Bolivia; there is a blockade. We will win.”  And this from “the first indigenous President” of the country.  Morales has been rejected by his own people as — irony of ironies — a threat to the Amazon forests while promoting himself as a great devotee of “Pachamama” (Mother Earth), one of the “stars” of the ludicrous Amazon Synod.
Brietbart also references another friend of Francis: the Venezuelan tyrant Nicolas Maduro, personally blessed by Francis, who has destroyed that country’s economy and reduced the poor to looking for food in garbage cans:  “In a subsequent interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP), Murillo said that he believed that Morales and his Venezuelan ally, dictator Nicolás Maduro, had ‘murdered many people’ and would end up in prison together for their crimes. I think the conditions are developing for Nicolás Maduro to join Evo Morales in some prison in The Hague, that is being prepared’…”
With Morales gone, the interim President of Bolvia, Jeanine Anez, “Mount[ed] the steps of the presidential palace as acting head of state, [and] raised in both hands an old leather-bound volume of the holy Gospels,” declaring “God has allowed the Bible to come back into the palace. May he bless us.”  Her supporters replied: “Glory to God!”
The thug Morales was received no fewer than six times by Francis at the Vatican.  From Francis not one word of criticism of the dictator’s tyranny over “the people” that Marxists like Morales always claim to represent.  Nor any whiff of criticism for Maduro, another Marxist who brutalizes the poor — the same poor on whose behalf Francis never ceases to condemn only western democracies.
No enemies to the left; not even criminals charged with crimes against humanity.  Only enemies to the right.  Such is the current pontificate.  The Church has never seen anything like Francis.  But then the Church has never undergone a crisis like the one that now afflicts her.

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