Thursday, March 19, 2020

Consecration to St. Joseph

On this day, before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses, I, _____, a repentant sinner, consecrate myself, body and soul, to you, St. Joseph. I turn to you as my spiritual father and place my life and my salvation into your hands. Confident in your goodness, I place myself under the paternal cloak and ask you to protect me from the world, the flesh, and the devil. Saint Joseph, you are the virginal husband of the Mother of God! Help me to love her with tender affection and filial devotion. Mary is my spiritual mother and the surest, fastest, and easiest way to Jesus. Keep me close to her and, together with her, bring me closer to Jesus. Never depart from me, St. Joseph. Nourish me with the Bread of Life, instruct me in the wisdom of the saints, help me carry my cross, and keep me always in the Catholic Church. When I die, take me to the Kingdom of Heaven to see Jesus and Mary. From this day onward, I will never forget you. I will speak of you often, spend time with you in prayer and, with your help, earnestly strive to sin no more. Should I fall, help me to repent and go to Confession. Should I go astray, guide me back to the truth. Before heaven and earth, my soul cries out: Praise to the Holy Trinity who has made you prince over all their possessions! Praise to the Virgin Mary who loves you and longs to see you loved! Praise to you, my spiritual father, the great St. Joseph! I give everything to you, St. Joseph. Take me as your own. I am yours. Amen! 

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