Thursday, June 4, 2020

Viganò: Archbishop Wilton Gregory Is A “False Shepherd”

'Do not follow them, as they lead you to perdition. They are mercenaries. They teach and practice falsehoods and corruption!' 
The Church is led by many false pastors, Archbishop Viganò, a former Nuncio in Washington, warns in a June 3 letter to clergy and laity of Washington Archdiocese.

“Over the past twenty years, your Archdiocese of Washington, in particular and now for the third time, has been and continues to be deeply afflicted and wounded by false shepherds whose way of life is full of lies, deceits, lust and corruption,” Viganò explains.

He encourages his addressees not to follow false shepherds "as they lead you to perdition" and are "mercenaries.”

Viganò refers to the modernist cardinals McCarrick (2000-2006), Wuerl (2006-2018), and to Archbishop Gregory who recently attacked President Trump for the wrong reasons.

Viganò: Bergoglio Presides Over "Infernal Parody" Of Christ’s Church

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