Saturday, August 15, 2020

Prayer to ask Our Lady's Blessing

To bless me, O Daughter of the Eternal Father, and to obtain for me the grace never to offend my God by my thoughts. Bless me, O Mother of the Eternal Son, and pray that I may never offend my God by my words. Bless me, O Spouse of the Eternal Spirit, and by thy intercession obtain for me that I may never offend my God by my actions or omissions. Bless me, .O Sanctuary of the Most Holy Trinity! Pray for me that I may love and serve my God with my whole heart and soul, and that I may enjoy Him forever hereafter. O Mary, receive me as thy child for the sake of Jesus, who confided me to thy care in his agony on the cross. Amen." Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation. 

(Indulgence: 300 days)

Ejaculations most powerful and efficacious
when tempted by impure thoughts.

"Mother most pure, pray for me."
"Mother most chaste, pray for me."
"Mother inviolate, pray for me."
"Mother undefiled, pray for me."

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