Friday, October 23, 2020

Viganò: Francis and the Vatican´s gay lobby have de facto approved gay pseudo-marriage Francis and the Vatican's gay lobby have de facto approved gay pseudo-marriage, Archbishop Viganò wrote on October 22.

Now, he expects the Vatican Press Office to claim that Bergoglio was "misunderstood" and that Francis statement was taken from an old interview, "but the damage has been done.”

According to Viganò, there is a "clique of homosexuals in the [Vatican's] command post” who push Francis to defend "the vice which they share and practice.”

Francis who is “deliberately two-faced and Jesuitical” plays with equivocation and provocation, Viganò explains. Thus, he doesn't openly contradict Catholic doctrine but allows the bishops to do so in order to approve their views later.

The reason for this is to provoke the Catholic Cardinals to accuse him of heresy. Francis could use this as a pretext to expel them and to consolidate his power, Viganó explains.

He believes that Francis wants to reduce all religions into a lowest common denominator, expressed in "solidarity," "environmentalism" and "pacifism," to present himself as a "‘pontiff’ of a new religion." Then, Catholics will be ostracised by society and by Francis' new “church.”

Viganó stresses that Francis' recent inter-religious meeting coincided with the announcement that the 2020 Christmas Midnight Mass is cancelled.

According to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Jorge Mario Bergoglio alias Francisco "is not in full communion with the Catholic Church."
Bergoglio instead of seeking the conversion of homosexuals confirms them in their rebellion against God and against their own nature. Bergoglio has formed an apostate, schismatic and heretical sect that defies Scripture, Tradition and the four marks of the Catholic Church.

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