Saturday, May 22, 2021

Bergoglio again imparts his non-denominational ‘blessing’ where he excludes the Holy Trinity and the Sign of the Cross Francis’ meeting with Scholas Occurrentes, a Pontifical organisation founded by Francis which poisons children with homosexualism and gender ideology saw more than one low point.

Next to the earth-mixing rite some teens "dug a well" in a vase of earth, and needed to explain that this meant "rebirth," "restarting," and "risk.” Restart has replaced the previously used ominous "reset."

During the meeting, Francis came up with the following, “Politics is the highest form of charity. Love is a political matter, love is for everyone, and when love is not universal, it means politics has failed.” Everybody tried not to laugh.

Francis ended the meeting by imparting again a non-denominational blessing by shunning the Holy Trinity and the Sign of the Cross.

“We conclude by asking God to bless you all, each one of you, the God of all, in the heart of each of you, may He visit, give you strength and bless you. Amen,” Francis said.

During Bergoglio's meeting with the anti-Catholic Foundation Scholas Occurrentes, he removes his facemask to pick his nose.

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