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The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the remedy against liberalism, rationalism, selfishness, pride and debauchery of sexuality

The Heart of Jesus: Remedy for the Evils of our Times
The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the remedy against liberalism, rationalism, selfishness, pride and debauchery of sexuality.

“The Heart of Jesus is the providential reserve that is kept for our times by the goodness of God…No other devotion is more appropriate for the needs of modern times.  To the selfishness of our era, to its sensual tendencies, its religious indifference, the most delicate, pure, disinterested, tender and compassionate cult is offered as remedy” (Monsignor Baudry).
Pope Pius IX with devotion to the Sacred Heart fought rationalism and liberalism.

"Pope Pius IX saw a remedy in the Heart of Jesus against liberalism, and therefore approved, by a Solemn Consecration on June 16, 1875, a formula in which is found a prayer for the conversion of liberal Catholics.(The Sacred Heart of Jesus, author P. Julio Chevalier MSC: Remedy for the evil of society book III chap. 3)

The Heart of Jesus: Remedy for the Evils of Our Times, Mother Adela Galindo (piercedhearts.org)
During the time of Pope Pius IX, two great philosophical evils battled against the Church, and he opposed and combated both with the Sacred Heart. The first evil was rationalism, which was a consequence of the lack of devotion. It rejected the supernatural, denied the divinity of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Church, proclaimed indifference to faith and religion, and asserted independence of thought and will, promoting autonomy to decide what was good and evil. However, when we contemplate the Heart of Jesus, we discover the contrary:
The Heart of God-made-man who entered in direct relationship with humanity.
The Pierced Heart of God – from which the Church was born – robed in divine strength and with a supernatural power that has the life of the souls and of societies within it.
Because of this, Pope Pius IX consistently told the Church that the Sacred Heart of our Lord was the remedy destined to save the world; for this Heart makes visible a God who reveals and manifests Himself in the life of His people, a God who desires to establish a kingdom of love.
The second major error was liberalism, the summary of all modern error. Blessed Pius IX, in 1864 (Quanta Cura), described to us its characteristics:
  • Pride: You will know them because they manifest their disdain on all that signifies a prompt, complete and absolute obedience to the decrees and mandates (from the sound doctrine of our Holy Church). They will consider themselves as wiser than the Church (cf. no.5).
  • Servility towards the state: They worship civil power, without having the courage to expose that which is contrary to the truth, and they place themselves in the favor of a false liberty (cf. no.3).
  • A spirit of division: This is the most dangerous error because it is hidden behind a veil of charity and of mercy. They call the children of the Church, antiquated, slow and obstacles to progress (cf. no.4).

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