Sunday, August 29, 2021

Protect Californians Right To Choose: Fight Vaccine Passports (Stop AB455)

Matt Young

Talega 2 hr ago

Call your Local Senator to Oppose amendment AB455. Urgent blast this out to everyone. The earliest they can vote on this is Monday 30th- all hands on deck.

They are trying to pass a  VAX Passport in a transportation bill.

Call your local Senator to oppose amendment AB455.

When you call you just say

"I am a resident of  (Orange County) and I am calling to oppose amendment to AB455"

You will give your name

-Last name and area that you live in. Both offices (Bates/ Davies) that I called are actually fighting to Oppose it. But they do work off of the numbers of how many people call in.

Patricia Bates



Laurie Davies


And call Buffy Wicks she is the author of AB455 She has to SIGN OFF on the amendment



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