Saturday, November 27, 2021

Supplication to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal



To be prayed at 5 p.m. on November 27th, Feast of the Miraculous Medal, and in urgent necessities, any day, at that time.

O Immaculate Virgin, we know that always and everywhere you are willing to listen to the prayers of your exiled children in this valley of tears, but we also know that you have days and times in which you are pleased to spread more abundantly the treasures of your graces. And so, very well, O Mary, here we are, prostrate before You, precisely in that blessed day and time, chosen by you in the manifestation of your Medal.

We come to You, full of immense gratitude and unlimited confidence in this hour so beloved by You, to give you thanks for the great gift which you have bestowed upon us, giving us Your image, with the goal that it be for us living testimony of affection and your garment of protection. We promise you that, in accord with your wish, the holy Medal will be the sign of your presence, together with us; it will be our book by which we will learn to know, by your counsel, how much you have loved us, and what we must do so as to not render useless your many sacrifices, and those of Your Divine Son. Yes, your pierced Heart, represented in the Medal, takes possession always of our own and will make ours beat in unison with Yours. Our heart will be enflamed with love for Jesus and Your Heart will strengthen ours to be able to carry the cross behind Him each day.

This is your hour, O Mary, the hour of your inexhaustible goodnesss, of your mercy triumphant, the hour in which you birthed, through your Medal, that torrent of graces and prodigies that flooded the earth. Make this hour, O Mother, in which we remember you be the sweet stirring of your Heart, which moved you to come visit us and to bring us the remedy of so many evils. Make this hour also be our hour, the hour of our sincere conversion, the hour in which we will fully hear your will.

You, who have rightly promised in this fortunate hour that, many would be the graces received for those who ask with confidence: turn your eyes with kindness towards our supplications. We confess not meriting your graces; but to whom shall we turn, O Mary, if not to you, who are our Mother, in whose hands God has placed all his graces? Have therefore pity on us. We ask this by your Immaculate Conception, and for the love that moved you to give us Your Precious Medal. O, consoler of the afflicted, who has already been endeared by our wounds, look at the evils that oppress us.

Let your Medal shower over us and all our loved ones your beatific rays: cure our sick, give peace to our families, liberate us of all danger. May your Medal bring relief to those who suffer, console the ones who cry, and give light and strength to all. We especially ask you for the conversion of sinners, particularly for those who are our most beloved. Remember that for them you have suffered, have pleaded and cried. Save us, O Refuge of Sinners, with the goal that after we have all loved, invoked and served you on earth, we may be able to thank you and praise you eternally in Heaven. Amen.

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