Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Bergoglio' Gay Tailor Peddles Erotic Perfumes


by Jules Gomes  •  •  December 20, 2021    97 Comments Filippo Sorcinelli's exotic brand includes 'Cyber Sex' and 'Cruising Area'

MONDOLFO, Italy ( - Pope Francis' vestments designer, a flamboyant homosexual activist, is flaunting his papal credentials to market a brand of homoerotic perfumes for men. Moreover, advertisements for the products make use of sacrilegious, satanic and sexual imagery. 


In 2002, Cdl. Angelo Bagnasco, then archbishop of Pesaro, heard of Sorcinelli and invited him to design liturgical garments. 

Italian media report that the pontifical stylist is a card-carrying member of Arcigay, Italy's first and largest gay-activist organization. It campaigns for "equal marriage rights and the recognition of LGBTI parenting rights" — which are not currently enshrined in Italian law.

Italian law prohibits medically assisted procreation, to protect children from being turned into commodities (as well as to protect surrogate mothers from exploitation). Catholic teaching prohibits sodomy, artificial insemination and surrogate pregnancy.


A dispute over Sorcinelli's homosexual allegiance was first flagged by a letter signed by four members of the Center for Liturgical Action, objecting to the tailor's membership in Arcigay. Disclosing his card number, 11546401, the letter noted that "this does not mean that he is homosexual, and there would be nothing strange about it."

The vestments industry is worth millions of euros, and fierce battles for contracts are fought "behind clouds of incense." 

Prices for a cardinal's outfit range from 5,000–30,000 euros. A papal stole costs around 900 euros and an ivory-colored chasuble is priced at 9,000 euros. Sorcinelli sells his homoerotic perfumes for 130 euros each.

Church Militant contacted the maestro, asking if he was in a homosexual union and if he would like to see a more progressive Church as signaled by Francis' openness to LGBTQ+ people in the Church, including his support for same-sex unions. 

Church Militant also asked if Sorcinelli regarded the overtly sexual marketing of his erotic perfumes as conflicting with his sacred role. The papal tailor did not respond. 

 Read the full news at: Church Militant

Mark 8:36
For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?
Bergoglio and his apostate accomplices have thrown the pearls at the pigs to trample them.

  As Father Paul Kramer said: “The antipope and his apostate collaborators will be as sister Lucy said, supporters of the devil, those who work for evil without being afraid of anything.”

This sect of apostates that is at the service of the antichrist mixes the profane with the sacred. 

Ezequiel 44:23  And they (priests) shall teach my people the difference between holy and profane, and shew them how to discern between clean and unclean.


The Vatican's blasphemous nativity scene is connected to the Italian homosexual activist group Arcigay Naples along with Emma Bonino-George Soros

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