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Bergoglio's misleading public apostasy document on pseudo-blessing

 St. Vincent of Lerins: All novelty in faith is a sure mark of heresy. 

Bergoglio's apostate Vatican can "bless" all unrepentant sinners who defy God and contradict the teachings of the Church.
Let us give these examples to expose the misleading document of Bergoglio's public apostasy on pseudo-blessings:

Bergoglio's apostate Vatican: Apostate priests can "bless" unrepentant pedophiles without approving their lifestyle.
Bergoglio's apostate Vatican: Apostate priests can "bless" unrepentant adulterers without approving their lifestyle.
Bergoglio's apostate Vatican: Apostate priests can "bless" satanists without approving their lifestyle, etc.
And the list is endless to those who commit incest, to those who practice bestiality, abortion politicians, etc.

Titus 1:16
Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
They profess that they know God: but in their works they deny him; being abominable, and incredulous, and to every good work reprobate.
2 Timothy 3:5
 holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them!

Satanist Lucien Greaves: «Satan stands with abortionists and gay “marriage” supporters.

Matthew 7:6

Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine.

The unrepentant Spanish lesbian wrote a blasphemous book to support sodomy. And living in mortal sin she publicly boasts that after seeing Bergoglio she receives (sacrilegious) communion 

Spanish lesbian in full communion with Bergoglio openly defies God's Laws: “After seeing the Pope, I left with my head held high. I hear mass and receive communion. Read between the lines...

She commits sacrilege with the support of Bergoglio's accomplice apostate priests.

Father Herman B. Kramer (1884-1976) 

New Pseudo Sacraments:

 "The False Prophet may institute secret rites, through which the followers of Antichrist will be advanced by degrees into the deeper mysticism of his cult. A sort of diabolical sacramental system would thus be instituted conferring the graces of Satan and consecrating people to the service of the Beast." page 325 The Book Of Destiny

Father E. Sylvester Berry, eminent, 20th Century scripture scholar

 “... Antichrist and his prophet will introduce ceremonies to imitate the Sacraments of the Church. In fact there will be a complete organization - a church of Satan set up in opposition to the Church of Christ. Satan will assume the part of God the Father; Antichrist will be honored as Savior, and his prophet will usurp the role of Pope. Their ceremonies will counterfeit the Sacraments...” Published in 1921 (37 years before the pivotal 1958) by Father E. Sylvester Berry in his book, The Apocalypse of St. John..


PSEUDO-CHRYSOSTOM. (Catena Aurea) Otherwise; The Lord had commanded us to love our enemies, and to do good to those that sin against us. That from this Priests might not think themselves obliged to communicate also the things of God to such, He checked any such thought saying, Give not that which is holy to the dogs; as much as to say, I have bid you love your enemies, and do them good out of your temporal goods, but not out of My spiritual goods, without distinction. For they are your brethren by nature but not by faith, and God gives the good things of this life equally to the worthy and the unworthy, but not so spiritual graces.

AUGUSTINE. (ubi sup.) The dogs are those that assault the truth; the swine we may not unsuitably take for those that despise the truth. Therefore because dogs leap forth to rend in pieces, and what they rend, suffer not to continue whole, He said, Give not that which is holy to the dogs; because they strive to the utmost of their power to destroy the truth. The swine though they do not assault by biting as dogs, yet do they defile by trampling upon, and therefore He said, Cast not your pearls before swine.

RABANUS. Or; The dogs are returned to their vomit; the swine not yet returned, but wallowing in the mire of vices.

PSEUDO-CHRYSOSTOM. Otherwise; The dog and the swine are unclean animals; the dog indeed in every respect, as he neither chews the cud, nor divides the hoof; but swine in one respect only, seeing they divide the hoof, though they do not chew the cud. Hence I think that we are to understand by the dog, the Gentiles who are altogether unclean, both in their life, and in their faith; but by the swine are to be understood heretics, because they seem to call upon the name of the Lord. Give not therefore that which is holy to the dogs, for that baptism and the other sacraments are not to be given but to them that have the faith. In like manner the mysteries of the truth, that is, the pearls, are not to be given but to such as desire the truth and live with human reason. If then you cast them to the swine, that is, to such as are groveling in impurity of life, they do not understand their preciousness, but value them like to other worldly fables, and tread them under foot with their carnal life.

St. Vincent of Lerins. Let whoever attempts to disseminate anything other than what we have received be anathema.

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