Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Emanuel Jacques - Toronto's Little Martyr murdered by Homosexual Pedophiles

In 1977, Emanuel Jacques, only twelve years old, was sadistically murdered after suffering many hours of homosexual rape in Toronto. May Emanuel's innocent soul rest in peace. 

Sadly, Emanuel came to the attention of the demonic, perverted lust of four homosexuals, who abducted, sodomized and murdered the innocent young boy after twelve hours of sexual abuse and homosexual rape. Emanuel was eventually drowned by two of the four monsters, who held our little saint's head in a sink of water. 

Emanuel Jacques was the son of very poor Catholic Portuguese immigrants. Young Emanuel, to help his parents, made a few dollars by shining shoes on Toronto's Yonge Street. 

Please, during this time (of darkness)  - reflect on the death of this innocent child, done to death by evil, perverted men.
Pray for the conversion of all those "Catholics" and "Christians" who have been seduced by homosexual propoganda into believing it is just an alternate lifestyle. No, it is one of four sins that cry to Heaven for vengence; without repentance, it will put the homosexual in Hell. 
 May the Church raise young Emanuel to the Altar, may he be declared a saint. 

Emanuel Jacques, pray for us
4,000 people surrounded a downtown Toronto church, on Aug. 4, 1977, during his funeral.

The Deliverance Novena from vice of homosexuality  

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