Saturday, October 13, 2018

Youth synodal perversion 2018: Spiritual Child Abuse

The critics of Pope Francis’ Administration have been vindicated big time! The latest profanation spewing forth from the bowels of Rome clearly demonstrates that the abuse of our Catholic youth is being orchestrated right from Vatican headquarters. This video-clip of the pope and bishops rocking out to pelvic-thrusting teenage dancers on stage is quite telling.
This pagan dancing promoted by the Synodal architects can best be described as “spiritual child abuse.” When Church leaders use their rank to advance designs that are sensual and devilish, it scandalizes the young by warping their conception of the Faith.
How can young people ever conceive the Majesty of Christ in His sanctuary when they’re being taught by their elders that the Church is a place for sex-oriented fun? This in turn opens the door for abuses of a more ‘tangible’ nature if in fact it doesn’t reflect these abuses already occurring among the hierarchy.
What is especially absurd is that several of the gay-sympathizers implicated in Archbishop Vigano’s expose of the sexual abuse and cover-ups—clerics like Archbishop Maradiaga, Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Parolin and Archbishop Paglia—are participants in this Youth Synod. What are they doing there? Recommending our Catholic youth to them for guidance makes as much sense as trying to put out a fire with gasoline. What next, shall Nazi’s be featured at a Vatican-sponsored pro-life conference?
What is worse is that Instrumentum Laboris, the working document for Youth Synod 2018, explicitly supports the homosexual agenda as seen in paragraph 197:
“Some LGBT youth, through various contributions that came to the Secretariat of the Synod, wish to ‘benefit from a greater closeness’ and experience greater care on the part of the Church, while some ECs [Episcopal Conferences] ask what to propose ‘to young people who instead of forming a heterosexual couple decide to form a homosexual couple and, above all, wish to be close to the Church.’”
Consistent with this is the fact that of all the youth chosen to represent Canada in the Youth Synod, Pope Francis chose four members from Salt and Light Media, a pro-gay organization headed by pro-homosexual priest Fr. Thomas Rosica, who is also on the Synod’s Information Commission.
“It is a great sign of affirmation from Pope Francis and the Church’s recognition of Salt and Light’s mission of bringing the flavour of the Gospel and the light of Christ to the world,” wrote Rosica.
The bottom line is that the abuse of our Catholic youth is being fostered by the corrupt teachings and agenda of many in the Catholic hierarchy. Yea, it is being fostered by heretics and homosexuals. That Francis should place this stumbling block before the youth defies logic. “Woe to the world because of scandals.” (Matt. 18:7)
The transparency and general house-cleaning called for by Archbishop ViganĂ² is long overdue. Kudos to him for his action. May the hierarchy follow his lead and get to work at cleaning house.

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