Saturday, October 13, 2018

RCF founder laying plans to expose rot in archdiocese of Chicago

PETERSBURG, Ill. ( - Stephen Brady, founder and president of newly revived activist group Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), is speaking out on the Church crisis.
In an exclusive interview with Church Militant last week, Brady discussed homosexual clergy, cowardly bishops and RCF's plans to expose the rot in the archdiocese of Chicago
He described the sex abuse crisis as principally "a homosexual issue," while faulting "good bishops" for their decades of silence on sexual sin. 
"The good bishops, the orthodox — they've got to stand up, they've got to stop respecting man more than they do God," Brady said. "It's as if they fear man's law more than they do God's law, so you have to question whether or not they believe in damnation and Hell and what the Church teaches in that sense."

When asked by Voris why he thinks so few bishops are willing to stand up for Catholic truth, Brady replied: "I think their faith is weak, for one thing."
"The Catholic Church has become nothing more than a billion-dollar bank for the homosexual movement to use," Brady reflected. "They can't believe in the Catholic faith, because they couldn't believe in the Catholic faith and in the teaching of the Church and the fact that mortal sin and Hell exist and do what they do?"  
"There are a lot of priests and bishops, we know, that don't accept the Catholic Church — they're imposters, and they need to be run out and exposed," he continued. "The cardinal in Chicago, in my opinion, is one of them."
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