Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist group funded by George Soros, which promotes abortion and homosexuality

BLM Is Anti-Catholic

And is straight-up Marxist.


Aside from their corruption, treachery and betrayal of Our Lord, one of the most disturbing realities of the U.S. bishops is their weaponizing of the Church for a Marxist political agenda. None is more dominant now than promoting Black Lives Matter, as evidenced by El Paso bishop Mark Seitz promoting the organization.
BLM is a Marxist group funded by George Soros, which promotes abortion and homosexuality. The Church teaches adamantly against the evil of all three — Marxism, abortion and homosexuality. Yet all across America, bishops are seizing the political moment to openly promote the group to advance their own agenda of Marxism and homosexuality — something, in truth, they've been doing quietly for decades. But now, feeling the moment has arrived, they are emerging from the shadows.
Please view this brief Church Militant Special Report and then think deeply about how much you have been betrayed by these Judas bishops.

Bergoglio supports Soros-financed leftist movement responsible for USA’s Civil Unrest

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