Friday, August 25, 2023

Apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio alias “Pope Francis” “congratulates” homosexual activists

 Dear Catholic brothers, along with other brothers, we have been denouncing the apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio for 10 years, all the evidence is available to anyone who wants to see it. Now no one will have an excuse for Ignorance, which is why I have made the decision to take a break and leave the responsibility to each one of you. From time to time I will be posting news. But there is nothing more to say, just pray that God will soon remove this great test and great punishment from our Church.

Gloria TV News

Francis has congratulated "Acceptance in Australia", a [pseudo-]Catholic group of homosex activists celebrating its 50th anniversary, reports (August 15).

The congratulations came via APOSTATE Sister Jeannine Gramick who has been encouraging homosexuals to indulge in mortal sin since 1971.

Francis asked Gramick to convey to the homosex group his “happy greetings at this time of your anniversary”. Sarcastically, he said he prayed that the members of [mortal sin] Acceptance would “grow closer in love with our Lord Jesus Christ” each year.

Benjamin Oh, chairman of Rainbow Catholics Interagency Australia, said that Francis’ greetings were “a powerful affirmation of the resilience and contributions" of Homosex-"Catholics" in the society and Church.

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