Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The apostate Spadaro in complicity with Bergoglio challenges Jesus Christ

 The apostate Spadaro promotes the pseudo-religion of the Antichrist, the one that steals the worship due to God to give it to men.

Regarding the latest test of the Church, the catechism warns that the "religious" imposture of the Antichrist consists of a secularized pseudo-messianism where man is placed above God. Where men commit apostasy in exchange for apparent false solutions to their problems. A false religion where God's rights are taken away and man is worshiped, a false religion that gives to Caesar (the god of the world) the things that belong to God.

The Apostate Jesuit Spadaro insults Jesus gravely

Apostate Jesuit Knows It Better than Jesus

Gloria TV News

Christ’ word to the the Canaanite woman, that he is sent to the lost sheep of Israel (Mt 15), is “stymied and callous,” believes Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, 57.

The editor-in-chief of, a Francis’ ally, wrote on (August 20) that "mercy is not for her" and that Christ’s conversation was marked by the cultural "rigidity" of the time.

Spadaro is convinced that Christ "responds mockingly and disrespectfully to the poor woman" and "appears as if he was blinded by nationalism and theological rigor."

The woman had "to ‘convert’ him to himself" and just as her daughter "Jesus, too, appears healed, and finally shows himself free, from the rigidity from the dominant theological, political and cultural elements of his time."

Spadaro's know-it-all attitude is not atypical for a semi-literate Vatican-II-Jesuit.

Carlo Maria Viganò: “Dopo le parole di Spadaro la misura è colma. Scegliere da che parte stare”.

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