Friday, August 4, 2017

Bishop Schneider Says “There are Ambiguities in Vatican II”

On July 26, 2017, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazahkstan, published a column in the Corrispondenza Romana, on the theme of “the interpretation of Vatican II and the current crisis in the Church”. Here are the main points of his article.

The auxiliary bishop of Astana begins by drawing attention to the unprecedented crisis the Church is going through that, to quote his exact terms, is “comparable with the general crisis in the 4th century, when Arianism had contaminated the overwhelming majority of the episcopacy”.

The prelate is more precise: yes, there are indeed “ambiguities” in the Council. "Those statements of Vatican II which are ambiguous must be read and interpreted according to the statements of the entire Tradition and of the constant Magisterium of the Church."

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  • 🔷Heretic Father Eduard Schillebeeckx (1914-2009) 
Vatican II Theologian

He made no secret of the intent with the documents of the Vatican II Council: 

“We have used ambiguous terms during the Council, and we know how we shall interpret them afterwards”.

  • 🔷Heretic Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens (1904-1996) 

Liberal Cardinal that pushed Vatican II agenda 

“Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church”.

  • 🔷Heretic Hans Küng (1928-) 
Vatican II Theologian
“This time we are going to stay in the Church, and we are going to dismantle the Catholic Church from within”.

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