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Friday, March 16, 2018

“Bergoglio is an intruder / impostor, a fake pope”- Priest expert 3rd Secret of Fatima

Father Paul Kramer commented on Louie Verrecchio's recent article # FakeNews? How about #FakeChurch:

Paul Kramer March 16, 2018

«Louie quotes Fr. Gruner, (who believed Benedict XVI to still be pope and not Francis): "the “so-called pontificate of Francis” (to quote dear Fr. Gruner once more) has been an exercise in fakery and illusion from day one". The principle fakery of "Pope" Francis is that he accepted to be elected to "succeed" a pope who did not renouncd his munus, as Canon Law (can. 332); but only the exsrcise of the ministry, and therefore remains pope. The intruder/imposter Bergoglio is a FAKE POPE».

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