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Friday, March 9, 2018

Father of Marxist liberation theology Jon Sobrino was a close collaborator of Óscar Romero

Jon Sobrino

The heretical Jesuit FATHER of Marxist liberation theology Jon Sabino was a close collaborator of the archbishop of San Salvador Óscar Romero. Sobrino received worldwide attention in 2006 when  the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a notification for what they termed doctrines that are "erroneous or dangerous and may cause harm to the faithful." 
Sobrino born in Barcelona, Spain and resides in El Salvador. He is the director of the Monsignor Romero Center of the UCA of San Salvador. He has written several books about Óscar Romero calling him a martyr of (Marxist theology) of liberation: Oscar Romero: prophet and martyr of liberation. 


Jon Sobino: “I know very well that in the Vatican a problem for his canonization has been my possible influence on his writings and homilies”. 

Marxism -Liberation Theology: "The emphasis on earthly things is more explicit in early liberation theology than in recent works. Still, as late as 1991, Jon Sobrino defined sin as unjust social structure, or "that which deals death."
Examples of sinners for him were oligarchies, multi-national corporations, various armed forces and "virtually every government."
He even went so far as to restate the Beatitudes in earthly terms, changing "Blessed are the meek," etc. to "Happy are the meek" (1991:366, 70).

“I denounce above all the absolute control of wealth. This is the root of all evil in El Salvador: wealth and private property as an absolute untouchable, as a high voltage cable that will burn down whoever dares even touch it! It is not fair that few have it all… while the vast marginalized majority starves to death.” (August 12th, 1979) Oscar Romero, Homily of August 12, 1979

The oligarchy is the cause of all our misfortunes. This small nucleus of families does not care if the rest of the people starve to death. In fact, they need these conditions to have abundant cheap labor available to them for the picking and exporting of their harvests.” (February 15th, 1980)


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