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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The bergoglian mercy: Eviction with knowledge and approval of the diocese.

Violent eviction of the Church of Sainte-Rita in Paris  in full celebration of the Mass.
  Year of Mercy 
Bergoglio is more concerned about the muslim invasion  than he is in finding a place to worship for his own priests.
 "They were in that church because they had no other place to celebrate the extraordinary rite according to the Missal of John XXIII (1963).  The owner sold it for three million euros.  They could not afford it and it was bought by a developer to make a parking building. 
 These people are a stable group of three or four dozen faithful.  Despite their request the diocese of Paris would not assign them any parish or priest.  When they found Fr. Guillaume de Tanoüam, the Institute of the Good Shepherd belonging to Ecclesia Dei, the diocese denied them access to unused church for the Mass "pardoned."

When riot police arrived, they asked the diocese of Paris if they could act.  The diocese gave them a free hand to act unceremoniously.  They did not want to wait half an hour until the end of the Mass.  They preferred to start by taking the priest from the altar and threw him to the ground; immobilize, and I guess handcuffing him and taking him to spend the night in jail until the hearing takes place with the presiding judge."

 If the diocese of Paris had wanted, he could have remained in Santa Rita to worship according to the extraordinary rite.  Unfortunately the diocese has chosen to devote that money to the reception and acceptance of Muslims, leaving the temple to be demolished and to be used to build parking lots .

 They prefer to close churches rather than let them officiate the Mass "pardoned" which, until 1970, was the only valid version.  According to Summorun Pontificum from Benedict XVI it has never been banned.  Now, of course it has never been banned nor permitted. "

Parisian Riot Police Drag Catholic Priest From the Altar

The priest in question  “occupied”  the church, waiting for a solution that never came.

The brutal action against this Catholic priest is contrary to the Marxist law that is practiced in France which protects squatters who take over other people's property they do not own. That is, if the invaders had been Muslims and not this Catholic group trying to find a refuge in this unused church, they would have respected their rights as squatters the "right of invasion." 

Clearly Bergoglio is more concerned about Muslim refugees instead of priests and parishoners looking for refuge inside an old abandoned  church to worship the Lord


John 16:2

They will put you out of the synagogues; indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.

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  1. If I was not a sedevacantist I would be praying in communion with either the SSPX or the conciliar false Catholic Church headed by the Bergoglio/Francis I regime commissioned to trash any and all attachments to Catholicism.


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