Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Bergoglio's Boss -- Wikileaks: Bergoglio and Soros An Unholy Alliance

Bergoglio does not work for God but for Soros. Wikileaks exposed the connection between his “Open SocietyFoundation which spent $650,000 to buy influence and financially sponsoring Bergoglio radical leftist agenda. George Soros is funding efforts to promote his radical socialist agenda using Bergoglio's  bully pulpit.

Additionally, the summary report says their funding was helpful to counter “anti-gay rhetoric” in the media.

Yayo Grassi, Gay Man and Bergoglio's Former Student.
Bergoglio with his gay friend accompanied by his Gay partner in U.S. In an exclusive interview with CNN, Grassi said the visit was arranged personally with Bergoglio via email in the weeks ahead of Francis' highly anticipated visit to the United States.

"Three weeks before the trip, he called me on the phone and said he would love to give me a hug," Grassi said.
Bergoglio taught Grassi in literature and psychology classes at Inmaculada Concepcion, a Catholic high school in Sante Fe, Argentina, from 1964-1965

August 23, 2016 (LifeSiteNews): 

Attorney Elizabeth Yore, who served on the Heartland Institute Delegation that traveled to the Vatican in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change, spoke to LifeSiteNews about the Soros initiative. “Catholics serve as a huge and influential voting block in the U.S. election,” she said. Soros, she said, is “using the head of the Catholic Church to influence this key voting block,” with the “bully pulpit of the papacy” to ensure Hilary Clinton’s election.
Yore pointed out “this is not the first time that the unholy alliance of Soros and the Vatican successfully collaborated on a political project.” In 2015, she recalled, “the Soros operatives, embedded in the Vatican, directed Pope Francis’ Environmental Agenda, by delivering for Soros and the UN, an Apostolic Exhortation on Climate Change, and a prized papal endorsement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Pope’s apostolic blessing on the Paris Climate Treaty.”

In terms of the Soros goal of shifting the priorities of the Catholic Church away from moral absolutes, two US bishops stand out as champions of the move. San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy has repeatedly stressed changing the Church’s priorities and has had the backing of Pope Francis’ ‘favored son,’ Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich. McElroy created a furor at the U.S. Bishops Conference meeting last November over his attempt to change a document instructing Catholics on how to vote.


  1. Bergoglio Makes The Vatican A Seat For The Antichrist.

  2. Don t forget Bergoglio promoted the use of the coca leaf helping Soros campaign for the legalization of drugs in Latin America where he "blessed" the Coca Leaf at the Vatican. Helping the "cocalero" Evo Morales; advertising the chewing of coca leaves during his Bolivia trip.

    Bergoglio reminds me also The apostate Fr. Andrea Gallo who defined himself as a "sidewalk priest" - referring to his work for the 'marginalized' - or an "angelically anarchic" priest. In practice, this meant a communist priest, who not only favored free-lovers, homosexuals and transgenders, but also defended feminism, pacifism and drug legalization among other causes.