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Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Bergoglio's Pawns"

Photo- Public profile of Pedacchio on Badoo
De la Cigoña published an article back in Dec 26, 2011 -"Bergoglio's Pawns"

Pedacchio was Cardinal Bergoglio's spy. «What comes from Rome goes to Rome». Romes decision depend upon the information they receive and that impacts the dissemination and processing of how such information is prioritized. The Cardinal, Archbishop of Buenos Aires knows the ambitions of power very well. Cardinal Bergoglio known to tell lies or half-truths -inflated , or hidden as appropriate in each case. But no doubt, when necessary he lies plain and simple. The truth is that to weave his web of power and influence over the bishops and their appointments; as well as priests and seminarians can shoot slurs or libel and, above all, know how to artfully direct them. It does from trained informants who, violating the confidentiality to which obliges the pontifical secret, tells you about everything that comes to Rome on topics or people you care about. Later, these same informants are responsible for «reporting» or «hide information» to the Roman authorities, manipulating agendas by the Cardinal - «The Jesuit», as it is called by the title of a work commissioned to exalt him. One of the most important pivots in this manipulation of information is an Argentine priest , "planted" by the Cardinal in the service of the Congregation for Bishops where all information related to the bishops of the whole world is run. -But what was particularly interesting to the Cardinal was Latinamerica, above all, with regard to the Argentine bishops. The disloyalty of this priest of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires is known by many, but apparently nothing is done about it. (Pedacchio) is not the only informant of the Cardinal but it is perhaps the most notorious. And given his job, one of the most dangerous.

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