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Friday, April 20, 2018

Bergoglio's favorite exorcist is a Lutheran

en.news Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, an organizer of the annual “Course on Exorcism“ at the Roman University “Regina Apostolorum” which belongs to the Legionaries of Christ, told (the) New York Times (April 19) that for next year’s conference he wants to invite "the Pope’s preferred exorcist, a Lutheran”.
Ferrari does not mention his name.

However, in March 2013 the Argentinean Diario Popular named the flamboyant Lutheran preacher Manuel Acuña as “Pope Francis’ Favourite Exorcist”.

Acuña who calls himself a "bishop" and dresses up like a Catholic bishop, is a personal friend of Francis. He belongs to the "Charismatic Lutheran church of Argentina". In March 2015 he performed an "exorcism" of a 22-year-old woman in live broadcast. Debate.com.mx called this live show "sexy and unusual".

Bergoglio used to recommend Acuña as spiritual healer when someone showed signs of a diabolic possession.

Protestant Manuel Acuña performs "Exorcism"

Martin Luther's slogan was:  "Take away the Mass, destroy the Church."

Padre Pio Said that Martin Luther is in Hell and Christian who follow him will meet the same end - Fr.Stefano Manelli F.I, founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate 

The Magisterium of the Church decrees the automatic excommunication for those who support the heretics and has declared null the elevation to the papacy of a heretic; who, prior to his election, had already deviated from the Catholic faith.

This heretic believes in goblins

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