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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Alejandro Russo 'Bergoglio's right hand' gave his support to the homosexual Flavio Mendoza who manufactured a subrogated child

He took advantage of the ceremony to introduce his new boyfriend

en.news The rich Argentinian homosexual choreographer Flavio Mendoza, 43, organised a show baptism for his surrogate baby (inseminated, manufactured with the purchase of ovules and surrogate mother)  in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. Mendoza was accompanied by his current gay accomplice, Daniel Allodi, 32.

According to Clarín.com (August 5), Allodi, who is the owner of a solarium, played a leading role during the event.

The baby was born in April by a paid surrogate mother, a procedure costing up to 130'000 Dollars.

  " Me gustaría que mi segundo hijo sea adoptado acá en Argentina... Que la ley permita agilizar los caminos"


Mendoza celebrated the gay event in the cathedral with prominent guests and published the pictures later on Internet.

In the magazine CARAS edition for Argentina, they publish an "exclusive" of the baptism of Mr. Mendoza's son as the main article of his Aug-08-2018 issue.  
On the inside pages, the priest who baptized the baby is identified: Alejandro Russo.  
Also on pgs. 88 and 90, Mr. Mendoza's words are quoted confirming the surrogacy, not to mention his gender reaffirmations.

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