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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Francis’ Heretical Teaching on Confession

Gloria.TV News on the 2nd of March 2016

Confession without Confession: On February 11th Pope Francis addressed members of the Roman clergy. Only Zenit reported about it. Speaking about confession, Francis claimed that somebody may receive absolution in confession although he remains mute. Quote: “He spoke with the gesture by coming into the confessional.” This openly contradicts Church teaching as stated last time in Reconciliatio et paenitentia by John Paul II in 1984.

Canon IV. If any one denieth, that, for the entire and perfect remission of sins, there are required three acts in the penitent, which are as it were the matter of the sacrament of Penance, to wit, contrition, confession, and satisfaction, which are called the three parts of penance; or saith that there are two parts only of penance, to wit, the terrors with which the conscience is smitten upon being convinced of sin, and the faith, generated (a) by the gospel, or by the absolution, whereby one believes that his sins are forgiven him through Christ; let him be anathema. (Session 14; Canon IV)

Proverbs 28:13
He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper,
    but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC):
1450 “Penance requires . . . the sinner to endure all things willingly, be contrite of heart, confess with the lips, and practice complete humility and fruitful satisfaction.”

1456 Confession to a priest is an essential part of the sacrament of Penance: "All mortal sins of which penitents after a diligent self-examination are conscious must be recounted by them in confession, even if they are most secret and have been committed against the last two precepts of the Decalogue; for these sins sometimes wound the soul more grievously and are more dangerous than those which are committed openly."54 (Council of Trent (1551): DS 1680 (ND 1626); cf. Ex 20:17; ⇒ Mt 5:28.)

When Christ's faithful strive to confess all the sins that they can remember, they undoubtedly place all of them before the divine mercy for pardon. But those who fail to do so and knowingly withhold some, place nothing before the divine goodness for remission through the mediation of the priest, "for if the sick person is too ashamed to show his wound to the doctor, the medicine cannot heal what it does not know."55 (55 Council of Trent (1551): DS 1680 (ND 1626); cf. St. Jerome, In Eccl. 10, 11: PL 23:1096.)

(Vatican Radio)  Francis said confession is not a judgment but a meeting with God who forgives all our sins, without exception.

Council of Trent teaches us: "If anyone says that the confession of all sins, is not a judicial act ... let him be anathema. "(Denzinger, 919)

Francis’ Heretical Teaching On Sin

Francis, Conversations, pp. 120-121: “I often say that the only glory we have, as Saint Paul says, is that of being sinners.”
“That’s why, for me, sin is not a stain I need to clean.”

Hell Is For Real # 4 St John Bosco:

Each cavern of Hell has punishments for different sins

Taking my hand, he led me into the cavern. As I stepped in, I found myself suddenly transported into a magnificent crystal hall. In the hall, at regular distances were large veils that covered other rooms that accessed the cavern.

The guide pointed to one of those veils over which was written: The Sixth Commandment, and he exclaimed: “Transgressions against this commandment caused the eternal ruin of many boys.”

“Did they not go to confession?”

“They did, but they either made a bad confession or purposely omitted the sins against the beautiful virtue of purity. For example, one said that he had committed such sins two or three times when it was four or five. Other boys who had fallen into that sin in their childhood were ashamed and never confessed it, or made a bad confession, or did not tell everything.

“Others did not have the sorrow for their sin or lacked the purpose to avoid it in the future. There were even some who, rather than examine their consciences, spent their time trying to figure out ways to deceive their confessor. Anyone dying in this frame of mind shall be among the damned for all eternity. Only those who die truly repentant with the hope of eternal life shall be eternally happy.

St. Cyprian (200-258)
To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome is to be out of communion with the Church.

Saint Vincent Ferrer, O.P:
 It is very dangerous for the Christian Soul
join to a false pope; the
false pope is like "a foreign god
in this world, an idol, a statue, a
fictitious image of Christ

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