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Thursday, February 28, 2019

SSPX Accuses Francis of Heresy on his act of apostasy at Abu Dhabi

 Bergoglio is also a false prophet who presumes to speak a word in the name of God to deceive and mislead many.

SSPX Accuses Francis of Heresy. As Far as I can tell, a "Document for Human Fraternity" that was intended to be spread throughout the world and bore the signature of Francis is a Public Act. No? So Francis is a Public Heretic or Public Apostate, No?

RadTrad Thomist 

I want to comment soon on the various statements that Michael Matt has made on the "situation" of the "crisis." However, before than we cannot let pass the just released statement by the SSPX on the apostasy of Francis at Abu Dhabi in which he signed a document which states that God willed the diversity of religions. Since this is a denial of the very essence of the Christian faith insofar as he is rejecting the whole purpose of the Church and the very idea of a unique Divine Revelation, originating with the preaching of the Incarnate Word and complemented by the revelation given to the Apostles by the Holy Ghost, I would argue that this is an act of apostasy. This act and such statements as "This is heresy" and "This is apostasy" should not be taking lightly. In fact, they must awaken us from our, perhaps, self-inflicted slumber. I believe this self-inflicted slumber, a spiritual melatonin, is daily administered by many of those who still hold out and hold the Catholic Faith as it has come down PRISTINE from the Apostles, the Fathers, the Popes and from the ocean of good priests and bishops that have served the Church and, hence, Jesus Christ in the past two centuries. What is the slumber? It is a dreamy feeling, that we are still in the 50s, in which we can act as if things are relatively normal and that there is a huge institution filled with well-meaning faithful who maybe be deceived on a few points --- general "liberals" --- but who, if they knew how "nice" it was in our group of faithful, would rush to embrace a better "form" of Catholicism than the one that they practice. Have we not heard the Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo compared to two trumpets, one silver and one brass, and if we are staging a great ceremony, which one would we want to have played? Such thinking was NEVER accurate and NEVER described the situation in the world which the faithful Catholic actually lives in now. 
If we are awake, what is the situation in which we find ourselves in? We are confronted with a world in which the presence of the Catholic Church --- in its real teaching and morals, and even cultural influence --- has disappeared. The whole of Christendom, a civilization which HAD AS ITS PRIMARY PURPOSE TO CENTER LIFE AROUND THE LIFE AND GRACE OF THE Catholic Church --- is gone. We find ourselves in a world totally indifferent to God, Jesus Christ, and the claims of the Catholic Church. Only the sexual escapades and crimes of clerics, whether validly or invalidly consecrated or ordained, are at the forefront of peoples' minds. 
This cultural, political, economic, and social disappearance of the Church "compliments" the wiping away of the reality of the Catholic Church in the "Declaration on Human Fraternity" and its substitution by a institution, with only an accidental relationship to the Catholic Church founded by Christ, which now denies its own doctrines, its own history, its own necessity, its own morals and promises to work for the world envisioned and demanded by every enemy that the Church has had in modern times. The institution, the parts that still stand, are being used to advance an anti-christ world that is an insult hurled into the face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Master and King of All Men and Nations. 
How should faithful Catholics respond to this unprecedented situation? Let me wait until I comment on the latest from Michael Matt, longtime champion of "We can work this out, if we have our Latin Mass."

SSPX Superior: Abu Dhabi Declaration Is “House Built on Sand”

Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration is a “house built on sand”, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), Father Davide Pagliarani wrote in a February 24 statement.

The text is co-signed by his assistants, Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta and Father Christian Bouchacourt.

The declaration claims that the different religions are "willed by God". Pagliarani calls this an "impiety" despising the First Commandment.

He adds that it opposes the dogma that the Catholic religion is the only true religion. Pagliarani concludes that it is therefore a “heresy.”

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Lepanto Institute: The time for talk is at an end! 'Strong actions,' 'unambiguous decree' needed to fix abuse crisis

I think that doing this is asking the wolf for help, but so that there is no excuse whatsoever,  I already signed the petition.

by Church Militant           •  February 27, 2019

The recent Vatican summit on sex abuse has sparked frustration and outrage among the Catholic faithful throughout the world. Over the course of three days, bishops and cardinals met in the Vatican to discuss the issue of clerical sex abuse of minors. However, the root cause of the abuse, homosexuality in the ranks of the clergy, was a topic not to be discussed.
Giving voice to the frustration of faithful Catholics, The Lepanto Institute published an open letter to Pope Francis outlining a plan for purifying the Church. The letter, addressing the Holy Father, says:
If you wish to reestablish the faith, trust and love of the laity, you are going to have to take strong actions to root out the problem. We want a clear and unambiguous decree that enacts strict penalties … including excommunication and laicization … for any cleric, whether deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop or cardinal, who sexually abuses any other person regardless of age, sex or circumstance, or who is found guilty of engaging in any unnatural sexual behavior.
The letter then calls for Pope Francis to remove all clerics — including cardinals like Cdl. Blase Cupich, Cdl. Kevin Farrell and Cdl. Joseph Tobin — who are "either practicing or promoting homosexuality ... from their positions."
Michael Hichborn, president of The Lepanto Institute, told Church Militant that the laity are "fed up" and that something finally needed to be said.

"This summit on the abuse of children not only did nothing to protect children, but put the abuse of our trust in the clergy on full display," Hichborn said. "Pope Francis appointed the main culprits of abuse to run the summit, who in turn did everything possible to deny the connection between abuse and homosexuality."
Hichborn said that he hopes this open letter will provide a unified front against the homosexual network in the Church.
This summit on the abuse of children not only did nothing to protect children, but put the abuse of our trust in the clergy on full display.Tweet
"We have no expectation that Pope Francis will consider our pleas. Our hope is to unify concerned Catholics by stating our expectations and our course of action if those expectations are not met," Hichborn said.
He added:
This letter is more of a declaration than a request. United in prayer, specifically the Rosary, we faithful Catholics will and must pray daily for this pope and his cadre of prelates who protect homosexual clergy and abusers. But this does not mean we have to fund them. Canon law requires Catholics to tithe, but it makes no specific claims as to how this tithe is made. So, if Pope Francis won't clean house, we will find ways to provide funding for Holy Mother Church that won't find its way into the coffers of enablers. In the meantime, we will offer our suffering and prayers to the Holy Mother, begging for Her Immaculate Heart to finally triumph over the corruption in the Church.
The full text of the letter is below. To add your name to the letter, go to The Lepanto Institute's original posting of it:
Dear Pope Francis,
If talk is cheap, then this summit on sexual abuse is worth even less. After three days of talking, the official spokesmen for the summit went to great lengths to claim that homosexuality was not a concern while they deliberately dodged questions from reporters.
Cardinal Cupich said the day before the summit began that while most of the problem is a result of "male on male" sex abuse, "homosexuality itself is not a cause." He says it can be explained as a matter of "opportunity and also a matter of poor training on the part of the people."
Archbishop Scicluna said homosexuality and heterosexuality are "human conditions that we recognize, and that exist, but they aren't something that really predisposes to sin."
And Cardinal Tagle went on a vapid rant about smelling like the sheep, touching the wounds of the victims and seeking healing.
But all of this talk about the sexual abuse of children is NOT going to do a single thing to resolve the problem, especially as you continue to deny what is at the very heart of it. The problem is rampant sexual immorality … especially homosexuality … in the clergy. Period!
Your Holiness, if you wish to reestablish the faith, trust and love of the laity, you are going to have to take strong actions to root out the problem. We want a clear and unambiguous decree that enacts strict penalties … including excommunication and laicization … for any cleric, whether deacon, priest, bishop, archbishop or cardinal, who sexually abuses any other person regardless of age, sex or circumstance, or who is found guilty of engaging in any unnatural sexual behavior.
We want all clerics either practicing or promoting homosexuality to be removed from their positions. We want all of the prelates who enable homosexuals, whether lay or clergy, to be removed from their positions. That means removing individuals like Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal Kasper, Cardinal Schönborn, Cardinal Danneels, Cardinal Marx, Cardinal Tagle, Cardinal Tobin, Cardinal Farrell, Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal Wuerl, Archbishop Scicluna, Bishop McElroy, Bp. Gregory, Bp. Wester, Bp. Malone, Fr. Daniel Horan, Fr. Thomas Reese and Fr. James Martin. And that's just for starters. These men have flouted Church teaching on sexual morality for far too long, and no amount of talking is going to fix the problem of sexual immorality in the Church while they remain in their positions. If you truly seek healing for victims and for the Church, you can start there. But if you keep talking this issue to death while sitting on your hands, then rest assured that while we will continue to pray and sacrifice for you, we will not pay you and we will simply wait for you to die so Our Lady and Our Lord can resolve the matter through our patience and our prayers.
The Faithful

Anti-Pope Francis Guilty of Cover-Up

And his anti-pontificate needs to end.

I'm Michael Voris coming to you from Rome in the aftermath of the meaningless summit on sex abuse and its cover-up — which was never brought up once — the questions swirling around Pope Francis himself — about what he did, what he knew and when he knew it.
There are multiple questions stemming from multiple cases in question, and while they are getting some coverage in the secular media, there doesn't appear to be any significant response from the Vatican to the charges, nor any real intense follow-up. Journalists just put the information out there as some kind of fact from past history and move on.
So let's start at the beginning.
When Abp. Viganò released his first testimony last August, revealing some names of the homosexual current here in the Vatican, he also stated emphatically that Pope Francis knew McCarrick had been penalized and sidelined by Pope Benedict but resurrected McCarrick despite his homopredator past.
One by one, liberal media, including liberal Catholic media like John Allen at Crux, downplayed Viganò's confession saying it should be taken with a huge grain of salt. But as the weeks wore on, it became clear on point after point that Viganò was correct on every last claim he made.
So what we had at that point was a pope who, knowing full well about McCarrick's homopredator past, raised him back up to prominence and influence — a man who, a just a few years later, he would have to dismiss from the clerical state when his crimes became more widely known than just inside the walls of the Vatican.
That the Pope himself would personally do this with full knowledge was so disturbing that intrepid journalists and investigators started checking into his past to see if he had covered up for or protected any other clergy — or even promoted them.
So going back to his native Argentina and South America, reporters started surfacing other cases involving then-Abp. Bergoglio's involvement of covering up for predator clergy.
One involved Fr. Julio Grassi, serving a 15-year sentence for sexual assault of minors — convicted in 2009 — a case which shook Argentina. In 2010, Abp. Bergoglio set out on a financially costly, multi-year defense of Grassi to help him on appeal, producing a series of lengthy books declaring him innocent and the charges of the victim, Gabriel, lies.
The appeals wound through the court system until 2016 when the country's supreme court upheld Grassi's conviction. The thing is, through all this, Grassi was never under any Church jurisdiction of Bergoglio. Grassi was not in Bergoglio's diocese nor was Bergoglio his bishop.
To this day, despite appeals from Gabriel, Pope Francis has never offered an apology or even word of comfort.
In another case that saw international criticism of the Pope, he had to publicly apologize for backing a Chilean bishop, Juan Barros, who he has himself appointed to the southern diocese of Osorno.
Barros had covered for homopredator priest Fernando Karadima, the most prolific abuser of young boys in the nation. The Vatican itself ruled him guilty in 2011.
But what later came to light is how the Pope's pick for bishop, Juan Barros, had covered for the priest's crimes. When people in the diocese went ballistic over Francis naming Barros as their bishop, the Pope struck back in fury, defending Barros and insulting the people, calling them essentially liars.
He said to the Chilean people that what they were saying was slander and added this, which is key: "You, in all good will, tell me that there are victims, but I haven't seen any, because they haven't come forward."
That would prove to be a lie. In 2015, years earlier, Cdl. Sean O'Malley had placed directly into the hands of the Pope a letter from the victim detailing the account of his sexual assaults by the priest Karadima. O'Malley admitted as much when press reports brought details to light.
So the Pope knew, years earlier, that Karadima was a homopredator priest and that Bp. Juan Barros covered for him, and the Pope still tried to press his appointment of Barros as bishop and lied about and insulted the people. He later apologized, and that was that.
In another case coming more to light, Pope Francis appears to have tried to cover for a predator bishop from the diocese of Oran in Argentina by creating a cushy job for him here at the Vatican. Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta is accused of sending nude photos of himself from his phone masturbating, entering the rooms of his seminarians at night and sexually harassing them as well as a number of cases of financial improprieties.
These charges made their way to the Vatican in 2015, and Zanchetta went to Rome to defend himself. Sources say he was able to convince the Pope that the nude pictures on his phone were photoshopped and fake. No one has been able to verify that claim.
But with regard to the seminarian issue, the internal report presented to the Vatican read: "[Zanchetta would] watch seminarians in their rooms at night with a flashlight, ask for massages, go into their rooms and sit on their beds, encourage them to drink alcoholic beverages, and had certain preferences for those who were more graceful [looking]."
The Vatican and the Pope knew about these charges between 2015 and 2016. In 2017, Pope Francis brought Zanchetta to Rome and created a post for him out of thin air in the office which handles the Vatican's real estate investments.
Again, since this has all made its way into the mainstream media reports — and only because of that — Zanchetta has been removed from his comfortable position as a Church investigation gets underway.
This precisely why any discussion at this past week's sex summit of abuse of seminarians had to be completely shut down by Cdl. Cupich and Abp. Scicluna. It would have directly implicated the Pope because Zanchetta abused his own seminarians and the Pope knew all about it — a direct line.
Then there is the case of the man nicknamed the "Vice Pope" because of his closeness to Francis, Cdl. Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga. Maradiaga found himself in a gigantic scandal for defending and covering up for one of his auxiliary bishops, Jose Juan Pineda, who 50 seminarians of Maradiaga's accused of homosexual predation.
Maradiaga blasted the reports as untrue — despite loads of credible evidence — and remains firmly ensconced here in Rome as the Pope's number two despite his defense of Pineda, who was also accused of massive financial impropriety the year before in a report that had been given to Pope Francis.
Yet, Maradiaga not only left him in place amidst all these charges, he actually promoted Pineda to administrator of the diocese when Maradiaga himself was back and forth in Houston, Texas for cancer treatments.
Late last year, Pineda submitted his resignation to the Pope with not a word from Maradiaga, not any substantive official explanation given nor any apology from either Maradiaga or Pineda to the almost 50 seminarians who had to suffer the abuse and then undergo it again as the Pope's number two man attacked them while the Pope sat by and did nothing.
There is a pattern here with Pope Francis that many Catholics are saying is simply too much and he must go. Archbishop Viganò, who had not spoken of these charges, concluded on just the information about McCarrick that Francis should resign.
As what these — and what many Catholics around the world are expecting to be even more cases — continue to be brought forward, the question of the Francis papacy has to be revisited and openly discussed.
The men around the Pope are cover-up artists who staged a phony summit to protect any more information about McCarrick coming public. Others are accused of their own cover-ups like Maradiaga and Gracias. But even the Pope himself has covered up these sins and crimes.
This papacy is going down in flames, and it's happening fast. Whether he resigns or not, the cause of this massive collapse is the homosexuality accepted and protected by Francis and his cronies and massive culture of cover-up that almost every cardinal around him participates in — from Cupich to Wuerl to McCarrick to Maradiaga to Tobin and the list goes on.
The next pope — whoever and whenever — needs to give all these men the McCarrick treatment and bust them all down to the lay state, where many of them would end up behind bars for their sins and crimes.
In fact, we should all pray that Pope Francis does that himself and then resigns, signaling the reform he promised when he stepped out on that loggia almost six years ago will finally come to the Church, just not on his pontificate.

Natacha Jaitt Was Going To Testify Against Bergoglio’s Friend – Now She’s Dead

The mysterious death of a whistleblower in Argentina is prompting family members to demand an investigation into what they suspect to be murder.  Natacha Jaitt, a model and actress, had been working on outing what she claimed to be a pedophile sex ring among celebrities and elites. Two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking and who is a close associate of Pope Francis, she was found dead.
At 2 a.m. Saturday, her naked body was found on the bed of a room in the hotel Xanadu in Villa La Ñata in the town of Benavidez. Two men were questioned at the scene: 47-year-old Guillermo Riconi, owner of the Villa, and 48-year-old Raul Velaztiqui, a film producer and the one who placed the call to police on finding her body.
The autopsy report claimed the cause of death was “Heart-respiratory failure (multi-organ failure) that led to pulmonary edema.” The autopsy also revealed traces of cocaine in her nasal passages.
According to Spanish magazine Clarìn:
A vehicle, cocaine, a fanny pack and a telephone were seized from the room. It was discovered that at least three more people were with the actress, who were captured by security cameras while fleeing the place, before police arrived. In the video recording you see them throwing a package into a ditch. It is suspected it contained some type of narcotics.
Jaitt’s brother and attorney, however, insist she would never have used cocaine because of a medical condition she suffered. Both of them suspect foul play.

Mons. Héctor Aguer rebuked the sacrilegious mass celebrated by the apostate Pro Gay Oscar Miñarro during WYD in Panama, which has not been published by AICA, the official agency of the Argentine Episcopal Conference

The Wanderer comments: Mons. Hector Aguer, archbishop emeritus of La Plata, dedicated a reflection in his weekly short (about the sacrilegious Mass celebrated by Miñarro during WYD Panama) that, curiously, has not yet been published by AICA, the official agency of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina, as it happens weekly.

This Is The Same Francis Bishop Who "Presided" Over Beach Mass

en.news The bulk-consecrator seen on the picture is Oscar Miñarro, 58, an auxiliary bishop in Merlo-Moreno, Argentina.

The picture shows Miñarro when he was a parish-priest in the diocese of Merlo-Moreno.

He continued celebrating sacrilegious Masses as a bishop. His last public sacrilege was a sitting beach Mass during the January Panama World Youth Day.

Miñarro was named a bishop by Francis in September 2016. Already decades before this, he was a publicly known heretic who opposes priestly celibacy, supports gay pseudo-marriage, calls the Church "homophobic", and denies that human life begins at conception.


The mass was desecrated during the WYD by the apostate Pro Gay Argentinian 'bishop' Oscar Eduardo Miñarro who was appointed by Bergoglio

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Anti-Pope Francis Offers Environmental Message for Lent 2019

The Antichrist and his false prophet are ecologists, ecumenists and pacifists.


FLASHBACK: Defrocked McCarrick wished ‘terrible judgment’ on clerical sex abusers

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 26, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Asked in 2004 whether there is a “special place in hell” for clerical sex abusers, the now disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick said: “There is certainly a special, terrible judgment on someone who would abuse the trust that a priest must have.”
McCarrick told Meet the Press host Tim Russert, “It’s part of our religion that a priest is supposed to be father, brother, friend and guide. And if it’s destroyed, if it is destroyed with young people, with children, it becomes all the more horrible.”

McCarrick resigned from the cardinalate last year and was laicized last week for sex crimes committed against minors and adults. He has claimed to have no recollection of the sexual abuse of an 11-year-old boy decades ago and has not publicly repented of the crimes imputed against him.

In 2002, McCarrick had presented himself as a voice of reform in the wake of revulsion over cases of sexual abuse of minors by clerics dating back decades. He took the lead in drafting the U.S. bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People that was the result of a meeting in Dallas of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.
"This crisis is more important than any crisis we've had in my time," he told The New York Times. "Our people are waiting for the bishops to say, OK, we've got it under control, we're on the same page, we hear you and we've listened to you and now you can be sure that this will never happen again.''
Since the release of the Dallas charter, weaknesses were found in it. In what has been described as a prescient moment during the bishops’ meeting in Dallas, Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, Nebraska noted that a revised text of the charter replaced the term “clerics” with the phrase “priests and deacons.”
Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport, Connecticut, at the time replied that the drafting committee “decided we would limit it to priests and deacons, as the disciplining of bishops is beyond the purview of this document. ‘Cleric’ would cover all three, so we decided not to use the word ‘cleric.’” Bishops, including McCarrick, were therefore exempted.
Another flaw in the Dallas Charter is that it offers no protection from sexual predators to persons older than age 18, and no rules shielding seminarians, priests and others.
It was in 2002 -- the same year as the McCarrick interview on “Meet the Press” -- that erstwhile Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh reported allegations against McCarrick to Papal Nuncio Gabriel Montalvo. During a 2004 hearing by the diocesan review board, former priest Robert Ciolek alleged that he had been abused by McCarrick.

In 2005 and 2007, monetary compensation was paid by the Diocese of Metuchen and the Archdiocese of Newark to priests who alleged McCarrick had abused them when they were seminarians. McCarrick nevertheless went on to become a cardinal despite the payouts and the Dallas Charter remained unamended.

The day when the Novus Ordo celebrates Saint Peter Damian John Paul II named 'cardinals' the members of Saint Gallen mafia. The day when the Communists celebrate the publication of the The Communist Manifesto

This day in history—a windfall for the Saint Gallen Mafia
On this date—February 21, the feast of St. Peter Damian—18 years ago, at a Vatican consistory, Pope John Paul II raised 38 prelates to the College of Cardinals. Among the men who received red hats that day are the following, who are very much in the news this week, amid the discussion of the sex-abuse scandal:

  • Walter Kasper
  • Cormac Murphy-O’Connor
  • Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga
  • Francisco Errazuriz Ossa
    and, lest we forget,
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Oh, and one other:
  • Theodore McCarrick.

February 21, 1848: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Communist Manifesto.

Freemasonry, Communism, Homosexuality, The Infiltration of the Church

Benedictine St. John’s University Funds Blasphemous, Sexually Explicit Theater Group

by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 26, 2019    

Officially approved student group mocks Catholic morality in graphic, sexual terms

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (ChurchMilitant.com) - (Warning: explicit content) A Catholic university in Minnesota is funding a blasphemous, sexually explicit, pro-gay theater group.

Screenshot of the Alter Boyz Facebook page

The College of St. Benedict and St. John's University of Collegeville, Minnesota is one of the oldest Catholic liberal arts colleges in the United States. According to its website, it is "nationally recognized for its promotion of character and values development."
It prides itself on its Benedictine heritage, noting that it "is shaped by the Benedictine communities that founded the colleges in the 19th century and continues to foster the academic, spiritual and social life of these institutions."
Despite its Catholic credentials, the university supports a student theater group called the Alter Boyz that uses blasphemy, obscenities and graphic sexual references and depictions in the name of comedy.
Church Militant contacted the university, which confirmed that the club is an officially approved student group and holds open auditions for their performances on campus.
These shows and skits are presented at several locations on campus, including the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater near St. John's Abbey. While the group is not advertised on the university website, they do have a Facebook page where many of their shows are posted for public viewing. Their motto is: "Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned."

Throughout the shows, the students use Jesus' name in vain and curse and blaspheme God. The offensive material includes dozens of uses of the F-word, sexual jokes, gestures, situations and references, and "humorous" statements, including:
  • "My hobbies include sh***ing on the patriarchy" *raised middle fingers*
  • "Your feet are flatter than your mom's bare chest"
  • "We simply stick a pen in your d**k-h**e"

The clips in question are too explicit to post in their entirety. What follows are some descriptions of the videos, as well as transcriptions of the dialogue.

One scene introduces a character named Handy Helper who unzips a man's fly zipper in front of a urinal. At the end of the scene, Handy Helper zips it back up when the man leaves the bathroom, the story implying that the man needed "a hand," i.e., was masturbated in front of the urinal.

Alter Boyz Facebook profile picture

The sketch continues with significant innuendo in a scene with a wife and a husband who "couldn't keep it up" and needed Handy to save their relationship. The character's tagline is: "When you feel like a pansy, get a little handsy."
Another scene includes a fake tour of the campus dorms in the style of a nature show, observing students of St. John's in their "natural habitat." A student is shown walking down the stairs after having "coital relations," washing out a condom in the kitchen sink. When he fills it with water, water sprays out, showing that holes were poked in the condom. The student then uses a thumbtack to attach the condom to a board labeled "Community Condom."
Another scene depicts a member of Alter Boyz talking to God in an attempted humorous take on prayer. During the skit, the script reads:
"Ch**t Laura, I'm here. Do you think I just wait around for an Alter Boyz show to intervene in? I got a lot of s**t to do, you know, because I'm God. J***s Ch***t."
"Did you just take your own name in vain?"
"Well technically I took Jesus' name in vain, but even more technically we're kind of the same person. It's just a lot of Catholic mumbo *indistinct* Trinity. Never mind, it's not important."
And later, referring to the Apostle Matthew, the "God" character says, "G** f*****g Matt ripped me off, all right? I said that s**t. ... G**d*mn, me d*mn, whatever."
In another scene, the actors reference the fact that St. John's is an all-boys school while talking about the character's desire to pay for homosexual intimacy after breaking up with his girlfriend.

Flyer for an Alter Boyz show

They then speak graphically about a homosexual act between two male characters, and then act it out with sound effects and moans.
The graphic homosexual content of these skits comes against the backdrop of widespread homosexual clergy abuse at St. John's Abbey, which has suffered almost 100 allegations of abuse by monks and priests since the 1930s, and is the defendant in 60 lawsuits. In 2017, the university published the names of 21 men credibly accused of sexual misconduct, ranging from inappropriate comments and advances to sodomizing male minors.
According to the abbey website, at least six men on that list may still be monks at the abbey, meaning they are still in close proximity to vulnerable students at the university.
University Contacts:

Saint John's University

PO Box 2000
2850 Abbey Plaza
Collegeville, Minnesota 56321
Michael Hemesath, President of St. John's University
(320) 363-2882

Mary Dana Hinton, President of the College of St. Benedict
(320) 363-5505

Reshetnyak alleges that Bergoglio financially supports the criminal activities of La Alameda and is involved in the trafficking of people who carry out sex work in Rome

Religión Voz Libre
Natacha Jaitt, the Argentine whistleblower found dead last weekend, conducted an interview in April 2018, which some say could be related to her death. Jaitt conducted a 20-minute interview with a man named Artyom Reshetnyak, who claimed to have evidence linking Gustavo Vera and his friend Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) with criminal activity.

Gustavo Vera is president of an organization called La Alameda. The declared mission of the group is to fight against human trafficking, slave labor, child exploitation, prostitution and drug trafficking. However, Reshetnyak states that this is simply an apparent organization that actually facilitates these criminal activities.

Gustavo Vera and Jorge Bergoglio became friends when Bergoglio was archbishop of Buenos Aires. Reshetnyak alleges that Bergoglio financially supports the criminal activities of La Alameda and is involved in the trafficking of people who carry out sex work in Rome.

Natacha Jaitt who accused Gustavo Vera of sex trafficking and Bergoglio of covering up pedophiles Found Dead : Family Suspects Murder

The Tribune of Spain in protest against the corrupt justice of Argentina published the list of the network of pedophilia that Natacha denounced and prayed the Our Father for her soul. They published the nude photo as she was found dead because they do not want to hide the harshness of the news.

All part of the complaints that Natacha Jaitt makes public, in reference to "illustrious" Argentine characters involved in the Pederasty Network of the Independent Football Club of Avellaneda where a group of children and adolescents were subjected to sexual abuse.
La Tribuna España wrote: "Curious" justice of Argentina: they enjoy better treatment and more rights pedophiles than their victims.
Natacha Jaitt and the list of pedophiles:
Presidente de Newell's Old Boys de R. : Eduardo José López.

Titular de la Fundación La Alameda : Gustavo Vera.

"El papa" : Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

BUENOS AIRES, February 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) -- Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity who had accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes, was found dead during the pre-dawn hours on Saturday at a resort near Buenos Aires. Jaitt tweeted in October that Vera was Pope Francis’ “accomplice.” She wrote: “Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”

Police arrived at the Xanadu event complex near the capital of Argentina, where Jaitt was found unresponsive in bed. After her death was confirmed, police began investigating. A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure; her body showed no signs of violence. She was a widow and mother of two children.
Argentine media is following the case closely, given Jaitt’s record of controversy, which included work in prostitution, pornography, and television. Her credibility has often been questioned. Controversy has swirled around Jaitt, ever since she made startling claims about Pope Francis and his friend, Gustavo Vera -- a former Peronist politician who operates the nonprofit Alamada human rights organization.

Last year, after her appearance on Mirtha Legrand’s talk show and the resulting controversy over her accusations against Vera, Jaitt tweeted, “Notice: I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens: I wasn’t me. Save this tweet.”

 Jaitt then accused Pope Francis of having “saved” a clergyman (Julio César Grassi) from accusations of pedophilia and sending him to manage a shelter for disadvantaged boys “who can’t make complaints.”

Three Argentine accomplices Vera, Sorondo and Bergoglio