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Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Dominican Fr. John O’Connor exposed the homosexual predator Joseph Bernardin

The Dominican Priest John O'Connor, who was unjustly excommunicated, persecuted, and slandered by the Gay Mafia (which infiltrated inside the Church in the United States) denounced the homosexual predator Joseph Bernardin.

Born and raised in Chicago; Father O'Connor was a Military Chaplain during WW II. Fr. O'Connor was ordered to be examined by a psychologist following a talk in which he named his Superior- Donald Goergen, as a member of the Gay Rights Movement.

By Matt C. Abbott December 14, 2006

Father John O'Connor — A Life of Faith, Devotion and Courage

...excerpt from chapter 16 ("Homosexuality in Religious Orders") of Randy Engel's The Rite of Sodomy — Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church.

Why the Gay Lobby Remains in Power

After a series of attempts to silence Fr. O'Connor, including effectively threatening to send him to a psychiatric ward; Fr. O'Connor was officially suspended in 1989. The following year, the process for his formal dismissal from the Dominicans began.  He ended up being sentenced by the Master General in Rome to a period of prayer and reflection, along with an ordered visit to a psychiatric ward (which he refused). In 1991, after failed attempts by O'Connor to appeal his case to Rome, he was officially done with the Dominicans.
Father O'Connor finally left the order and lived with his sister until he died in 2006.

Fr. O'Connor sought the advice of a Canon Lawyer, Fr Alfred Kunz. Fr. Kunz was brutally murdered in a ritualistic fashion after assisting in the investigation of a satanic pedophile cult connected to the priesthood.

«O’Connor claimed that the priory at River Forest was being run as a homosexual bordello to keep local priests off the streets and to prevent them from contracting AIDS. By November 2, 1989, O’Connor was implicating the Superior General of the entire order in conspiracy against him as well as the ordinary of Chicago, Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. "A prominent Catholic layman who just returned from a business trip to the Vatican," O’Connor wrote in his open letter dated November 2, 1989, "told me that it is known all over Rome that Cardinal Bernardin is a practicing homosexual...» (The many Faces of Cardinal Bernardin)

Luke 8:17 For nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light. 

On Ash Wednesday, February 28, 1990, Fr John O'Connor wrote: "When I made my vow of obedience 40 years ago, it was first and foremost to Jesus Christ, His Mother and St. Dominic and in obedience to them only death will silence my witnessing to the Truth."

Rest in Peace faithful servant of God that your work has not been in vain.  Today the remnant faithful to Christ honors you for your courage and your fidelity. 
Vivat Veritas- Let truth prevail.
 Requiescat in Pace

Proverbs 10:The memory of the just is with praises: and the name of the wicked shall rot.

Matthew 5:10

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Lavender Mafia 

Joseph Louis Bernardin homosexual predator, satanist and gay activist. (1928-1996)

Special Report — Cupich Under Investigation 

Casa Jesus: Gay Seminarian Pipeline Set Up by Cdl. Bernardin

Cupich Soup | The Vortex

 Cardinal Joseph Bernardin also had the Chicago Gay Mens Chorus sing at his wake, indicating for many faithful Catholics the link between the social justice façade and gay clergy.

Bernardin was accused of raping a woman in a satanic ritual.

Joseph Louis Bernardin homosexual predator, satanist and gay activist. (1928-1996)

en.news Matt Abbott re-published on RenewAmerica.com (August 11) a twenty-year old article, originally published in the newsletter of the now-defunct group Roman Catholic Faithful. It tells the story of a now married woman called “Agnes” who in 1957 was allegedly raped by Father Joseph Bernardin (+1996) when she was 11 years old.
Agnes testified her story in a sworn deposition, in accounts to investigators, in affidavits submitted in support of others' cases, in direct statements to Bernardin, in phone calls and letters to Church officials, and in correspondence with the Vatican.

The alleged rape was part of a satanic ritual involving among others, then Charleston Bishop John Russell (+1993). Agnes was brought to the ritual by her abusive father. She first resisted Bishop Russell. Bernardin then showed kindness in order to gain her trust and then raped her. He then fed her a host in an attempt to make her swallow the “guilt of the event”.

Bishop John Joyce Russell (1897-1993) Bishop of Charleston (1950-1958) and then Richmond (1958-1973) was accused, along with card. Joseph Bernardin, by a woman with the pseudonym "Agnes", of sexual perversion against her, in a satanic rite, in Greenville in 1957.
In 1990 Agnes told her story to Malachi Martin who incorporated it in his novel Windswept House.

In 1992, Agnes passed a polygraph examination regarding the crime.

The article also mentions a former seminarian who stated that he had forced sexual contact with Bernardin and later received a cash settlement.

Under John Paul II, ultra-liberal Bernardin was the leading U.S. prelate who controlled the episcopal conference and the appointment of new bishops.

Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin called him in July "the great Joseph Bernardin" who was a "great shepherd but then, above all, he suffered so much."

Pietro Paroli (Vatican Secretary of State) Praises Modernist Cardinal Bernardin

President Bill Clinton awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His funeral mass was presided by his good friend, radical Cardinal Roger Mahony.
Bernardin was accounted for setting up the «Bernardin Machine» which controlled the U.S. Bishops’ Conference and almost all episcopal appointements.

The Bernardin ideology consists in not defending or preaching any Church teaching deemed "controversial" [by the oligarch media] and by using disciplinary measures almost exclusively in order to persecute faithful Catholic priests.

By Matt C. Abbott James Hitchcock wrote in an article published shortly after the cardinal's death that "[Bernardin] consistently used his influence to promote liberal causes, even attacks on Church teachings and traditions." Hitchcock went on to write: "He consistently used his power to build a network of allies within both the hierarchy and the bureaucracy, a network which in effect has controlled the direction of the 'American Church.'"

Bernardin received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Clinton and was honored, posthumously, by the Masons. He was a friend of Call To Action (CTA) and allowed them to operate on Church property. He even went so far as to speak out against [then] Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz for excommunicating CTA members in his own diocese. History has taught us that the cardinal usually came down on the liberal side of every issue, but what is his legacy? What about his faith?

Catholic bishops helped to fund Alinsky training for Barack Obama, according to documents

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