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Monday, June 3, 2019

Bergoglio annuls the sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood to promote the heresy of religious indifferentism and confessed his own apostasy back in Argentina

The apostate Bergoglio once again promoted the principles of freemasonry. He shows obstinacy in his own heresy.

Francis Commends Catholic Bishop For Celebrating Lutheran Service

en.news Pope Francis praised an unnamed European archbishop for having celebrated a Lutheran Sunday service.

On the plane from Sibiu, Romania, to Rome (June 2, Italian audio sequence below) he recounted how the archbishop was scheduled for a Sunday evening meeting in the Vatican.

But he told Francis that he could only arrive on Monday because the local Lutheran lay-archbishop had asked him to take over a Lutheran service as he had another appointment, "So I went and did it." It is doubtful whether this account is true, as it would have generated some headlines.

Francis added that during his time in Buenos Aires he was invited to the Scottish church to preach during their functions.

Bergoglio redefined the sacrament of Holy Communion to promote ecumenism without the need of conversion:

"There is already Christian unity," he said. "Let's not wait for the theologians to come to agreement on the Eucharist." "The Eucharist is celebrated everyday with prayer, with remembrance of the blood of our martyrs, with the works of charity, and also wanting each other to be well"
Council of Trent:

  • If anyone says that these seven sacraments are equal to each other, let him be anathema. 

  • If anyone says that the sacraments were instituted for nourishing faith alone, let him be anathema.
  •  If anyone says that all Christians can administer the word and the sacraments, let him be anathema.
  •  If anyone says that the approved rites of the Catholic Church, used in the administration of the sacraments, may be despised, omitted or changed, let him be anathema.

Daniel, 11 32. Those who break the covenant he will seduce by his blandishments, but the people who know their God will stand firm and take action.
Daniel, 11 - Bíblia Católica Online

ROME, June 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews)

In one European city, there is a good relationship between the Catholic archbishop and the Lutheran archbishop. The Catholic archbishop was scheduled to come to the Vatican on Sunday evening, and he called me to say that he would arrive on Monday morning. When he arrived, he told me: “Excuse me, but yesterday the Lutheran archbishop had to go to one of their meetings, and he asked me: ‘Please, come to my cathedral and lead the worship.’” Eh, there’s fraternity. Coming this far is a lot. And the Catholic bishop preached. He did not do the Eucharist, but he preached. This is fraternity.
He then explained that, as cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires, he too was in the habit of preaching in Protestant churches.
“I was invited to the Scottish church to preach a number of times,” he said. “I went there, I preached. You can do it. You can walk together. Unity, fraternity, extending a hand, looking after each other, not speaking ill of others.”
“We all have defects,” he added, “but if we walk together let’s leave our defects to the side. Let the spinsters criticize us.” 

Asked about communion for Lutherans, Francis says Yes, No, Maybe, and Don’t-Ask-Me! Francis on Shared “Communion” with Lutherans: “Life is Bigger than Explanations”!

November 15, 2015  
“I leave that Question to the Theologians and those who understand… Life is Bigger than Explanations”

The apostate Bergoglio said that he 'concelebrated' with the Marxist Gustavo Gutierrez 

Bergoglio – In Argentina, we worked together a lot with the pastors. In Buenos Aires, I got together with a group of pastors who were friends, and we prayed together. And that helped those of us who were more serious to work together. So, you see, the word ‘sect’ gets diluted

Anglican Communion News Service: "The Church universal needs Anglicans" - Pope Francis
With this heretical belief of Bergoglio about the Anglicans, he contradicts the profession of faith of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, for which Jorge Bergoglio is not in full communion with the true Catholic Church.

Several times in Argentina Bergoglio stopped celebrating the Christmas Mass to celebrate Christmas Eve with Talmudic Jews 

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  1. Bergoglio is not now and never has been a valid pope of the roman catholic church.
    Pope Benedict,s 'resignation" was never legally completed.


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