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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Viganò: Pope Francis seems to be in the grip of the “father of lies”

The Supreme Pontiff Is Blatantly Lying to the Whole World to Cover Up His Wicked Deeds – By Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

en.news It is immensely sad to read pope Francis’ answers about the McCarrick case, not to mention everything else. He first says that he has already replied many times; second, that he knew nothing, absolutely nothing about McCarrick, and third, that he forgot about my conversation with him. How may these claims be affirmed and sustained together at the same time? All these three are blatant lies.

First, for nine long months he did not say a word about my testimony, and even bragged and continues to do so about his silence, comparing himself to Jesus. So, either he spoke or he kept silent. Which is it?

Second, everybody knew about McCarrick’s life-long predatory behavior, from the youngest seminarian in Newark to the highest ranking prelates in the Vatican.

Third, I repeat in front of God what I stated in my testimony from last August: on June 23rd, 2013 pope Francis himself asked me about McCarrick, and I told him that there was a huge dossier about his abuses at the Congregation of Bishops, and that he corrupted generations of seminarians. How could anybody, especially a pope, forget this? If he really knew nothing until that day, how could he ignore my warning, and continue to rely on McCarrick as one of his closest advisers?

We are in a truly dark moment for the universal Church: the Supreme Pontiff is now blatantly lying to the whole world to cover up his wicked deeds! But the truth will eventually come out, about McCarrick and all the other cover-ups, as it already has in the case of cardinal Wuerl, who also “knew nothing” and had “a lapse of memory”.

I urge all the faithful to fervently pray and do penance for pope Francis who seems to be in the grip of the “father of lies”. May the Lord have mercy on us all!

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