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Friday, September 15, 2023

The Catholic feast of Our Lady of Sorrows contradicts the heretical opinions of the anti-Catholic apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio

 With the proper reading of the Marian feast that we celebrate today of the Liturgical Year of Dom Prospero Gueranger, Abbot of Solesmes, we can confirm once again that Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sivori is an apostate who does not profess the Catholic faith. This anti-Catholic arch-heretic disguised as a Pope is an anti-Christ, enemy of the Law of God and the worst enemy of Jesus Christ, of the Church and of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The feast of Our Lady of Sorrows originated in Cologne in the 15th century as a response to the Protestant Hussite heretics.

The formal feast of the Our Lady of Sorrows was originated by a provincial synod of Cologne in 1423. It was designated for the Friday after the third Sunday after Easter and had the title: Commemoratio angustiae et doloris B. Mariae V. Before the sixteenth century this feast was limited to the dioceses of North Germany, Scandinavia, and Scotland. By a Decree of 22 April 1727, Pope Benedict XIII extended it to the entire Latin Church.

The Church has always taught that the Virgin is Co-redemptrix.

Excerpt from the Liturgical Year:

O all ye that pass by the way, attend, and see if there be any sorrow like to my sorrow! Is this, then, the first cry of that sweet babe whose coming brought such pure joy to our earth? Is the standard of suffering to be so soon unfurled over the cradle of such lovely innocence? Yet the heart of mother Church has not deceived her; this feast, coming at such a time, is ever the answer to that question of the expectant human race: What shall this child be?

The Savior to come is not only the reason of Mary’s existence, he is also her exemplar in all things. It is as his Mother that the Blessed Virgin came, and therefore as the Mother of sorrows; for the God, whose future birth was the very cause of her own birth, is to be in this world a Man of sorrows and acquainted with infirmity. To whom shall I compare thee? sings the prophet of lamentationsO Virgin … great as the sea is thy destruction. On the mountain of the Sacrifice, as mother she gave her Son, as Bride she offered herself together with him; by her sufferings both as Bride and as Mother, she was the co-redemptress of the human race. This teaching and these recollections were deeply engraved on our hearts on that other feast of our Lady’s dolors which immediately preceded Holy Week.

Christ dieth now no more: and Our Lady’s sufferings are over. Nevertheless the Passion of Christ is continued in his elect, in his Church, against which hell vents the rage it cannot exercise against himself. To this Passion of Christ’s mystical Body of which she is also a Mother, Mary still contributes her compassion; how often have her venerated images attested the fact, by miraculously shedding tears! This explains the Church’s departure from liturgical custom by celebrating two feasts, in different seasons, under one title.


Oh, the greatness of our Judith among all creatures! “God,” says the pious and profound Father Faber, “vouchsafed to select the very things about him which are most incommunicable, and in a most mysteriously real way communicate them to her. See how he had already mixed her up with the eternal designs of creation, making her almost a partial cause and partial model of it. Our Lady’s cooperation in the redemption of the world gives us a fresh view of her magnificence. Neither the Immaculate Conception nor the Assumption will give us a higher idea of Mary’s exaltation than the title of co-redemptress. Her dolors were not necessary for the resurrection of the world, but in the counsels of God they were inseparable from it. They belong to the integrity of the divine plan. Are not Mary’s mysteries Jesus’ mysteries, and his mysteries hers? The truth appears to be that all the mysteries of Jesus and Mary were in God’s designs as one mystery. Jesus himself was Mary’s sorrow, seven times repeated, aggravated sevenfold. During the hours of the Passion, the offering of Jesus and the offering of Mary were tied in one. They kept pace together; they were made of the same materials; they were perfumed with kindred fragrance; they were lighted with the same fire; they were offered with kindred dispositions. The two things were one simultaneous oblation, interwoven each moment through the thickly crowded mysteries of that dread time unto the Eternal, out of two sinless Hearts, that were the Hearts of Son and Mother, for the sins of a guilty world which fell on them contrary to their merits, but according to their own free will.”

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrow for the Conversion of Sinners

Oh! afflicted Mother, dearest Mother, what made thee stand beneath the Cross? It was love for Jesus--it was also love for sinners. Like Jesus thou didst willingly offer thyself, amid the sorrows of Calvary, for poor sinners. Oh! then by the Blood of Jesus--by thy own tears--by His sufferings and thy sorrows, look down upon sinners and bring them to thy dying Son that He may triumph in their repentance and perseverance. Especially do thou lead to Jesus and to pardon our friends and relations.

Oh! remember, dear Mother, that word of Jesus, "I thirst." For what did He thirst but for the salvation of souls? Remember how He prayed for His executioners and how He absolved the dying thief. Remember too, sweet Mother, that it was amid the agonies of thy dying Son, and amid thy own unutterable grief, that Jesus spoke those wonderous words, "Mother, behold thy son." "Son, behold thy Mother." Oh! we then are thy children--thou art our Mother. Sinners are thy children--thou art their Mother. To thy loving heart we commend the poor sinner. Pray for us, most loving, most dear, and most sorrowful Virgin Mary. Amen

Monday, September 4, 2023

The apostate Bergoglio encourages false religions

 The apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sivori urges Buddhists, Muslims, and Shamans to promote their religions during event in Mongolia

Bergoglio promotes idolatry to himself and the rejection of the true God.

That is why the son of perdition is also known as the lawless man who does what he wants in contradiction to God.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The apostate Spardano in complicity with Bergoglio challenges Jesus Christ

 The apostate Spardano promotes the pseudo-religion of the Antichrist, the one that steals the worship due to God to give it to men.

Regarding the latest test of the Church, the catechism warns that the "religious" imposture of the Antichrist consists of a secularized pseudo-messianism where man is placed above God. Where men commit apostasy in exchange for apparent false solutions to their problems. A false religion where God's rights are taken away and man is worshiped, a false religion that gives to Caesar (the god of the world) the things that belong to God.

The Apostate Jesuit Spadaro insults Jesus gravely

Apostate Jesuit Knows It Better than Jesus

Gloria TV News

Christ’ word to the the Canaanite woman, that he is sent to the lost sheep of Israel (Mt 15), is “stymied and callous,” believes Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, 57.

The editor-in-chief of LaCiviltacattolica.com, a Francis’ ally, wrote on IlFattoQuotidiano.it (August 20) that "mercy is not for her" and that Christ’s conversation was marked by the cultural "rigidity" of the time.

Spadaro is convinced that Christ "responds mockingly and disrespectfully to the poor woman" and "appears as if he was blinded by nationalism and theological rigor."

The woman had "to ‘convert’ him to himself" and just as her daughter "Jesus, too, appears healed, and finally shows himself free, from the rigidity from the dominant theological, political and cultural elements of his time."

Spadaro's know-it-all attitude is not atypical for a semi-literate Vatican-II-Jesuit.

Carlo Maria Viganò: “Dopo le parole di Spadaro la misura è colma. Scegliere da che parte stare”.

Friday, August 25, 2023

Apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio alias “Pope Francis” “congratulates” homosexual activists

 Dear Catholic brothers, along with other brothers, we have been denouncing the apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio for 10 years, all the evidence is available to anyone who wants to see it. Now no one will have an excuse for Ignorance, which is why I have made the decision to take a break and leave the responsibility to each one of you. From time to time I will be posting news. But there is nothing more to say, just pray that God will soon remove this great test and great punishment from our Church.

Gloria TV News

Francis has congratulated "Acceptance in Australia", a [pseudo-]Catholic group of homosex activists celebrating its 50th anniversary, reports OutInPerth.com (August 15).

The congratulations came via APOSTATE Sister Jeannine Gramick who has been encouraging homosexuals to indulge in mortal sin since 1971.

Francis asked Gramick to convey to the homosex group his “happy greetings at this time of your anniversary”. Sarcastically, he said he prayed that the members of [mortal sin] Acceptance would “grow closer in love with our Lord Jesus Christ” each year.

Benjamin Oh, chairman of Rainbow Catholics Interagency Australia, said that Francis’ greetings were “a powerful affirmation of the resilience and contributions" of Homosex-"Catholics" in the society and Church.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

In Argentina, Bergoglio had already colluded with Pro-Gay/Pro- abortion Zaffaroni to defy God, and the Church


On August 18, Francis appointed wealthy Eugenio Zaffaroni, 83, as director of a newly created "Fray Bartolomé de las Casas" institute for the research and promotion of social rights [= immigration propaganda].

Zaffaroni is a former judge of the Argentine Supreme Court (2003-2015), aligned with Kirchnerism [salon socialism], the evil spirit behind the introduction of abortion in Argentina, a promoter of drug legalisation and homosex sham-marriages, and therefore a darling of the oligarchs.

An investigation by Perfil.com revealed that in 2011 six of Zaffaroni's apartments in Buenos Aires' upper class neighbourhood Recoleta were used for prostitution by the hour.

Among them was a 25-square-metre, three-room apartment bought by Zaffaroni in 2000. Two or three prostitutes provided sexual services in shifts, charging 120 pesos per hour.

In May 2013, Zaffaroni's lawyer, Ricardo Montivero, appeared before the court and declared that he was in charge of managing the prostitution flats and Zaffaroni declared himself a "victim" of "distortion of the lease."

The lawyer was fined 10,000 pesos for violating the Prophylaxis Law regulating prostitution.

Bergoglio's apostate record that shows that he had already betrayed the faith in Argentina is the evidence that disqualifies him as a legitimate Pope and by persisting in his old heresies and his same challenges against God and against the Church we can see that Bergoglio has neither shame nor signs of repentance.  He and his former accomplices are on the path of final impenitence, which is one of the sins of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

El papel de Zaffaroni y la red jurídica del Vaticano para influir en América

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Viganò: Cardinal Told Friends That 2013 Conclave Was Invalid


Gloria TV News:

There is an urgent need to put an end to the "coup d’état” of the 2013 conclave, Archbishop Viganò, 82, told CatholicFamilyNews (August 11).

Viganò who seems to regard Francis as an anti-pope, says that a cardinal told friends that during the 2013 conclave he witnessed facts that made Bergoglio's election "null and void".

But this cardinal does not want to say this in public, so as not to break the papal secret - "the secret that he has already broken by talking about it with those who cannot do anything about it", Viganò adds.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Assumption by Pope Pius XII


O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and Mother of Humanity,

we believe with all the fervor of our faith

in your triumphal Assumption

both in body and in soul into heaven

where you are acclaimed as Queen

by all the choirs of angels and all the legions of saints;

we unite with them to praise and bless the Lord who has exalted you above all other pure creatures

and to offer you the tribute of our devotion and our love.

We know that your gaze,

which on earth watched over

the humble and suffering humanity of Jesus,

in heaven is filled with the vision of that humanity glorified

and with the vision of uncreated Wisdom,

and that the joy of your soul

in the direct contemplation of the adorable Trinity

causes your heart to throb with overwhelming tenderness;

and we, poor sinners whose bodies weigh down the flight of the soul,

beg you to purify our hearts so that,

while we remain below,

we may learn to see God

and God alone in the beauties of his creatures.

We trust that your merciful eyes

may deign to gaze down upon our miseries and anguish,

upon our struggles and our weaknesses;

that your countenance may smile upon our joys and our victories;

that you may hear the voice of Jesus saying to you of each one of us,

as he once said to you of his Beloved Disciple:

“Behold your son,”

and we who call upon you as our Mother,

we, like John, take you as the guide, strength and consolation of our mortal life.

We are inspired by the certainty that your eyes,

which wept over the earth crimsoned by the blood of Jesus,

are yet turned toward this world racked by wars and persecutions,

the oppression of the just and the weak.

From the shadows of this vale of tears,

we seek in your heavenly assistance,

tender mercy,

comfort for our aching hearts,

and help in the trials of Church and country.

We believe finally that in the glory where you reign,

clothed with the sun and crowned with stars,

you are, after Jesus,

the joy and gladness of all the angels and the saints,

and from this earth,

over which we tread as pilgrims,

comforted by our faith in the future resurrection,

we look to you our life, our sweetness, our hope;

draw us onward with the sweetness of your voice,

so that one day, after our exile,

you may show us Jesus,

the blessed fruit of your womb.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.


Our Lady of the Assumption, pray for us!

Friday, August 11, 2023

Cardinal Burke points out that Bergoglio's 'populist rhetoric' undermines Catholic doctrine


VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — Cardinal Raymond Burke has issued a detailed critique of “populist rhetoric” often “attached to language used by Pope Francis,” which he said are “slogans of an ideology replacing what is irreplaceable for us: the constant doctrine and discipline of the Church.”

 Read at Life Site News

Monday, July 24, 2023

“Francis Is an Open Enemy of Catholicism”

"Disaster" is the only word for Francis’ pontificate, Christopher Ferrara told Gloria.tv at the Roman Forum in Gardone, Italy (video).

Ferrara is a famous New York lawyer who prevailed in court against Governor Cuomo's Covid closure of churches and synagogue (2020) and recently defended the pro-life hero, Father Fidelis.

In 2000 years of Church history, we have not seen anything like Francis, Ferrara observed, “It looks like the terminal stage of the post-conciliar crisis”.

He cannot imagine a Pope "more opposed to the fundamentals of our religion” than Francis, whom he calls "an open enemy of Catholicism” because, for example, he denies that the faith is a set of propositions to be believed because they are a prescription for human happiness in this world and the next.

Ferrara understands that Francis is trying to arrange affairs by appointing cardinals, “We're basically talking about ecclesiastical lunatics who will comprise the majority of the next conclave.”

Homosexualism is for Ferrara only Francis' opening wedge, as he has a wider agenda in mind, namely, the dissolution of the faith and of Catholicism as such, while "constantly belittling revealed truth.” 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

From the Pen of Saint Vincent de Paul


Saint Vincent de Paul: Evangelist of the Poor, won souls for Christ, fought heretics and promoted the true Catholic faith.

“He who allows himself to be ruled or guided by the lower and animal part of his nature, deserves to be called a beast rather than a man.

“Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.

It is absolutely necessary, both for our advancement and the salvation of others, to follow always and in all things the beautiful light of faith.

Perfection consists in renouncing ourselves, in carrying our cross, and in following Jesus Christ. Now, he who renounces himself most perfectly carries his cross the best and follows nearest to Jesus Christ is he who never does his own will, but always that of God.

Every time that some unexpected event befalls us, be it affliction, or be it spiritual or corporal consolation, we should endeavor to receive it with equanimity of spirit, since all comes from the hand of God.

“He who submits himself to God in all things is certain that whatever men say or do against him will always turn to his advantage.

“After knowing the will of God in regard to a work which we undertake, we should continue courageously, however difficult it may be. We should follow it to the end with as much constancy as the obstacles we encounter are great.

“We should never abandon, on account of the difficulties we encounter, an enterprise undertaken with due reflection.

“We should be cordial and affable with the poor, and with persons in humble circumstances. We should not treat them in a supercilious manner. Haughtiness makes them revolt. On the contrary, when we are affable with them, they become more docile and derive more benefit from the advice they receive.

“That which we suffer in the accomplishment of a good work, merits for us the necessary graces to insure its success.

“We ought to have a special devotion to those saints who excelled in humility, particularly to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who declares that the Lord regarded her on account of her humility.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Jim Caviezel asks where are the 85,000 missing children who crossed the US-Mexico border during the Joe Biden administration's open border mass entry of unaccompanied children


Bergoglio's accomplices silent in front of the worst heresiarch

 Deacon Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith:

Do you think St Athanasius would be a saint if he hadn't opposed the heretic Arius?

Do you think St. Thomas More would be a saint if he hadn't opposed the heresiarchs Luther & Henry VIII?

If St. Athanasius had kept quiet about Arius being a heretic he would be seen by history as appeasing & enabling heresy. The same goes for St. Thomas More.

If you are a clergyman or a leading lay person & you don't publicly oppose the Bergoglian heresy 

Not only will you not become a saint

you will be known as an appeaser and enabler of the worst heresiarch in history.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Christians warn new ‘Barbie’ movie contains pro-LGBT, feminist propaganda

LifeSiteNewsThe film features a gender-confused man portraying a female doctor and themes that belittle men.

Nolte: Woke Leftists Celebrate How ‘Gloriously Gay’ the ‘Barbie’ Movie Is

Warner Bros. Pictures

Bergoglio chose apostate blasphemous gay activist Cynthia Bailey Manns as a voter for his pseudo-synod

 Cynthia Bailey Manns works at a (apostate) church that is notorious for promoting radical heretical practices like homosexuality and transgenderism.

LifeSiteNews : Her appointment lends credence to the argument by Deacon Nick Donnelly that the Synod is a means to promote homosexuality to the Church.

“Bergoglio really isn’t hiding the fact that the goal of the Synod on Synodality is about defying God’s commands against sodomites,” he wrote

Homosexual author presents evidence that apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sivori alias Pope Francis uses synods to lead the Church to apostasy to accept homosexuality