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Friday, August 2, 2019

To obtain the Portiuncula indulgence, no faithful Catholic can join the evil intentions of Bergoglio because they contradict the intentions for the papacy established by the Church

When the faithful Catholics ask for the intentions of the Pope, we do not ask for any personal, selfish and mundane desires, much less for any anti-Catholic intentions but we ask for the intentions of the Pope that the Church has traditionally established.

The intentions of the Pope are: 
1. The exaltation of the Church 
2. The propagation of the faith. 
3. The extirpation of heresy 
4. The conversion of sinners 
5. Concord between Christian princes 
6. All other goods of the Christian people. 

Bergoglio has maliciously used his monthly intentions to boost the Muslim invasion and spreads heresy, the globalist leftist agenda, the anti-Christian ideals of the UN, apostasy, paganism and pantheism. So, no faithful Catholic can join the wicked Bergoglio's intentions that contradict the traditional Catholic intentions established for the papacy, for which it is necessary to pray to win the plenary indulgence.

August 1st & 2nd 

From noon of Aug 1 until midnight of Aug 2 the faithful can gain a plenary indulgence applicable to themselves or the souls in purgatory at the usual conditions: 1. Be in the state of grace. 2. Confession (8 days before or after). 3. Holy Communion. 4. Prayers for the intention of the Pope (usually Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory be.) 5. And by visiting a cathedral, parochial, quasi-parochial or Franciscan church and there praying at least one Our Father & one Creed. 

In addition it is necessary to have the intention of gaining the indulgence and to be detached from all affection to sin even venial, otherwise the indulgence is gained partially. 

The Portiuncula is a little town situated about three quarters of a mile from Assisi and is officially known as Santa Maria degli Angeli, which has grown around the basilica of Our Lady of the Angels and the adjoining Franciscan monastery. It was here that on February 24 1208, St Francis of Assisi recognized his vocation; here was for the most part his permanent abode, after the Benedictines had presented it to him with the little chapel Portiuncula (i.e. a little portion of land) erected at the time of Pope Liberius (352-66); here also he died on Saturday October 3 1226. 
The Portiuncula indulgence could at first be gained only in the Portiuncula between the afternoon of Aug. 1 and sunset on Aug. 2. It was gradually extended to all Franciscan churches and finally to the present discipline.

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