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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Angry Francis Slaps Woman (Video)

en.news Francis concluded the year 2019 with the usual Vespers and the Te Deum. Then, he left St Peter’s Basilica to visit the Nativity scene on St Peter’s Square.

Only few people were waiting for him. While greeting them, an Asian woman grabbed his hand. Francis violently slapped her hand several times until she let him go.

A Twitter comment pointed to the Francis' angry face, “His mask fell off. That’s the real face of Pope Francis!”

Shortly before the incident, Francis preached to his audience telling them "to take time for others" and "to dialogue" stressing that “to listen is an act of love.”

Romans 12:17 To no man rendering evil for evil. Providing good things, not only in the sight of God, but also in the sight of all men.

Because you have rejected knowledge,

    I reject you from being a priest to me”.

Prayer to Consecrate the New Year to Jesus

Welcoming the New Year


O Eternal Father, after having thanked thy infinite bounty for thy exceeding benefits in the past, we humbly implore pardon for our manifold sins and negligences, for the time we have consumed and wasted in vanities and in things that profit not unto salvation, and for the woeful want of correspondence with Thy graces which we have so habitually manifested.
But filled with confidence in Thy mercy, so lavishly displayed in a multitude of ways, we ask Thy blessings upon our good purposes and resolutions. For now we renew the sacred promises we made in Baptism, when we first became Thy children and heirs of the heavenly kingdom, and we renounce Satan with all his works and pomps.
Firmly convinced that the salvation of our immortal souls is the one great business of life, the purpose for which we have come into the world, we solemnly resolve for the future not only to do all in our power to avoid every grievous sin in thought, word, and deed but also to shun every unnecessary occasion that might imperil our souls. We further resolve to fulfill with greater exactness and fidelity the duties of our station in life, to give more attention to our progress in things spiritual, to be more devoted to holy Mass, to receive the Sacraments more frequently, and to pray more often and more fervently.
Bless, O my God, these good resolutions which we offer to Thee at this, the threshold of a new year. Give us Thy precious grace and make us truly wise. The days and years of our life are passing so swiftly away. Help us, in Thy mercy, to utilize them, as we ought to do, for Thy greater honor and glory, for the good of our neighbor, and for our sanctification. The night cometh in which no man can work longer; soon, at best, we shall have to appear before Thee to render an account of our stewardship. May we then be found worthy to receive from Thee that divine welcome: "Well done, good and faithful servants, enter into the joy of thy Lord."


O Sweet Savior of my Soul! From the depths of my heart I salute Thee at the beginning of this year. O my Infant Savior, I most confidently approach Thy crib and implore Thee to give efficacy by Thy Precious Blood to the resolutions I now make, of living from this moment in the manner I shall wish to have done when time shall be about to close forever on me.
May each action of the coming year be offered in union with the adorable actions of Thy mortal life; may every intention be renounced save that of laboring for Thy love and glory. O merciful Jesus! By the helplessness of Thy Holy Infancy, strengthen my weakness and fortify my resolution nevermore to offend Thee. Amen.

Bergoglio Slapping A Woman's Hand who pulled his hand to talk to him, he got angry and then continued his theater of false mercy

The character of an evil man can be seen in the way he reacts to an unexpected circumstance. The bad man drops his mask while the prudent man reacts with peace. Like when Jesus Christ was pushed when the woman touched her garments in the crowd, he simply asked who had touched him. He taught us that if someone slapped us, we would give the other cheek not to return it. Even when Jesus Christ was slapped he asked: why do you hit me?

Here we see how Bergoglio in all disobeys the Word of God This man is not spiritual but mundane.

Romans 12:17 To no man rendering evil for evil. Providing good things, not only in the sight of God, but also in the sight of all men.

Bergoglio continues to despise and ridicule the papacy established by Christ. Being a pope is not a title but an office of shepherding the flock of Christ; which consists in faithfully teaching the deposit of faith and confirming the brothers in the Catholic faith. 

St. Thomas Cajetan, O.P. (1469-1534) 
Theologian and Cardinal

He points out that the famous axiom "Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia" (Where the Pope is, there is also the Church) holds true only when the Pope acts and behaves as the Pope, because Peter "is subject to the duties of the Office" otherwise, "neither is the Church in him, nor is he in the Church."

Bergoglio is a heretic, apostate and enemy of the Church and enemy of Christ and has openly declared war on us Catholics.

Because you have rejected knowledge,

    I reject you from being a priest to me”.

Burke: Francis' Statements Are “Heretical”, “Push For Pachamama worshipping” And “Masonic One-World”

en.news For Cardinal Raymond Burke Francis' call for an “ecological conversion” is “a push for worshipping ‘Mother Earth.’”

Burke told TheWandererPress.com (December 26) that “our mother is not the earth” or “a pagan idol like Pachamama” but Our Lady.

The term “ecological conversion” is used to forward a one-world government, Burke explains. He calls this a "masonic idea" of "completely secularised people" who deny that God governs the world.

The most negative outcome of the Amazon Synod’s final document is for him the point about abolishing celibacy which cannot be presented as a measure limited to the Pan-Amazon region.

Burke calls this a “deceit” as the German Church will argue that what is good for the Amazon, is good for the universal Church.

For the cardinal, Francis’ Abu Dhabi declaration that God wills false religions, is “false” and “heretical”. The argument of God's permissive will cannot be used as “it is understood that what He permits is not His will and is, in effect, contrary to His will.”

The apostate priest Jim Sichko blasphemed the Holy Spirit by calling homosexual unions a type of "holy families"

Anathema sit! “Let him be anathema”
But even if we or an angel[a] from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed! 

Galatians 1:8

en.news Father Jim Sichko, a Lexington, Kentucky priest known for his “60 minutes for Jesus” and honoured by the U.S. Congress, reminded his Twitter audience “on the Feast of the Holy Family” (December 29) that there are allegedly “all types of holy families out there.”

He lists them: “heterosexual and homosexual, married and unmarried, dual parent and single parent, legally sanctioned as well as unlicensed.”

Twitter’s "the chapel walls" replied, “On the Feast of the Holy Family let’s instead celebreate the Holy Family. And leave the blasephmy off.”

Twitter’s Celia asked the question, “Do we have here a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” Twitter's "Allison Dooley" replies, “Yes!”.

This gay activist speaks freely without being excommunicated, because the person who oversees him is another gay activist. The diocese of Lexington, Kentucky is under the control of apostate John Stowe

Father Paul Kramer said:“The antipope and his apostate collaborators will be as sister Lucy said, supporters of the devil, those who work for evil without being afraid of anything.”

Monday, December 30, 2019

Apostate priest Jim Sichko Gets Backlash for Blaspheming Holy Family


Headlines  with Christine Niles.

The priest is in the diocese of Apostate Gay activist John Stowe, Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky.

Francis' Pachamama Christmas Concert Cooperated with Soros' Golden Boy

Francis' Pachamama Christmas concert was a fundraising event for the Don Bosco Missions and for Francis' Scholas Occurrentes which promotes gender-ideology.

Clips advertising social projects of Scholas Occurentes (below) were shown during the concert, including a recent tree-planting scene with Francis.

An Argentinean cooperator of Scholas Occurentes is the IRSA Foundation which promotes “inclusive” education.IRSA is Argentina's largest business empire, run by Eduardo Sergio Elsztain, 59, a follower of the Jewish Lubavitcher Rebbe, Argentina's largest real-estate developer, and owner of most of Argentina's shopping malls.

George Soros became a leading investor into Elsztain's IRSA in the 1990s. Elsztain was called “Soros’ Golden Boy” and Francis called the billionaire “a friend” when he visited Rom in 2014. VIDEO


Francis Praises Soros-Funded Organization; Encourages “Resistance”

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Act of Consecration to the Holy Family

To be recited by Christian families who consecrate themselves to the Holy Family

O Jesus, our most loving Redeemer, who having come to enlighten the world with Thy teaching and example, didst will to pass the greater part of Thy life in humility and subjection to Mary and Joseph in the poor home of Nazareth, thus sanctifying the Family that was to be an example for all Christian families, graciously receive our family as it dedicates and consecrates itself to Thee this day. Do Thou protect us, guard us and establish amongst us Thy holy fear, true peace and concord in Christian love: in order that by living according to the divine pattern of Thy family we may be able, all of us without exception, to attain to eternal happiness.
Mary, dear Mother of Jesus and Mother of us, by the kindly intercession make this our humble offering acceptable in the sight of Jesus, and obtain for us His graces and blessings.
O Saint Joseph, most holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary, help us by thy prayers in all our spiritual and temporal needs; that so we may be enabled to praise our divine Savior Jesus, together with Mary and thee, for all eternity. Amen

❅✧✲ *✲ ★* ❆❇

Morning Offering

O My most beloved Jesus, united with Your Holy Family, I dedicate and consecrate my entire self to You today, my every thought, word and action, all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings. I place my humble offering into the loving handsof my sweet Mother Mary and holy St. Joseph that they may take my offering and make it holy and pleasing to you, my Divine King. Please accept my gift from the hands of Your holy parents, which I offer to you for all families throughout the world, for the restoration and preservation of the sanctity of marriage and the family, in reparation and for an end to the sins committed against the family by which you are so greatly offended. Through the intercession of Mary and Joseph help me to live this day in a way most holy and pleasing to You, my Divine King. Amen.

❅✧✲ *✲ ★* ❆❇
Prayer in Honor of the Holy Family
Lord Jesus Christ,
who, being made subject to Mary and Joseph,
didst consecrate domestic life
by Thine ineffable virtues;
grant that we,
with the assistance of both,
may be taught by the example
of Thy Holy Family
and may attain to its everlasting fellowship.
Who livest and reignest forever. Amen.

❅✧✲ *✲ ★* ❆❇

A Prayer for the Family

Jesus, our most loving redeemer,
You came to enlighten the world
with your teaching and example.
You willed to spend the greater part of Your life
in humble obedience to Mary and Joseph
in the poor home of Nazareth.
In this way, You sanctified that family,
which was to be an example for all Christian families.
Graciously accept our family,
which we dedicate and consecrate to You this day.
Be pleased to protect, guard, and keep it
in holy fear, in peace,
and in the harmony of Christian charity.
By conforming ourselves to the Divine model
of Your family,
may we attain to eternal happiness.
New St. Joseph People's Prayer Book

❅✧✲ *✲ ★* ❆❇

Praying for a home
O God,
by your heavenly star,
you guided those who were wise
to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
May your blessing come to rest on our home and all of us.
Make our lives wise with your wisdom,
true to your teaching,
and enlivened by your love.
May your Word made flesh
make his home among us. Amen.

Bergoglio maliciously causes scandal to pervert young people and destroy their Faith

Matthew 18:6-7
6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin,[to stumble] it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
7 “Woe to the world for temptations to sin![stumbling blocks] For it is necessary that temptations come, but woe to the man by whom the temptation comes!

Bergoglio maliciously mocks the Priesthood and the papacy instituted by Christ.

St. Francis of Assisi Prophecy:

“A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer”

Francis Audience: Picking Nose, Boy Ballet, Moslem Kisses Ring (Video)

en.news Francis assisted at a strange ballet performance (video below) of a young boy in the Vatican’s Audience Hall during a November 30 meeting with the “First ever I can. Children’s global summit.”

The event was sponsored by FIDAE, the official federation of Catholic schools in Italy which is promoting the “Design for Change” pedagogy developed by Kiran Bir Sethi in India.

The meeting experienced a little drawback in the beginning when Francis forgot where he was and started picking his nose while talking to Cardinal Versaldi.

At the end, Francis hobbled toward the crowd and was greeted with cold and distant handshakes, except for a Moslem woman who kissed his ring and one little South-American sister who later emulated her. VIDEO

"I would never allow Pope Francis to teach religion to my children". John Vennari

Daniel 11:21 In his place shall arise a contemptible person to whom royal majesty has not been given; he shall come in without warning and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Bergoglio´s pectoral cross is masonic and esoteric

Francis' Pachamama Concert: What Do the Crossed Arms Mean?

en.news The Gloria.tv report about the Pachamama catechesis during the Vatican's Christmas concert - with bishops crossing their arms over their chests in order to "feel" the "heart of Mother Earth" - provoked an international outcry.

The pictures of the cross-armed bishops reminded some observers of similar gestures during Masonic rituals (picture below).

The shepherd pictured on Cardinal Bergoglio's golden and Francis silver pectoral cross also makes this gesture.

In 1947, Pope Pius XII condemned the crucifixes that show the Risen Christ (called "Resurrexifixes"), crosses that do not show the sufferings of Christ.

On the pectoral cross of the pope Francis, Jesus is not crucified…
When you eliminate the crucifixion, there is no more redemption.

alda luisa corsini The Good Shepherd never has his arms crossed in early Christian art because his hands are used to squeeze the sheep's legs. This is the only image I know where the hands are somewhat close together but not crossed:

A Shepherd 

TIA: The fact that ---Francis did not choose a new cross, but kept the one he had as Archbishop, seems to reveal that he does not consider the dignity of a Pope to be essentially higher than that of a Bishop. This also is confirmed by his insistence on being called Bishop of Rome, instead of Pope.

"Bergoglio just wants to do politics, the Gospel does not matter at all" : Professor Marcello Pera

Marcello Pera accuses Bergoglio of betraying doctrine, Tradition
by Jules Gomes • ChurchMilitant.com • December 28, 2019  
ROME (ChurchMilitant.com) - Italy's leading philosopher and close friend of Pope Benedict XVI is lambasting Pope Francis for "openly going against tradition, doctrine and introducing inexplicable innovations, behaviors and gestures."
Professor Marcello Pera, an atheist and a vocal opponent of postmodernism and cultural relativism, called the Francis pontificate "a scandal in the biblical sense," as "it confuses and makes the faithful fall, it does not bear fruit, and on the contrary, it diminishes them." 
As for the foundations of Catholicism, this pontificate is an outrage to reason.Tweet
Vocations and Mass attendance have dropped, fundraising is at an all-time low and audiences at the Angelus in St. Peter's Square have thinned considerably under Pope Francis, as seen in images of papal events, according to the former president of the Italian Senate in comments to La Fede Quotidiana last Thursday.   
"As for the foundations of the Catholic faith, this pontificate is an outrage to reason," the former professor of philosophy at the University of Pisa lamented. "But no one, faithful or bishops, says anything, no one has the courage to protest, yet many are doubting [the achievements of this papacy]."
"Let's say clearly that what is happening is very serious. By now a large part of Catholics are resigned, have no awareness and are without enthusiasm, they do not react with the determination that would be necessary," Pera remarked, speaking in Italian.
Addressing the crisis facing Western culture and the precarious future of Europe, the influential intellectual pointed out how Catholic leaders and media are "either silent or have spoken mildly" while Catholicism is being attacked, but would have "ardently defended Muslims and Jews."
"This is not tolerance, but surrender," he said, "to lower one's trousers before secularism and relativism."
"Catholicism has long since degraded; it is losing its cultural and religious battle," he continued. "Catholic authorities are afraid and are a sad sight. The faithful mirror of this situation is at the top."
Senator Pera, who admits to being "an admirer of the writings of Pope Benedict XVI," co-authored the book Without Roots: Europe, Relativism, Christianity, Islam in 2004 with then-Cdl. Joseph Ratzinger.   

Marcello Pera meeting Pope Benedict XVI

Calling the former pontiff "a profound theologian and an original thinker," he predicted the Islamization of Europe, if it "went ahead with its relativist culture, with the rejection of its tradition, with its low birth rates, and with indiscriminate immigration."
"Maybe we have already been dealt a blow to the heart and don't notice it. What Pope Ratzinger says in Without Roots comes to mind: The impression today is that Europe resembles the Roman Empire at its fall," he emphasized.
"The problem is that the Church is reduced to a kind of NGO, takes more care of the social, has transformed Greta  [Thunberg] into an idol, runs after solidarity, political and social visions to do-goodism, but pastors often forget the salvation of souls, which is their main task," the atheist complained.
A close friend of the Pope Emeritus, Pera said he hadn't spoken to Benedict for some time but could "speculate that he is sorry and alarmed." However, Benedict did not want to and was unable to intervene, as "he has chosen silence and correctly maintains his commitment."
In contrast, Pope Francis seems to have no problem with the crisis engulfing Europe: "He is someone who wants to please, he likes people who like him, he follows the politically correct," said Pera.

He has turned Catholicism into "a Church so outgoing that it can no longer be found anywhere," he added.
He is someone who wants to please, he likes people who like him, he follows the politically correct.Tweet
The philosopher, who has repeatedly warned against the advance of Islam in the West, reiterated his belief that "Islam is not a creed of peace and mercy, as they want us to believe, but calls for oppression."
"With this belief, dialogue is problematic, without first clarifying the fundamental concepts of mutual respect and obedience to the laws of the state and western values," he explained.
In a 2017 interview with Il Mattino, Pera robustly criticized Francis' open-borders policy: 
Frankly, I do not get this pope, whatever he says is beyond any rational understanding. I ask myself: Why does he say it? What is the true end of his words? Why does he lack a minimum of realism, that very little that is requested of anyone? The answer I can give myself is only one: The Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it, and he does all he can to reach this end. And he aspires to destroy the Christian tradition, Christianity as it has realized itself historically.
He concluded, "Bergoglio just wants to do politics, the gospel does not matter at all."

The Holy See Press Office has not responded to the interview.