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Monday, July 24, 2017

Bergoglio promotes a gay NGO of Transvestites activists that operates in a Catholic monastery in Neuquén-Argentina, that promote gender ideology.

"Pope Francis encourages me and I write to him via email" Sister Mónica Astorga Cremona
Francis sent an email to sister Mónica Astorga, a Carmelite of Centenario, Argentina, after he learned that the sisters are building a house for "trans women", to wit, homosexual prostitutes and drug-addicts who dress like women. Francis wrote to the sister, "You and your convent are close to my heart, as well as the people with whom you are working. You can tell them this."

According to lmneuquen.com Francis wrote to Sister Mónica before claiming about transsexuals that "they [Spanish: ellas, feminine] are the lepers of today."

Bergoglio has been supporting the gay activist nun since 2009.

News from Argentina 
The cloistered nun and trans activists have been working together for ten years.
Twenty years ago, they formed an association; Ten years ago, a cloistered nun knew their work and resolved to support them in the day to day. The NGO operates in a bishopric space. They plan a micro-enterprise with the support of the provincial state.

The new Gay NGO "Vidas escondidas" operates in a Catholic monastery in Neuquén-Argentina with the help of Caritas and the Argentina local Catholic church gave the gay NGO  land to build houses for elderly gay and also what the heretical marxist nun wants now is to build a new smaller version of Sodom and Gomorra means 15 houses for gay transvestites who have not repentanted for their transvestism  or of the vice of sodomy. 

He born in Rawson and calls himself Romina was  the first transvestite to have  contact with the nun allegedly to stop living in the streets.   He has finished all the courses and is now is a hairdresser. In addition to still being a transvestite the same nun told Radio Maria that he has NOT left prostitution. The nun also treats all the transvestites as women.

Radio Maria says that Monsignor Marcelo Angiolo Melani gave them a house which he inaugurated.

Bergoglio visited Neuquén in 2009. Bergoglio  with Marcelo Angiolo Melani

In 2016 the transvestites activists  presented a project to recognize the gay activism of the nun Monica Astorga:

Since 2005, the sister Mónica Astorga Cremona has been working to contain, promote the rights and equal opportunities of transsexual people.

Read More: Here , Here and Here  (Spanish)


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Under Bergoglio Vatican Allowed Sister to Minister At Marriage

On Saturday, Canadian Sister Pierrette Thiffault ministered at a Catholic marriage in Lorrainville, Témiscamingue, reports radio-canada.ca.

Sister Pierrette has been performing baptisms in the diocese of Rouyn-Noranda since 1984. After a request she received on May 23 permission from the Congregation for Divine Worship to preside at marriages. en.news

Apostate Pierrette Thiffault: “It is a great service to the Church, but to me too. It is an opening for women in our milieu, but also in the diocese.” Pierrette Thiffault was given the nickname ‘pastor’ by her bishop, Dorylas Moreau .

The apostate Bishop Dorylas Moreau concelebrated with Bergoglio on May 9 2017 at Casa Santa Marta -22 April to 15 May- Vol. 17, nº 10, juin 2017

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