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Monday, August 8, 2022

Bergoglio, groveling before sodomy and paganism applies his Vengeful Rigidity against faithful Catholics

  Bergoglio suffers from an obsessive ideological fixation on rigidity.

Bergoglio's Vicious Rigidity

 There is a virtuous rigidity and a vicious rigidity.

Virtuous rigidity: It is behaving like men, not like amoebas.

Romans 1:25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator—

The main characteristic of the amoeba is that, since it does not have a cell wall, its shape varies.

The Buenos Aires historian Antonio Caponnetto, 70, wrote on NcSanJuanBautistas.com.ar (August 1) a Praise of Rigidity. Highlights.

(This news refers to Dr. Caponnetto's comment on a reply letter from Bergoglio to a courageous Argentine priest where he politely wrote to Bergoglio lamenting the unjust and tyrannical closure of the flourishing Catholic seminary of San Rafael in Argentina.)

• Francis suffers from an obsessive ideological fixation on rigidity.

• He cries out against “rigidity” but is the cruel head of a structure of stiffening, punishing and harshness against those he considers his contradictors.

• Francis’ rigidity is the self-righteous rigidity of the traitor of Christ and is directed against Catholics whom he never misses an opportunity to demean.

• The dictionary tells us that rigidity is the capacity of a body to resist bending under the action of external forces acting on its surface. Accordingly , therefore there is a holy rigidity practised by the saints and martyrs who didn’t bend before lies and confusion.

• There is a virtuous rigidity and a vicious rigidity.

• “A slap in the face can be the fruit of charity and a caress an invitation to sin" (Saint Augustine). Francis’ flexibility, appeasement, tenderness, syncretism, are such caresses.

• Asking Francis for a paternal, pontifical, pastoral, or charitable attitude, is like sending Christmas greetings to Herod, wishing happy Easter to Judas, or asking Caiaphas to prostrate himself before Calvary.

• Francis can give Catholics only the rigidity of the Synagogue, the inflexibility of Masonic sentences, and the vengeance of the Sanhedrin.

• Christ used the gall hand of his rigour and the sugar hand of his mercy to teach us to behave like men, not like amoebas.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Bergoglio accompanies unrepentant sinners to enter through the widest gate of the hell of sexual impurity


The apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio in open rebellion against the divine Natural Law defies God and the Church.


By Saint Alphonsus Liguori 

We have now, lastly, to speak of the fourth gate of hell, which is impurity, and it is by this gate that the greater number of the damned enter. Some will say that it is a trifling sin. Is it a trifling sin? It is a mortal sin. St. Antoninus writes, that such is the nauseousness of this sin; that the devils themselves cannot endure it. Moreover, the Doctors of the Church say that certain demons, who have been superior to the rest, remembering their ancient dignity, disdain tempting to so loathsome a sin. Consider then how disgusting he must be to God, who, like a dog, is ever returning to his vomit, or wallowing like a pig in the stinking mire of this accursed vice. The dog is returned to his vomit; and the sow that was washed, to her rolling in the mire (2 Peter, ii. 22).

The impure say, moreover, God has compassion on us who are subject to this vice, because he knows that we are flesh. What do you say? God has compassion on this vice. But you must know that the most horrible chastisements with which God has ever visited the eartlh have been drawn down by this vice. St. Jerome says that this is the only sin of which we read that it caused God to repent him of having made man. It repented Him that had made man; . . . for all flesh had corrupted its way (Gen. vi. 6-12). Wherefore it is, St. Jerome says, that there is no sin which God punishes so rigorously, even upon earth, as this. He once sent fire from heaven upon five cities, and consumed all their inhabitants for this sin. Principally on account of this sin did God destroy mankind, with the exception of eight persons, by the deluge. It is a sin which God punishes, not only in the other life, but in this also. In confirmation of this, you have only to enter the hospitals, and see there the many poor young men, who were once strong and robust, but are now weak, squalid, full of pains, tormented with lancets and caustic, and ulcers, all through this accursed vice. Because thou hast forgotten Me and cast Me off behind My back, bear thou also thy wickedness and thy fornications? Because, says God, you have forgotten me and turned your back upon me, for a miserable pleasure of the flesh, I am resolved that even in this life you shall pay the forfeit of your wickedness.

You say, God has compassion upon men subject to this sin. But it is this sin that sends most men to hell. St Remigius says, that the greater number of the damned are in hell through this vice. Father Segneri writes, that as this vice fills the world with sinners, so it fills hell with damned souls; and before him St. Bernardine of Sienna wrote: "This sin draws the whole world, as it were, into sin." And before him St. Bernard, St. Isidore, said, that "the human race is brought under the power of the devil more by lust than by all the other vices." The reason is, because this vice proceeds from the natural inclination of the flesh. Hence the angelic Doctor says, that the devil does not take such complacency in securing the commission of any other sin as of this, because the person who is plunged in this infernal mire remains fast therein, and almost wholly unable to free himself more. "No one is so obstinate in sin as the impure," says St. Thomas of Villanova. Moreover, this vice deprives one of all light, for the impure man becomes so blind as almost wholly to forget God, says St. Laurence Justinian; which is in accordance with what is said by the prophet Osee: They will not set their thoughts to return to their God; for the spirit of fornication is in the midst of them, and they have not known God? The impure man knows not God; he obeys neither God nor reason, as St. Jerome says; he obeys ony the sensual appetite which causes him to act the beast."

This sin, because it flatters, makes us fall at once into the habit of it, a habit which some carry with them even to death. You see husbands, and decrepit old men, in dulge in the same thoughts and committing the same sins that they committed in their youth. And because sins of this kind are so easily committed, they become multiplied without number. Ask of the sinner how many impure thoughts he has consented to: he will tell you he cannot remember. But, brother, if you cannot tell the number, God can; and you know that a single immodest thought is enough to send you to hell. How many immodest words have you spoken, in which you took delight yourself, and by which you scandalized your neighbor? From thoughts and words you proceed to acts, and to those innumerable impurities which those wretches roll and wallow in like swine, without ever being satisfied, for this vice is never satisfied. But, Father, you will say, how can I hold out against the innumerable temptations which assail me ? I am weak, I am flesh. And since you are weak, why not recommend yourself to God, and to most holy Mary, who is the mother of purity? Since you are flesh, why do you throw yourself in the way of sin? Why do you not mortify your eyes? Why do you gaze upon those objects whence temptations flow? St. Aloysius never raised his eyes to look even upon his mother.

It is to be remarked, moreover, that this sin brings with it innumerable others: enmities, thefts, and, more especially, sacrilegious confessions and Communions, by reason of the shame which will not allow these impurities to be disclosed in confession. And let us remark here in passing, that it is sacrilege above all things, that brings upon us sickness and death; for, says the Apostle, He that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord; and then he adds: therefore are many infirm and weak among you. And St. John Chrysostom, in explanation of that passage, says that St. Paul speaks of persons who were chastised with bodily infirmities, because they received the sacrament with a guilty conscience.

My brethren, should you ever have been sunk in this vice, I do not bid you be disheartened, but arise at once from this foul and infernal pit; beg of God forthwith to give you light, and stretch out His hand to you. The first thing that you have to do is to break with the occasion of sin: without that, preaching and tears and resolutions and confessions, all are lost. Remove the occasions, and then constantly recommend yourself to God, and to Mary the mother of purity. No matter how grievously you may be tempted, do not be discouraged by the temptation; at once call to your aid Jesus and Mary, pronouncing their sacred names. These blessed names have the virtue of making the devil fly, and stifling that hellish flame within you. If the devil persist in tempting you, persevere in calling upon Jesus and Mary, and certainly you shall not fall. In order to rid yourself of your evil habits, undertake some special devotion to our Lady; begin to fast in her honor upon Saturdays; contrive to visit her image every day, and beg of her to obtain for you deliverance from that vice. Every morning immediately after rising, never omit saying three " Hail Marys" in honor of her purity and do the same when going to bed; and above all things, as I have said, when the temptation is most troublesome, call quickly upon Jesus and Mary. Be ware, brother, if you do not be converted now, you may never be converted.

Act of Contrition: O my God, I am heartly sorry for having offended Thee; and I detest all of my sins, because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of Thy grace to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Viganò on Bergoglio’s anti-Catholic trip to Canada

 Viganò rebukes Bergoglio's participation in a satanic ritual in Canada

Not that anyone has ever thought that Jorge Mario can in any way be Catholic: every expression, every gesture, every movement he makes betrays such impatience for what even remotely recalls Our Lord that by now his attestations of irreligiosity and sacrilegious impiety are superfluous. Seeing him impassively watch the satanic rites of evocation of the dead performed by a shaman unbelievably worsens the scandal of having rendered idolatrous worship to the infernal pachamama in the Vatican Basilica, thereby desecrating it directly above the burial place of the Prince of the Apostles.

On July 27, 2022, apostate Bergoglio and his accomplices participated 
in a Satanic Ritual in Canada led by shaman Raymond Gros-Louis.

"He who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander."

"The flatterer is a minister of the devil, doctor of pride, destroyer of repentance, annihilator of virtues, master of error." (Saint John Climacus)



Bergoglio bowing to paganism

Redde rationem villicationis tuæ,

jam enim non poteris villicare

give an account of thy stewardship,

for now thou canst be steward no longer



«My wife,

when asked who converted her to Catholicism,

always answers, “the devil”».


G.K. Chesterton


It is not by chance that Satan is called a διάβολος, with the double meaning of liar and accuser. Satan lies because he hates the Truth, that is, God in His Essence. He lies because if he were to tell the truth he would reveal his own deceptions. He lies because only by lying can he also be the accuser of our brothers, “he who day and night accuses them before our God” (Ap 12:10). And just as the Most Blessed Virgin, the tabernacle of the Incarnate Word, is advocata nostra, so Satan is our accuser and the one who inspires false testimony against the just.


The Revolution – which is the overturning of the divine kosmos in order to establish infernal chaos – having no arguments to discredit the Church of Christ and the Christian society that has been inspired and guided by her down the centuries, resorts to slander and the manipulation of reality. Cancel Culture is nothing other than the attempt to put the Civitas Dei on trial in order to condemn her without proof, imposing the civitas diaboli as its counterpart of alleged liberty, equality, and fraternity. In order to do this, as is evident, it prevents the masses from having a knowledge of the truth, because its deception is based on ignorance and bad faith


This premise is necessary in order to understand the gravity of the behavior of the one who usurps the vicarious power deriving from the supreme authority of the Church to slander and accuse her before the world, in a grotesque parody of Christ’s trial before the Sanhedrin and Pilate. On that occasion also the civil authority listened to the false accusations made against Our Lord, and although recognizing His innocence, had Him scourged and crowned with thorns in order to please the people who were stirred up by the High Priests and the scribes, and then sent Him to death, crucifying Him with the most humiliating of tortures. The members of the Sanhedrin thus abused their spiritual authority, as the Prefect of Judea abused his civil authority.


The same farce has been repeated throughout history thousands and thousands of times, because hiding behind every lie, behind every unfounded accusation against Christ and against His Mystical Body which is the Church, is the devil, the liar, the accuser. And it is evident, beyond any reasonable doubt, that this Satanic action is inspiring the events reported in the press in the last few days, from the perfidious mea culpa of Bergoglio for the alleged sins of the Catholic Church committed in Canada against the indigenous peoples, to his participation in pagan rites and infernal ceremonies of evocation of the dead.


Regarding the “faults” of the Jesuit missionaries, I think Corrispondenza Romana (here) has answered exhaustively, enumerating the brutality to which the Martyrs of Canada were subjected at the hands of the Iroquois Indians. The same applies to the alleged accusations relating to the Indian residential schools that the State had entrusted to the Catholic Church and the Anglicans in order to civilize the indigenous people and favor the assimilation of the Christian culture of the country. We thus discover that “the Oblates [of Mary Immaculate] were the only defenders of the traditional language and way of life of the Indians of Canada, unlike the government and the Anglican Church, which insisted on an integration that uprooted the indigenous people from their origins.” We also learn that the alleged “cultural genocide” of the indigenous people that the Commission de vérité et réconciliation had to deal with in 2008 was then transformed, without any basis of truth or probability, into “physical genocide,” thanks to an absolutely false media campaign that was supported by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a pupil of Klaus Schwab and a notorious proponent of globalism and the Davos Agenda.


But if the truth has also been officially recognized by experts and non-partisan historians, nevertheless the cult of lies has continued its inexorable process, culminating in the official apologies of the head of the Church, demanded by Trudeau and immediately made his own by Bergoglio, who could not wait to humiliate once again the institution he unworthily represents. In their eagerness to indulge the official narrative and please their masters, Trudeau and Bergoglio consider as a negligible detail the total non-existence of evidence about the phantom mass graves in which hundreds of children were supposedly secretly buried. This ought to be enough to demonstrate their bad faith and the pretentiousness of their accusations and mea culpa; also because the press regime demands the heads of the enemies of the people with summary trials, but is careful not to rehabilitate the innocent people who are falsely accused.


The purpose of this filthy media operation is all too obvious: to discredit the past of the Catholic Church as being guilty of the worst atrocities, in order to legitimize her present persecution, both by the State and by the Hierarchy itself. Because that Church, the “intolerant”, “rigid” Catholic Church, which preached the Gospel to all peoples and which allowed its missionaries to be martyred by tribes immersed in the barbarity of paganism must no longer be allowed to exist, must not “proselytize” – “a solemn nonsense”, “a very serious sin against ecumenism” – and she must not claim to have any Truth to teach the nations for the salvation of souls. And Bergoglio wants us to know that he has nothing to do with that Church, just as he detests the doctrine, morality and liturgy of that Church, to the point of mercilessly persecuting the many faithful who have not yet resigned themselves to following him towards the abyss of apostasy and who would like to honor God with the Apostolic Mass.


Not that anyone has ever thought that Jorge Mario can in any way be Catholic: every expression, every gesture, every movement he makes betrays such impatience for what even remotely recalls Our Lord that by now his attestations of irreligiosity and sacrilegious impiety are superfluous. Seeing him impassively watch the satanic rites of evocation of the dead performed by a shaman unbelievably worsens the scandal of having rendered idolatrous worship to the infernal pachamama in the Vatican Basilica, thereby desecrating it directly above the burial place of the Prince of the Apostles.


Asking forgiveness for the non-existent “sins of the missionaries” is a despicable and sacrilegious act of submission to the New World Order that finds perfect correspondence in the complicit silences and scandalous protections for which Bergoglio is responsible towards the true abuse victims of his protégés. We may hear him ask for forgiveness in China, in Africa, and among the icebergs of Antarctica, but we will never hear him pronounce a mea culpa for abuses and crimes committed in Argentina, for the horrors of the lavender mafia of McCarrick and his accomplices, and those he promoted as his collaborators. We will never hear him make credible apologies for having lent himself to be the celebrity endorser of the vaccine campaign, a vaccine which today we know is the cause of a terrifying number of sudden deaths and adverse effects. He will never beat his breast for these sins; indeed he is proud of them and knows that a gesture of sincere repentance would not be appreciated by his principal supporters, who are no less guilty than him.


So here we are, standing before the liar, the accuser. Here we are before the ruthless persecutor of the good clergy and faithful both of yesterday and today, the zealous ally of the enemies of Christ and of the Church. The fierce opponent of the Catholic Mass who is an ecumenical participant in satanic rites and pagan ceremonies. A man divided in soul by his dual role as head of the sect that occupies the Vatican and as inquisitor of the Catholic Church. At his side, in this squalid performance, is his altar boy Trudeau, who propagates gender doctrine and LGBTQ ideology in the name of inclusiveness and freedom, but who did not hesitate for a moment to repress in blood the just and legitimate revolts of the Canadian people, which was deprived of its fundamental rights with the excuse of the pandemic emergency.


They make a nice couple, without a doubt! Both have been sponsored in their careers by the anti-Christian globalist elite. Both have been placed at the head of an institution with the task of demolishing it and dispersing its members. Both are betrayers of their role, of justice, and of truth.


These summary trials may perhaps be appreciated by contemporaries in bad faith or in ignorance, but they do not withstand the judgment of history, much less the unappealable judgment of God.


The day will come when he will be called to render an account of his administration: “Redde rationem villicationis tuæ: jam enim non poteris villicare – Give an account of thy stewardship, for now thou canst be steward no longer” (Lk 16:2), says the master in the parable of yesterday’s Gospel. Until that moment, as baptized and living members of the Mystical Body, let us pray and do penance, in order to remove from us the punishments that these scandals call down upon the Church and the world. Let us invoke the intercession of the Martyrs of Canada, who have been outraged by the accuser who is seated on the Throne of Peter, so that they may obtain from the Throne of God the liberation of the Church from the present scourge.


+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop



1 August 202

Petri ad Vincula

Ss. Martyrum Machabæorum