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Thursday, July 18, 2024

3 reasons to stop begging the anti-Catholic Jorge Bergoglio for the Church's official Traditional Mass

 "The devil has always attempted, by means of the heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the Anti-Christ, who, before anything else, will try to abolish and will actually abolish the Holy Sacrament of the altar, as a punishment for the sins of men, according to the prediction of Daniel,' And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice' (Daniel 8:12)." St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church. (1696-1787)

The Latin Mass, which is the official Mass of the Church, is a RIGHT that we Catholics have; as decreed by the Dogmatic Council of Trent, which no abusive heretic despot like Bergoglio can take away from us.

“Liturgy is not a toy of popes; it is the heritage of the Church” 

  “Destroy the Mass and you destroy the Church. Heresiarch Martin Luther

Bergoglio's heavy-metal priest 

Quo Primum of Pope Saint Pius V not only declared that the Mass must be kept permanently unchanged, but he prohibited the introduction of new liturgies of the Mass. Granting to all priests of the Latin Rite the right to celebrate the Roman Mass in perpetuity.

Bergoglio's diabolical hatred for the Latin mass is ideologically Marxist and has its roots in Argentina

Those who beg Bergoglio seem not to know Bergoglio's anti-Catholic past in Argentina where he hated the Latin Mass and disobeyed the Summorum Pontificum of Pope Benedict XVI and persecuted all the priests and faithful who implemented it in his diocese.

The Horror!

A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio

How Bergoglio in Argentina disobeyed and defied the Summorum Pontificum: Female READERS in Traditional Latin Mass

Note also that this type of modernist ecumenical heretics who defend and advocate for the freedom to practice false religions, the only religious practice they oppose is the Truly Catholic one, that is why they only oppose us celebrating the Traditional Mass.

The Enemy of the Holy Mass: Vittorio Viola – Gloria.tv

In Argentina Bergoglio seized the Shrine of St. Cajetan in Liniers stripping the Little Sisters of the Divine Savior

Bergoglio declares war on Catholic nuns while promoting apostate gay activist nuns

Bergoglio transferred and promoted José Carballo "shortly before" the scandal in which he was involved in his order broke out. From being "investigated" for a crime he turned him into an inquisitor


Vatican’s own news website profiles pro-abortion ‘nun’ praising US midterm election results

Homosexualists Gomez and Marx with Bergoglio's complicity expel elderly nuns from their convents

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Archbishop Viganò: We must pray for those misled by ‘usurper Bergoglio’

 'Pray first of all for the faithful and the ministers who live the contradiction of moral belonging to the true Church of Christ and at the same time belonging to the false church of the usurper Bergoglio.'

(LifeSiteNews) — The following is a sermon written and published by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò for the Solemnity of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Homily on the external Solemnity
of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Redemisti nos, Domine, in sanguine tuo,
ex omni tribu, et lingua, et populo, et natione:
et fecisti nos Deo nostro regnum.

Rev 5:9-10

Dear brothers and sisters,

First of all, allow me to share with you my serenity of mind in facing this trial. I experienced the same inner peace when, a few years ago, I rediscovered the Traditional Mass, which since then I have never stopped celebrating exclusively and which has brought me back to the beating heart of our holy Religion, to understand that being united to Christ the Priest in the offering to the eternal Father must necessarily be translated into the mystical immolation of oneself on the model of Christ the Victim, in restoring the divine order in which Charity consumes us with love for God and neighbor, and shows us how incomprehensible – as well as unacceptable – it is to modify anything of this perfect order that the Holy Church anticipates on earth precisely by placing the Cross at the center of everything. Stat Crux dumvolvitur orbis.

For sixty years, however, along with the world, volvitur et ecclesia. The ecclesial body has also lost its point of stability: yesterday, in the mad attempt to adapt to the world by softening its doctrine; today, in the deliberate desire to erase the Cross, a sign of contradictionin order to please the Prince of this world. And in a world hostile to the Cross of Christ, it is not possible to preach Christ, and Christ crucified, because this is divisive for human brotherhood from which the fatherhood of God is excluded. It is not surprising, therefore, that those who proclaim the Gospel without adaptations are considered enemies. Christians of all ages, and among them the Pastors in the first place, have always been opposed and fought and killed precisely because of the incompatibility between the Civitas Dei and the civitas Diaboli. The Lord taught us: If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you also; if they have kept my word, they will also keep yours (Jn 15:20).

A few days ago, a church enslaved to the world put me on trial for schism and condemned me with excommunication for having openly professed the Faith that the Lord by my Episcopal Consecration ordered me to preach; the same Faith for which the Martyrs were killed, the Confessors persecuted, priests and Bishops imprisoned or exiled. But how can we even think that it is the true Church that strikes its children and its Ministers, and at the same time welcomes its enemies and makes their errors its own? This Church, which calls itself conciliar and synodal,is a counterfeit, a counter-church, for which everything begins and ends in this life, and which does not want to accept anything eternal precisely because the immutability of the Truth of God is intrinsically alien to the permanent revolution that it has welcomed and promotes.

If we were not persecuted by those who are hostile to the Cross, we would have to question our fidelity to Christ, who from that Throne of pain and blood struck a mortal blow againstthe Enemy of the human race. If our Ministry could be tolerated in some way, it would mean that it is ineffective and compromised, if only because of the implicit acceptance of an impossible coexistence between opposites, of a hermeneutic of continuity in which there is room for truth and error, light and darkness, God and Belial. That is why I consider this sentence of the Roman Sanhedrin as causing clarity: a Catholic cannot but be in a state of schism with those who refuse the Profession of Faith in Charity. There can be no communion with the one who first broke the supernatural bond with Christ and with His Mystical Body. Nor can there be obedience and submission to an adulterated version of the Papacy in which authority has deliberately withdrawn from Christ, the first principle of that authority, to be transformed into tyranny.

Thus, just as in the morally necessary choice to return to the Apostolic Mass I rediscovered the true meaning of my priesthood, so too in the decision to denounce the apostasy of the modernist and globalist hierarchy I rediscovered the meaning of my Episcopate, of being a Successor of the Apostles, a witness of Christ and a Pastor in His Church.


Timidity, human respect, opportunistic evaluations, thirst for power, or corruption have led many of my Brothers to make the simplest choice: to leave the Lord by Himself in His Passion and mingle with the crowd of His executioners, or even just to stand by for fear of going against the high priests and scribes of the people. Some of them, like Peter, repeat the I do not know Him so as not to be brought before the same Sanhedrin. Others stay closed in their cenacle, content not to be tried and condemned. But is this what the Lord wants of us? Is this what He has called us to in choosing us as His Ministers and as proclaimers of His Gospel?

Dear brothers, bless these times of tribulation with me, because it is only in infirmitate that we have the certainty of fulfilling Gods Will and sanctifying ourselves with His Grace. As Saint Paul says: My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9). Our being docile instruments in the Lords hands is the indispensable premise for ensuring that His work is truly divine.

We are asked only to follow himVeni, et sequere me (Mt 10:21); to follow Him leaving everything else, which is to make a radical choice. We are asked to preach His Gospel, to baptize all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, to keep faithfully all the precepts that the Lord has commanded us to observe (Mt 28:19-20). We are asked to pass on intact what we have received – tradidi quod et accepi – without additions, without changes, without omissions. And to preach the Word opportune, importune, enduring everything: in omni patientia et doctrina (2 Tim 4:2). We are asked to take up our cross every day, to deny ourselves, to be ready to climb Calvary and be crucified with Christ to rise with Him, to share in His victory and triumph in the blessed eternity of Heaven. We are asked to complete in our flesh what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions, for the good of his Body which is the Church (Col 1:24). Pastors need to return to belonging to Christ, shaking off the oppressive yoke of a servitude to the world that makes them accomplices in the ruin of the Church.

From the Most Sacred Heart, pierced by a spear, flows the infinite Grace of the Sacraments and especially of the Catholic Priesthood. It ensures the perpetuation of Christs redemptive action throughout History, so that the perfect Sacrifice of the divine Victim – who entered the Sanctuary once and for all through his own blood (Heb 9:12) – may continue to be offered under the sacramental species to the Eternal Father. In the same way, when the Church appears defeated and is given up for dead, a spear in Her side renews the flow of blood and water, laying the foundation for a future restoration and guaranteeing the preservation of the Priesthood, the Mass, and the Sacraments: of Tradition. It will be that blood and water that will irrigate this land parched and split by drought, thirsty for the True and the Good, so that the semen Christianorum may sprout and bear fruit.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the form of sheep, but who inwardly are ravenous wolves (Mt 7:15). With these words, significantly proposed by the Liturgy of this Seventh Sunday after Pentecost and which we will read in the last Gospel, the Lord warns us against those who usurp the gift of prophecy in order tocontradict the Faith that he revealed and taught the Apostles so that it might be faithfully handed down the centuries. The Lord does not say: Beware of those who sow error, but of false prophets. Who are these false prophets, these pseudochrists of whom Sacred Scripture speaks? For false Christs and false prophets will arise and perform great portents and miracles, so as to mislead even the elect if possible. Behold, I have foretold it to you (Mt 24:24-25). These are the hirelings, the false shepherds, those whom we can recognize ex fructibus eorum, by their fruits, by what they do (Mt 7:16-20). We know the fruits and we have them before our eyes: the planned destruction of the Lords Vineyard by His own vinedressers.

What is imputed to me as a crime in order to declare me schismatic and condemn me to excommunication has been put on the record of a trial that condemns not me, but my accusers, the enemies of the Cross of Christ. When the eclipse that darkens the Church ends and Our Lord returns to be at the center of the lives of his ministers, those who are ostracized today will find justice, and those who have abused their power to disperse the Lords flock will have to answer to His tribunal and to that of History. We will continue to do what all Catholic Bishops have done, often being persecuted by them.

And we will continue in our work even if it is hindered by those who usurp the power of the Holy Keys against the Church Herself. The authority of the Pastors – and that of the Supreme Pontiff – is in the hands of false pastors, who as such count precisely on our respect for the Hierarchy and on our habitual obedience to make us accept the betrayal of Christ and the ruin of souls. But authority comes only from Christ, who wants all to be saved and to reach eternal blessedness through the one Ark of Salvation. If the vicarious authority on earth preaches salvation from false religions and the uselessness of Christs Sacrifice, it breaks the umbilical cord that binds it to Him, thereby delegitimizing itself. We do not separate ourselves from Holy Mother Church, but rather from the mercenaries who infest her. We do not refuse obedience and submission to the Pontiff, but rather to those who humiliate and tamper with the Papacy against the Will of Christ. Let us not impugn the revealed Truth – quod Deus avertat– but rather the errors that all the Popes have always condemned and that today are imposed by those who want to make the Holy Church the servant of her enemies (Lam 1:1), by those who delude themselves that they can keep the ecclesial body alive by separating it from its Head who is Christ.

We do not have a Pontiff who can judge and excommunicate us. If there were a Pope I would not even have been put on trial, nor excommunicated or declared schismatic, because we would both profess the same Faith and would receive Communion at the same altar. If today Bergoglio is putting me on trial to condemn and excommunicate me, it is precisely because he makes a public profession that he belongs to another religion and that he presides over another church – his church, the synodal church – from which I am expelled because I am a Catholic and, indeed, a stranger to it.

Pray, dear brothers. Pray first of all for the faithful and the ministers who live the contradiction of moral belonging to the true Church of Christ and at the same time belonging to the false church of the usurper Bergoglio, so that they may shake themselves from their torpor and line up underneath the Cross, bearing witness to the Truth. Pray for those Bishops and priests who humbly, and despite their infirmities, serve the Lord. Let us not nullify the Most Precious Blood that he shed for us, and indeed let us make sure that we can repeat with Saint Paul: Gratia Dei in me vacua non fuit (1 Cor 15:10). This Blood will descend today on our altar, and it will continue to descend there as long as the Church has Bishops who can perpetuate the Priesthood and priests who celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, according to the rite handed down to us by Sacred Tradition. For this reason, let us act with a serene heart and in the conviction that what I am doing is in conformity with God’s will. And so may it be.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

July 7, 2024
Dominica VII post Pentecosten

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Famous German Catholic author: Francis governs in an erratic and contradictory way


"The devil has always attempted, by means of the heretics, to deprive the world of the Mass, making them precursors of the Anti-Christ, who, before anything else, will try to abolish and will actually abolish the Holy Sacrament of the altar, as a punishment for the sins of men, according to the prediction of Daniel,' And strength was given him against the continual sacrifice' (Daniel 8:12)." St. Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor of the Church. (1696-1787)

«La liturgia è l’arca di Noè del Cristianesimo» 
The German writer Martin Mosebach spoke to 'La Verità' (7 July) about the Roman Mass. Key points

- In any liturgy or religion, the content and the form in which it is presented are inseparable. When the form is changed, the content is also changed.

- We believe only to a small extent with the head. Faith in the consecrated host is shown by kneeling, etc. The suppression of forms of reverence, beginning with Paul VI, has greatly undermined faith in the Eucharist. In many cases, faith has even disappeared without any formal "change of doctrine".

- For young people, a religion reduced to non-committal pastoral talk is not enough. They seek religious experience in the Roman Mass. The hierarchs accuse young Catholics of "religious extremism", without considering the reasons that lead young people to the Mass.

- The fact that, in the Novus Ordo, the priest prays while looking at the congregation transforms a prayer that used to be addressed to God into a discourse with the congregation. This change of orientation alone transforms prayer into something completely different.

- The Novus Ordo has become the ritual of a religion different even from that which the Second Vatican Council wanted, which was still linked to the bi-millennial tradition of the Church: It went from being theocentric to anthropocentric.

- Francis rules erratically and often contradictorily. He creates an atmosphere in which "everything seems possible". There is no longer any connection with the Depositum Fidei.

- The liturgy once made it possible to rebuild a history in a long period of political and cultural ruin, in the age of migrations and the early Middle Ages.

- A new culture can only come from the treasure of the Church. Just as a tree draws sap from its roots to form a new trunk and bear fruit, so our society must draw strength for its own rebirth from liturgy, prayer and religious tradition.

Bergoglio's diabolical hatred for the Latin mass is ideologically Marxist and has its roots in Argentina

The Argentine apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio has a superiority complex, to the point of believing himself to be the king of the universe and superior to God. It is not without reason that he titled his heretical and apostate book, which contains all his personal heretical and anti-Catholic opinions, “On Heaven and Earth.” And his accomplices, like Rosica, believe that Bergoglio is above the Word of God and the infallible Magisterium of the Church. And that he can defy and trample on it whenever he pleases.

And those who call themselves Catholics call this depraved corrupter of children and young people "Pope"

Nuncio: Intolerance toward Vetus Ordo Has “Something Diabolical” – Gloria.tv

 Cardinal Sarah: “Banning or suspending the Extraordinary Form can only be inspired by the devil.

How the schismatic Bergoglio disobeyed and rebelled in Argentina against Pope Benedict XVI's Summorum Pontificum

In Argentina, Bergoglio disobeyed Pope Benedict XVI and fought against  his motu proprio  Summorum Pontificum

  “Destroy the Mass and you destroy the Church. Heresiarch Martin Luther

Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani (1890-1979)

"It is rather strong to claim that the New Mass is contrary to the Council of Trent but, displeasing as it is, it is true."

Apostate César Scicchitano: "I found in Jorge Bergoglio the father I never had"

Traditionis Custodes is Francis' Revenge on Benedict XVI - Mosebach – Gloria.tv