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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Archbishop Chaput: "Father Martin does not speak with authority on behalf of the Church, and to caution the faithful about some of his claims.”


A 'pattern of ambiguity' in Fr Martin's teachings wrongly inspires hope that Church doctrine can be changed, Chaput said

After Fr James Martin, SJ, spoke at a Philadelphia university, the Archbishop of Philadelphia urged caution about the priest’s message, especially regarding the possibility that Catholic teaching on sexuality might change.

...Archbishop Charles Chaput wrote in a September 19 column published on his archdiocesan website.

“At the same time, a pattern of ambiguity in his teachings tends to undermine his stated aims, alienating people from the very support they need for authentic human flourishing. Due to the confusion caused by his statements and activities regarding same-sex related (LGBT) issues, I find it necessary to emphasize that Father Martin does not speak with authority on behalf of the Church, and to caution the faithful about some of his claims,” Chaput added.

Chaput’s column raised his concern that “Father Martin – no doubt unintentionally — inspires hope that the Church’s teachings on human sexuality can be changed.”

The archbishop credited Martin for the priest’s insistence that he has never directly challenged Catholic teaching.

“But what is implied or omitted often speaks as loudly as what is actually stated, and in the current climate, incomplete truths do, in fact, present a challenge to faithful Catholic belief. When people hear that ‘the Church welcomes gay people’ or needs to be more ‘inclusive and welcoming’ without also hearing the conditions of an authentically Christian life set for all persons by Jesus Christ and his Church — namely, living a life of chastity — they can easily misunderstand the nature of Christian conversion and discipleship,” Chaput noted. 
“For this reason, Catholic teaching always requires more than polite affirmation or pro forma agreement, particularly from those who comment publicly on matters of doctrine. Faithful Catholics who are same-sex attracted need support and encouragement in the virtue of chastity. They deserve to hear – as all people do – the truth about human sexuality spoken clearly and confidently. Anything less lacks both mercy and justice.”

The archbishop also lamented that Martin “suggests that Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction as ‘objectively disordered’ (for example, in CCC 2358) is cruel and should be modified.”

That suggestion “misrepresents Catholic belief,” Chaput said. 

Chaput’s column, which explained that he was unable to prevent Martin from appearing at a Catholic college overseen by a religious order(?)
Nevertheless, the archbishop said, he had a responsibility to raise objections to some aspects of Martin’s message.
“Supporters of Father Martin’s efforts will note, correctly, that several Church leaders have endorsed his work,” Chaput concluded.

“Those Churchmen are responsible for their words — as I am for mine, as pastor of the Church in Philadelphia. And specifically in that role as pastor, I want to extend the CDF’s caution to all the faithful of the Church in Philadelphia, regarding the ambiguity about same-sex related issues found throughout the statements and activities of Father James Martin.”

Read more at Catholic Herald. 

Cdl. Burke: Fr. James Martin is ‘not coherent’ with Church teaching on homosexuality 

Ryan Fitz‏ @CatholicFitz: "Why is everyone applauding Abp. Chaput for a weak, delayed correction of Fr. Martin? He failed in his duty, as does any bishop who lets Martin speak publicly in his diocese".

Note on this page, part of the text of the article where Archbishop Chaput diplomatically treats the apostate and gay activist James Martin has been omitted since we believe that Jesuit dissident James Martin acts with full knowledge and is maliciously challenging the teachings of the Catholic Church and committing the sin of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit by rejecting the moral doctrine of the Catholic Church. The apostate James Martin blasphemes and openly challenges the Laws of God and rebels against the teachings of the Church. And being backed by the anti-Pope Bergoglio, he unpunished and freely disseminates the mortal sin in the name of the Church with which he is dragging many young people to eternal perdition so he must not only be publicly denounced but also formally excommunicated.

1 Thessalonians 4:8

Therefore, he that despiseth these things, despiseth not man, but God, who also hath given his holy Spirit in us.

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