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(Council of Vienne)


Monday, September 9, 2019

VaticanNews admits: ‘Pope Francis is widely accused as a heretic’ by Catholic blogs

en.news Portuguese- and the English-speaking VaticanNews.va journalists complain that there is a lot of criticism against Pope Francis on social media, Gudrun Sailer wrote on Katholisch.de (August 28).

According to Sailer, Francis is often accused as "mundane", "left-wing", "heretical" and "ideology-based."

She notices that these comments are put in to evidence by “not a few [Catholic] blogs" and "other [Catholic] interest groups.”

Quite a few of these portals, among them gloria.tv, have a bigger audience than VaticanNews.va.

Gudrun Sailer: Life is too short to drink bad wine! Visit from Munich from my former boss, Father Eberhard von Gemmingen. 
Von Gemmingen is the head of the editorial board of the German Vatican Radio.
The German apostate Jesuit Von Gemmingen has advocated dissident views within the Church.

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