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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Pope St. Pius X condemned the universal brotherhood that Bergoglio promotes in his Masonic pact in Abu Dhabi

Document on Human Fraternity – From Utopia to Heresy

On February 4, 2019, Pope Francis co-signed a document on “Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” with the Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar University in Cairo. While the name of God is invoked, no mention is made of that of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church would like to join forces “with the Muslims of the East and the West” to build a world at the service of human fraternity and universal peace. A utopia that leads to the ruin of Catholicism.

Traces of the Sillon

The introduction invites “all persons who have faith in God and faith in human fraternity to unite and work together.” This invitation to work towards human brotherhood “by safeguarding creation and the entire universe and supporting all persons” is similar to Marc Sangnier’s Sillon (1873-1950) condemned by Pope St. Pius X in 1910. 
It was a vast utopia in which, under the lofty names of “human dignity, liberty, justice and fraternity”, the modern innovators led by Sangnier sought to renovate the Church and build a new humanity. They called for the birth of a new world in which a misconception of fraternity based on a vague and false notion of human dignity replaced true charity based on the Faith. The saintly Pope Pius X saw it as the ruin of Catholicism:
 But stranger still, alarming and saddening at the same time, are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics and dream of re-shaping society under such conditions, and of establishing on earth, over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church, ‘the reign of love and justice’ with workers coming from everywhere, of all religions and of no religion, with or without beliefs, so long as they forego what might divide them—their religious and philosophical convictions, and so long as they share what unites them—a ‘generous idealism and moral forces drawn from whence they can.’
 When we consider the forces, knowledge, and supernatural virtues which are necessary to establish the Christian City, and the sufferings of millions of martyrs, and the light given by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the self-sacrifice of all the heroes of charity, and a powerful hierarchy ordained in Heaven, and the streams of divine grace—the whole having been built up, bound together, and impregnated by the life and spirit of Jesus Christ, the Wisdom of God, the Word made man—when we think, I say, of all this, it is frightening to behold new apostles eagerly attempting to do better by a common interchange of vague idealism and civic virtues.
 What are they going to produce? What is to come of this collaboration? A mere verbal and chimerical construction in which we shall see, glowing in a jumble, and in seductive confusion, the words Liberty, Justice, Fraternity, Love, Equality, and human exultation, all resting upon an ill-understood human dignity. It will be a tumultuous agitation, sterile for the end proposed, but which will benefit the less Utopian exploiters of the people. Yes, we can truly say that the Sillon, its eyes fixed on a chimera, brings Socialism in its train.
It is distressing to see that Pope Francis is resolutely following in the footsteps of the disciples of Marc Sangnier, the founder of the Sillon. It is now “in the name of God”, “in the name of the human soul”, “in the name of the poor”, “in the name of peoples”, “in the name of fraternity”, “in the name of freedom”, and “in the name of justice and mercy” that Catholics and Muslims must commit through dialogue “to spread the culture of tolerance and of living together in peace.”

The Role of Religions in Building World Peace: Heresy and Blasphemy

The Document co-signed by the pope falls into doctrinal relativism and religious indifferentism. Indeed, in order to promote “the values of peace” and human fraternity, reciprocal knowledge and living together, “wisdom, justice and charity”, “religious awareness”, etc., various religions are presented as being willed by God. There is no longer, as St. Paul teaches, “one Lord, one Faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4:5), but a multitude of Creeds, and the true Faith is lowered to the rank of beliefs invented by men and by devils. These are the words of the Declaration:
The pluralism and the diversity of religions, color, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings.
This statement is false—it is a heresy—and attributing this to Divine Wisdom is a blasphemy.
The Son of God clearly said: “I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved” (Jn. 10:9). And again, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh to the Father, but by Me” (Jn. 14:6). Silencing this saving truth by claiming that “pluralism and the diversity of religion…are willed by God in His wisdom” is a shipwreck in the confession of the truth Faith and a lack of charity to the wayward, infidels and unbelievers. “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath the faithful with the unbeliever?” asked St. Paul in his day (II Cor. 6:15).
Based on this false principle, the Vicar of Christ consequently unfolds the individual liberties found in the conciliar Declaration on Religious Freedom: freedom of belief, thought, expression and action, for all persons or religious groups (see Dignitatis Humanae, December 7, 1965). It is the program of Freemasonry.

Towards World Peace 

This joint Declaration by Catholics and Muslims goes on to ask for “the protection of places of worship—synagogues, churches and mosques”, condemning terrorism with insistence, for it can in no way be instrumental to religion. A way of clearing oppressive and conquering Islam, whose fifth pillar is still the jihad? One may very well think so, since the text vaguely mentions “an accumulation of incorrect interpretations of religious texts,” as well as “policies linked to hunger, poverty, injustice, oppression and pride…” (sic).
The Document goes on to recommend that we
establish in our societies the concept of full citizenship and reject the discriminatory use of the term minorities which engenders feelings of isolation and inferiority.
Is this Newspeak being used in the service of the new world and the integration of the Muslim populations? 
The text would be incomplete without a reminder to recognize “the right of women to education and employment, and to exercise their own political rights”, the defense of the fundamental rights of children, the elderly, the weak, handicapped, oppressed, etc.
The Declaration ends with the firm commitment of the Catholic Church and of the Al-Azhar University to cooperate by making this documents known, to promote its implementation in the political, legal, and educational fields, etc. It makes many calls to fraternity and awareness “with the aim of finding universal peace.”

No True Fraternity without Christian Charity
In order to understand how harmful this Declaration is to the true Catholic spirit and true Faith in the true God, one need only read St. Pius X.
In his Letter Our Apostolic Mandate on August 25, 1910 that we quoted earlier, he explains what is behind this
...notion of Fraternity which they (the innovators) found on the love of common interest or, beyond all philosophies and religions, on the mere notion of humanity, thus embracing with an equal love and tolerance all human beings and their miseries, whether these are intellectual, moral, or physical and temporal.
But Catholic doctrine tells us that the primary duty of charity does not lie in the toleration of false ideas, however sincere they may be, nor in the theoretical or practical indifference towards the errors and vices in which we see our brethren plunged, but in the zeal for their intellectual and moral improvement as well as for their material well-being. Catholic doctrine further tells us that love for our neighbor flows from our love for God, who is Father to all, and goal of the whole human family; and in Jesus Christ whose members we are, to the point that in doing good to others we are doing good to Jesus Christ Himself. Any other kind of love is sheer illusion, sterile and fleeting. Indeed, we have the human experience of pagan and secular societies of ages past to show that concern for common interests or affinities of nature weigh very little against the passions and wild desires of the heart.
No, Venerable Brethren, there is no genuine fraternity outside Christian charity. Through the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ Our Savior, Christian charity embraces all men, comforts all, and leads all to the same faith and same heavenly happiness. By separating fraternity from Christian charity thus understood, Democracy, far from being progress, would mean a disastrous step backwards for civilization. If, as We desire with all Our heart, the highest possible peak of well-being for society and its members is to be attained through fraternity or, as it is also called, universal solidarity, all minds must be united in the knowledge of Truth, all wills united in morality, and all hearts in the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ. But this union is attainable only by Catholic charity, and that is why Catholic charity alone can lead people in the march of progress towards the ideal civilization.
It is because they have forgotten this truth that the current popes are pursuing a mirage, lending a hand to the great current of apostacy, indifferentism and confusion that is spreading throughout the world. The origin of this deviation is to be found in Vatican Council II and its pastoral Constitution on the Church in the modern world.
Proclaiming the noble destiny of man and championing the Godlike seed which has been sown in him, offers to mankind the honest assistance of the Church in fostering that brotherhood of all men which corresponds to this destiny of theirs (Gaudium et Spes, 3). 

By adopting the liberal values of the contemporary world, the Church has reconnected with the Sillon’s ideology and its utopia that St. Pius X, a pope of the Faith, condemned. The entire current crisis of the Church is there.


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