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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Public relations maneuver: With his own history of secrecy and cover-up, Bergoglio Renames Vatican Secret Archives

by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 29, 2019                   

Former seminary professor: 'Just another PR move'

VATICAN CITY (ChurchMilitant.com) - With his own history of secrecy and cover-up, Pope Francis is renaming the Vatican Secret Archives to sound more inviting.


Secrecy and Cover-Up

Church Militant spoke with a priest and former seminary professor who preferred to remain anonymous.
"Although Pope Francis renamed the Vatican Secret Archives, it would be foolish for the faithful to imagine the files kept in these archives will be readily available to the public, any more than the actual conversations of participants in the recent Amazonian Synod were made public," he said.
Father then talked about this renaming as a public relations maneuver, especially in light of the pope's own history of silence and secrecy: 
Francis' renaming of the archives with a less negative name is just that, nothing more. Same flavor, different name. New and improved? Hardly! The same flavored vanilla ice cream, but with a less banal name. It's now Superduper Vanilla!  It’s highly improbable that Pope Francis, the pope who has remained silent on Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò's open letter for more than a year, will readily divulge anything of importance in internal letters, emails and phone calls. This is just another PR move by a pontiff sorely in need of some good PR.   
In an interview with The Washington Post published June 10, Abp. Viganò revealed that Pope Francis did not act on his knowledge of the Vatican's young seminarians being sexually abused — indicative of a cover-up history extending back to Francis' time as a bishop in Argentina.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) was archbishop of Buenos Aires from 1998-2013 and president of the Argentine bishops' conference from 2005-2011. 
When Church officials in Europe and the United States began addressing the the clergy sex abuse crisis, Bergoglio stayed silent about the crisis in Argentina, never releasing lists of accused priests, apologies to victims or policies for handling abuse during his tenure.
One of the more gruesome clergy sex abuse cover-ups that the pope has failed to address involved the molestation and rape of deaf and mute children at different locations of the Provolo Institute in Argentina (La Plata and Mendoza) and Italy (Verona).
Regarding this case, Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of BishopAccountability.org, said: "The Church failed them abysmally. The pope ignored them, the police responded. It's a clear example of the tragedy that keeps playing out."
One of those pedophile priests, Fr. Eliseo Pirmati, was seen freely wandering the streets of Verona, Italy, in mid-June.

To date, the pope has done nothing about Pirmati and countless other clergy sex abusers.

Bergoglio conjured the idol of the Pachamama that the indigenous and apostates worshiped. Not even he can deny that Pachamama is a pagan idol

October 28, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — I wonder if, in the long history of the Catholic Church, any pope has ever before blessed an idol, as Pope Francis did in the Vatican gardens a few days ago.  That was after the assembled “congregants” had bowed and prayed before that same idol, mind you.
I rather suspect not.
In fact, I am pretty sure that Catholics — popes, bishops, and laity alike — have done precisely the opposite down through the ages. Wherever they have found idols, they have spoken out against them, not only urging their destruction, but often destroying them with their own hands.

Take St. Gregory the Great, for example, who reigned as Pope from 590 to 604 A.D. He is famous for sending the missionary St. Augustine of Canterbury to evangelize the then-pagan Anglo-Saxons in England. In a letter to Abbot Melitus recorded by St. Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People, St. Gregory issued the following instructions:
Tell [Bishop Augustine] that I have decided after long deliberation about the English people, namely that the idol temples of that race should not be destroyed, but only the idols in them. Let blessed water be prepared, and sprinkled in these temples, and altars constructed, and relics deposited. For if these temples are well built, it is essential that they should be transferred from the worship of devils to the service of the true God.
St. Augustine of Canterbury did as he was told, destroying the pagan idols the temples contained while converting the temples themselves into Christian churches. Destroying an idol reveals to everyone — in a way that nothing else does — the utter powerlessness of demons in the presence of Christ.
Many of the churches in Rome occupy the sites, or even the actual structures, of pagan temples, Including the church from which the Pachamama idols were removed and tossed into the Tiber.  That church, Santa Maria in Traspontina, was built on the ruins of the Meta Romuli, an ancient Roman pyramid believed to be Romulus’s tomb, where the citizens of pre-Christian Rome went to worship the deified founder of their city.

Bringing a pagan idol into the sacred precincts of a Catholic church would be, without question, a sacrilege. But is that statue of a pregnant, kneeling women really a pagan idol? 
Opinions vary.
As an anthropologist, I recognized the statue of a naked and very pregnant woman that was brought into the Vatican. Similar idols were worshiped in the fertility cults of many primitive cultures around the world and still are in the recesses of the Amazon. Not a few such cults demanded human sacrifice as the price of their favors. In the Incan version of the South American Pachamama cult, child sacrifice was practiced.

Some in the Vatican at first claimed that the statues represented Our Lady of the Amazon. This interpretation the Vatican press office was at pains to refute. It repeatedly — and correctly — denied any connection between the Queen of Heaven and the pagan goddess of Mother Earth that the statue represents.
Andrea Tornielli, the editorial director for the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, then tried to explain how it was that the pope came to bless a pagan idol but wound up making things worse. He called the statue "an image of motherhood and the sacredness of life, a traditional symbol for indigenous peoples representing the bond with our ‘mother earth,’ as described by Saint Francis of Assisi in his Canticle of the Creatures.” 
Leaving aside the gratuitous reference to Saint Francis, whose name is invoked at every turn, Tornielli is saying that the statues representing “fertility, life and Mother Earth” are exactly what they seem to be:  Pachamama idols still worshiped by the primitive peoples of the Amazon as part of a fertility cult. 
Now that even Pope Francis himself — who is from South America and has visited the Amazon — has identified the statue as a “Pachamama,” there can be no doubt about “her” identity.  Even in the modern versions of the cult found in Peru, Pachamama is conceived of as what one anthropologist called “a non-human sacred/social person with whom a relationship of reciprocity must be maintained.”
In other words, Pachamama is not just a symbolic representation of Mother Earth, but a pagan deity that one must be careful to propitiate, not anger.

Now, as it happens, we Catholics have been hectored for months by the organizers of the Amazonian Synod to take the native beliefs and practices of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon seriously.  During the Synod itself, we were constantly reminded of Pope Francis' call to learn from the "ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon."
The pope’s close friend, Father Antonio Spadaro, put it this way:  “An authentically Catholic response must be given to the request of the Amazon communities to adapt the liturgy by valuing the[ir] original cosmo-vision, traditions, symbols, and rites that include transcendent, community and ecological dimensions.”
Well, it turns out that one of the chief ways that “the Amazon communities” express their “cosmo-vision” is by worshiping a pagan deity called Pachamama, to whom they sacrifice animals and, perhaps still, in the remote reaches of the rainforest, the occasional child.   

Those who orchestrated the Amazonian Synod can’t have it both ways. Either they take the traditions, symbols, and rites of the Amazonians seriously or not. If they do, then they must recognize that “Pachamama” is a pagan deity and that representations of her are, by definition, idols.
If they don’t, then what is all this business about respecting the “wisdom” of the indigenous tribes really about?
I think by now it should be obvious to most observers that the synod organizers intended to use the Pachamama idol as a mere prop in their morality play — a play they were staging to promote fundamental changes in the priesthood as well as a radical environmental agenda. Her naked figure was supposed to be taken as nothing more than a symbol of respect for the environment. How else to explain their utter confusion when they found themselves embracing what the indigenous tribes of the Amazon still regard as a pagan deity? 
In the end, of course, it was clear that those same Amazonian tribes are also, like Pachamama, little more than props in that same morality play. In fact, I believe that it is no exaggeration to say the synod organizers have betrayed the very peoples they claimed to be helping. All the face paint and parrot feathers in the world cannot disguise the fact that they themselves were engaged in a kind of ideological exploitation of the peoples who live there to promote their own agenda.
In the name of protecting the rainforest, the organizers of the synod would condemn the peoples who live there to perpetual poverty. Worse yet, in the name of honoring the “cosmo-vision, traditions, symbols, and rites” of the Amazonian tribes as another path to the “transcendent,” they would leave them in spiritual darkness, bereft of the light of Christ.
How appropriate that Pachamama is shown naked and pregnant, downcast and kneeling. 
For if this piece of wood carved into a female shape is a symbol of anything, it is a symbol of the poverty and misery — both spiritual and material — that await not only the Amazon indigenous, but the Universal Church as a whole, if the Synod organizers were to have their way.
Let us pray that they don’t.
Steven W. Mosher is the president of the Population Research Institute and the author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream Is the New Threat to World Order

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

‘Courageous…prophets of today’: Dubia cardinal praises men who threw Pachamamas in Tiber

October 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, one of the two remaining dubia cardinals and a respected Church historian – praised the men who removed the controversial pagan “Pachamama” statues from a church in Rome and threw them into the Tiber River as “courageous...prophets of today.” 

“These two young men who threw these tasteless idols into the Tiber have not committed theft, but have done a deed, a symbolic act as we know it from the Prophets of the Old Covenant, from Jesus – see the cleansing of the Temple – and from Saint Boniface who felled the Thor Oak near Geismar,” said the German cardinal to LifeSiteNews.
The 90-year old former President of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences added that now these two men “are being accused of theft on the part of the Vatican.” 

“To what grotesque contortions are those capable who find themselves in an utmost embarrassment!” Brandmüller stated.
“These two courageous 'Maccabees' who have removed the 'horrors of the devastation of a holy site' are the prophets of today. Spoken in secular terms, I would think that the champagne corks really had to pop here,” he added.
As LifeSiteNews reported, on October 21, two men had gone into Santa Maria in Traspontina Church near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, removed several of the controversial Pachamama statues that had been there on display and then threw them into the Tiber River. On October 25, Pope Francis apologized for this act to those who felt offended, calling these statues “Pachamama statues.” He also considered displaying them during the closing Mass on 27 October, but this did not take place, perhaps also due to resistance from prelates within the synod hall and outside.
Further commenting on the Amazon Synod, Cardinal Brandmüller repeated his critique of the “group of ideologues” who “do not wish to understand the 'celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven.'” 
These wish to “bring down celibacy,” he said. According to the German prelate, these people “have been working for this for decades.” The fact that they “merely speak about a special exception for the Amazon, is just a dirty, but obvious trick. “It is not about the Amazon – it is about everything.”
Next to Cardinal Brandmüller, other prelates have also raised their voice of opposition against the display of Pachamama statues in the Vatican. For example, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, in an October 24 interview with ETWN's Raymond Arroyo, said that the “great mistake was to bring the idols into the Church, not to put them out, because according to the Law of God Himself – the First Commandment – idolism [idolatry] is a grave sin and not to mix them with the Christian liturgy.”
Putting the removal of the Pachamama statues into perspective he commented: “To put it [the statues] out,” Müller continued, “to throw it out, can be against human law, but to bring the idols into the Church was a grave sin, a crime against the Divine Law.”
José Luis Azcona Hermoso, the Bishop Emeritus of the Brazilian city of Marajó condemned the pagan rituals with the Pachamama statues as “demonic sacrilege,” and Bishop Marian Eleganti of Chur, Switzerland said in comments to LifeSite that, even if the Pope now claims that the Pachamama statues were used “without idolatrous intentions,” “there would still remain the scandal that it at least looks like such [idolatry] and that the Rock of Peter [the Pope] is not at all getting worried about it.” On the contrary, wrote Eleganti, the Pope “even defends those rituals conducted in the Vatican Gardens” which are “alien to Christianity.” 
Finally, Bishop Athanasius Schneider published an October 27 open letter, in which he stated that “Catholics cannot accept any pagan worship, nor any syncretism between pagan beliefs and practices and those of the Catholic Church.”
“The acts of worship of kindling a light, of bowing, of prostrating or profoundly bowing to the ground and dancing before an unclothed female statue, which represents neither Our Lady nor a canonized saint of the Church, violates the first Commandment of God: 'You shall have no other gods before Me,'” he added.
Just like Cardinal Brandmüller, Bishop Schneider compared the men who had thrown the Pachamama statues into the Tiber River with Maccabees and praised them. He calls their action “a highly meritorious, courageous and praiseworthy act of some brave Christian gentlemen,” and adds that “like a new “Maccabees” they acted in the spirit of the holy wrath of Our Lord, who expelled the merchants from the temple of Jerusalem with a whip. The gestures of these Christian men will be recorded in the annals of Church history as a heroic act which brought glory to the Christian name, while the acts of high-ranking churchmen, on the contrary, who defiled the Christian name in Rome, will go down in history as cowardly and treacherous acts of ambiguity and syncretism.”


The three pachamamas allegedly found by the police do not seem to correspond to those thrown into the Tiber River by the Cristeros

Catholic priest denies Joe Biden Holy Communion for pro-abortion stance

FLORENCE, South Carolina, October 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― A Catholic priest refused Holy Communion to Joe Biden, former U.S. Vice-President and current Democratic presidential candidate, because of his public support for abortion. 
Biden, 76, was refused communion by Fr. Robert E. Morey at St. Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina during Sunday morning Mass. 
“Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to former Vice President Joe Biden,” the priest subsequently told the Florence Morning News.

“Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church,” he continued. “Our actions should reflect that.” 
“Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching.”
Biden has at times claimed he is personally opposed to abortion. He has drifted farther and farther left on the issue over the years.
He once supported the Hyde Amendment banning federal funding for most abortions, but made headlines this June when he reversed his stance, saying that “circumstances have changed.” 
The platform on which Biden is now running includes a suggestion that doctors who refuse to commit abortions be punished and would “weaponize the Justice Department against states to strike down popular pro-life laws — like health and safety standards for abortion facilities, waiting periods, and parental involvement laws — and stop them from passing new ones,” Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser explained in a July piece in The Washington Times.
As Vice President, the first “wedding” Biden officiated was between two men.
According to Canon 915 of the Catholic Code of Canon Law, those who are “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.” 
Catholic politicians who publicly support abortion are considered by many leaders within the Catholic Church to be “persevering in manifest grave sin.” Many American bishops, however, refuse to put such teaching into practice when it comes to public figures who support the killing of preborn children. Some are divided on the issue of giving Holy Communion to such high-profile pro-abortion “Catholics” as, for example, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. 
Earlier this year Bishop Thomas Daly of Spokane, Washington said that pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians should not present themselves for communion in his diocese. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois has delivered a similar warning. However, Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago has defended giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians, saying that he thinks  it “counterproductive to impose sanctions, simply because they don’t change anyone’s minds.” 
In 1974 Biden said, “[When] it comes to issues like abortion, amnesty, and acid, I’m about as liberal as your grandmother.” In the wake of the high court’s decision in Roe v. Wade to allow abortion, he said, “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far.” 

However, Biden’s recent record on the issue has been far from clean. As a senator, he usually voted according to the dictates of Planned Parenthood and NARAL. As Vice President to Barack Obama, Biden spent eight years in what was arguably the most pro-abortion administration in American history, during which he told a Chinese audience he “fully understand[s]” and was “not second-guessing” the country’s practice of forcing families into abortion and sterilization. The Obama administration also attempted to force the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers to participate in the provision of abortion-causing drugs. 
Biden's last pretense at a moderately pro-life stance officially ended on June 7. After growing criticism and pressure from pro-abortion activists and celebrities, including actress Alyssa Milano, Biden gave up his support for the Hyde Amendment, saying that times had changed. 
“I’ve supported the Hyde Amendment like many, many others have because there was sufficient monies and circumstances where women were able to exercise that right” to kill their unborn children, Biden said.  
“But circumstances have changed. I’ve been working through the final details of my healthcare plan like others in this race and I’ve been struggling with the problems that Hyde now presents,” he continued. 
“I can’t justify leaving millions of women without access to [abortion] and the ability to constitute, exercise their constitutionally protected right [to kill their unborn children]. If I believe [abortion] is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code,” he said. 
Biden was swiftly rebuked by Archbishop Charles Chaput in a June 10 column that appeared on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia website.
Chaput wrote: “On June 6, the Wall Street Journal reported ('Biden’s Abortion Views Irk the Left') that Biden faced growing criticism from abortion activists and his party’s leadership for his Hyde Amendment track record.  Exactly 24 hours later, on June 7, the same paper noted that Biden had sharply changed his thinking ('Biden, in Reversal, Backs Abortion Funding').”  
“Translation: The unborn child means exactly zero in the calculus of power for Democratic Party leaders, and the right to an abortion,  once described as a tragic necessity, is now a perverse kind of ‘sacrament most holy,’” the archbishop continued.  
“It will have a candidate’s allegiance and full-throated reverence . . . or else.” 
Fr. Morey, the priest who refused Biden Holy Communion, told the Florence Morning Herald that he would keep Biden in his prayers. 

This article has been updated.

April 29, 2016

The blasphemer Austen Ivereigh shows his idolatry on Twitter

Canon 1364 says that those who practice idolatry are immediately separated from the Church without any declaration of any Bishop or court or Synod being necessary to determine it.

At the feast of Christ the King Bergoglio desecrates the High Altar in St. Peter’s Basilica by placing on it a Ceremonial Pachamama Bowl

Ann Barnhardt Update the information by adding the ceremonial bowl of pagan offering photos where the plant was offer to the Pachamama goddess.

Here we can also see the offering bowls to Pachamama:

The anti Pope Bergoglio used another pagan syncretic ferula

The heretical modernist Jorge Mario Bergoglio did not celebrate the feast of Christ the King of the Universe but wore his green vestment instead of the white which was appropriate. Daniel 7:25

The three pachamamas allegedly found by the police do not seem to correspond to those thrown into the Tiber River by the Cristeros

On October 25, Bergoglio announced the news of  the alleged finding of three pachamamas by the police and said it was 'good news' and instead of apologizing to God, he apologized to the idolaters and he identified the pagan statues as the "Pachamama," the Incan fertility goddess.

But anyone can clearly see that pachamamas in the police photo do not correspond to the Pachamamas that were thrown into the river.

  • Three of the Pachamamas that were thrown into the river have the same sizes and two of them were small.
  • The two small pachamamas are held by the right hand of the Cristero in the base there is no mark that is seen in the one of the photo by the police. Although the number 1 on the Gloria TV screen shot from the video seems to have the signature.

  • On the contrary the three pachamamas of the police are of different sizes. The middle pachamama is too small and is marked with a seal on the foot.
  •  Gloria TV picture.

Another detail was they allegedly found 3 of 5 pachamamas.  That would mean saying allegedly found 3 of 4 less the black one.One of them is marked on the foot with Manaus AM.
These clear pictures show both the endometrium and the shape of the face.  While similar none of the endometriums nor faces are an exact match nor fit when trying to adjust them to the size of the police photo. 

At least one of these two photos of the video would have to correspond to one of the other two pachamamas that appear in the police photos but none of them match.

Gloria TV: So, the question is: Were the Pachamamas, found by the police, also those Pachamamas that were thrown into the Tiber?

Only the heroes who removed them from the church can give a credible answer.


Canon 1364 says that those who practice idolatry are immediately separated from the Church without any declaration of any Bishop or court or Synod being necessary to determine it.

This replica of the Pachamama published on October 26 by REPAM does not even match with those published in the photo by the Police. See for example the angle of the feet the three Pachamamas have an angle of almost 90 degrees and the other has an angle closer to 45 degree.

In this other example, the face and endometrium do not match.
The Pachamamas were not recovered: Bernardo Küster discovers one on the bridge. 

In conclusion the Pachamamas that appear in the photo of the Police are not the same that were thrown into the Tiber River.

Because the Police would have to have this Pachamama that has bent feet with the largest endometrium. And all those who appear in the photo of the Police have their feet at a 90 degree angle.