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(Council of Vienne)


Friday, October 11, 2019

Marxist Synod: Woman Dresses as "Priest", Bishops As Layman and a new age god represented by cosmic connection with a Indigenous woman Breastfeeds Animal

en.news Amazonian items are displayed on the marble altars of Santa Maria in Traspontina, a Roman church in the street Via della Conciliazione.

The objects include Pachamama-idols, rattles, bowls, nets, and a boat. The event is called “Amazonia: Casa Comun.”

The church also hosts a daily Amazon show. During one of them, a woman participated dressed as a priest (article picture) while Synod bishops showed up as laymen in white shirts and suits.

During another event, a woman sitting in a canoe was lifted up by participants for fun in front of the altar.

One poster in the church shows a naked woman breastfeeding an animal as a proof that "everything is connected" (Integral ecology-Laudato Si').

According to CatholicNewsAgency.com (October 10), the event is organised by a group backed by the Latin American Francis bishops and Adveniat and Misereor, the two relief organisations of the German bishops who likely pay for it.

In Argentina, green scarves have become a symbol of the abortion rights movement

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