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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Pagan Francis: “We Witches Are Very Happy”

Witchcraft Site Praises Amazon Synod Pagan Ritual

Francis’ Pachamama hocus-pocus is praised by AntroDellaMagia-News.it (October 9), a webpage dedicated to promoting witchcraft and superstition. Antro della Magia means Cave of Magic.

“On 4 October a Pagan ceremony was celebrated in the gardens of the Vatican,” the webpage writes calling this “a beautiful ritual.”

It is convinced that this event “will surely open the doors to a more open and rosy future for us pagans.”

The webpage explains that shamans performed in Francis’ presence rituals “that have nothing to do with the Catholic Church and indeed are intrinsically incompatible with traditional doctrine.”

This indicates according to the webpage that the Amazon Synod is looking for a rapprochement with “forms of pagan and pantheistic religion.”

The article concludes, “"Finally an important act of the church towards the recognition of pagan religions and their importance. We witches can't help but be very happy about this!”  

Bergoglio enthroned a demon in the Vatican

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