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Monday, October 14, 2019

During the pagan ritual the apostate Bergoglio accepted the Marxist black ring

During the pagan ritual the shamans gave Bergoglio: the goddess of fertility Pachamama, a marxist black ring 'the tucum ring' and an amulet necklace.

After the Shaman gave him the Marxist ring, she conjured Bergoglio's hands.

ACIPRENSA: The Vatican Press Office also did not respond if it is the tucum ring. In the video you can see that after they put it on, the Pope tries to cover it with the other hand.

The tucum ring is known in Brazil and other parts of Latin America as a sign of the cause of the poor and indigenous. It was used by the Indians tapiraré  in Brazil in their ceremonies, and was later adopted by the slaves brought from Africa in their marriages. Although it is known in some areas as the "coconut ring", it is made of a palm tree native to the Amazon region of Brazil, called Tucum.

Brazilian bishop Pedro Casaldáliga, one of the best known exponents of liberation theology in Latin America, spread the ring on a tape titled "O anel de Tucum".

In this, the 91-year-old Prelate points out: “The tucum ring is a sign of the alliance with the indigenous cause and popular causes. It means that whoever wears this ring has assumed these causes and their consequences ”and that the ring“ represents marriage with indigenous causes ”.

Bishop Amaury Castanho: “The tucum ring implicitly and explicitly involves unorthodox options for a church regarded as a popular church as opposed to a hierarchical Church, the only one instituted by Christ. It expresses a debatable and already condemned ‘exclusionary and exclusive’ option for the poor, marginalizing those who are not as oppressors. From a Marxist and biased analysis of reality, those who carry the tucum ring do not hesitate to propose revolutionary solutions, class struggles, guerrilla warfare, violence and terrorism, which has nothing evangelical and Christian.

Nick Donnelly
A detailed photograph of the Pachamama idol being worshiped in Rome.
The red oval is a symbolic representation of the uterus showing the red endometrium.
Shamanism and witchcraft worship the menstrual cycle.
This has happened on Bergoglio's watch. This is down to him

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  1. I beg of my fellow Catholics to please NOT say...maybe he didn't know...after all he's over 80...it's the evil men around him...he's being manipulated...and so on. Basta, enough already, he knows very well what he's saying and doing. He presided at a demonic ceremony. We have a kind of crazy church that this alone doesn't oust him, but apparently the way the papacy is set up there's very little they can do that does.
    That doesn't mean the faithful can't clamor for it.


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