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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The three pachamamas allegedly found by the police do not seem to correspond to those thrown into the Tiber River by the Cristeros

On October 25, Bergoglio announced the news of  the alleged finding of three pachamamas by the police and said it was 'good news' and instead of apologizing to God, he apologized to the idolaters and he identified the pagan statues as the "Pachamama," the Incan fertility goddess.

But anyone can clearly see that pachamamas in the police photo do not correspond to the Pachamamas that were thrown into the river.

  • Three of the Pachamamas that were thrown into the river have the same sizes and two of them were small.
  • The two small pachamamas are held by the right hand of the Cristero in the base there is no mark that is seen in the one of the photo by the police. Although the number 1 on the Gloria TV screen shot from the video seems to have the signature.

  • On the contrary the three pachamamas of the police are of different sizes. The middle pachamama is too small and is marked with a seal on the foot.
  •  Gloria TV picture.

Another detail was they allegedly found 3 of 5 pachamamas.  That would mean saying allegedly found 3 of 4 less the black one.One of them is marked on the foot with Manaus AM.
These clear pictures show both the endometrium and the shape of the face.  While similar none of the endometriums nor faces are an exact match nor fit when trying to adjust them to the size of the police photo. 

At least one of these two photos of the video would have to correspond to one of the other two pachamamas that appear in the police photos but none of them match.

Gloria TV: So, the question is: Were the Pachamamas, found by the police, also those Pachamamas that were thrown into the Tiber?

Only the heroes who removed them from the church can give a credible answer.


Canon 1364 says that those who practice idolatry are immediately separated from the Church without any declaration of any Bishop or court or Synod being necessary to determine it.

This replica of the Pachamama published on October 26 by REPAM does not even match with those published in the photo by the Police. See for example the angle of the feet the three Pachamamas have an angle of almost 90 degrees and the other has an angle closer to 45 degree.

In this other example, the face and endometrium do not match.
The Pachamamas were not recovered: Bernardo Küster discovers one on the bridge. 

In conclusion the Pachamamas that appear in the photo of the Police are not the same that were thrown into the Tiber River.

Because the Police would have to have this Pachamama that has bent feet with the largest endometrium. And all those who appear in the photo of the Police have their feet at a 90 degree angle. 

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